Shopify Contact Us Page Templates and Examples

Shopify Contact Us Page, Templates & Examples

Shopify Contact Us Page, Templates & Examples (2021)

Find out the best Shopify contact us page templates and examples below!


Customer interactions are the driving force of any business as they grow your brand. Technology today avails us the opportunity to contact with many potential customers online. Many organizations fail to convert these customers as they fail to engage them.

People want companies to slowly gain their trust over time before they open their wallets to them. Once you make initial contact with potential customers online, someone has to engage them by providing relevant information.

Why should you have a Shopify Contact Us Page?

New visitors are more likely to purchase when they trust your brand. So trust is the laying foundation for an e-commerce store. Your website should be more approachable to win the trust of your website visitors. When people feel that they are interacting with a person rather than a faceless company, they are likely to build trust.

A Shopify contact page is more personable, inviting, and unique. It gives the customers who need to talk to you a better experience. You need to reassure the customers that someone is listening to their complaints. Answering questions can help turn a curious website visitor to a customer.

Having a Shopify contact us page is necessary to build a robust website that your customers can trust. Here are some ideas to interact with customers:

Create a Community

You can create an online community to communicate more effectively and engage with a lot of customers. Forums are methods to engage with customers, whereas there are other advantageous ways like connecting via social network too.

Social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook Groups allow companies and individuals to set up a topic or a brand community.

Host a Webinar or Google Hangout

A webinar and Google Hangout helps you to reach a broad audience. It is a user-friendly platform for live streams and launching new products. They also allow you to make a personal connection with potential customers.

The visual aspect of the webinar intrigues the audience. As a presenter of webinars or hangouts, you can entertain and engage more audiences by just writing a blog or a short e-book. Another great way to encourage more interaction with your audience is to allow them to tweet or email their questions during or after the webinar.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an excellent way of getting to know your customers as it is where your customers are most honest about your brand. Their feedback can help you to improve your business.

It is essential to pay equal attention to both positive and negative reviews. Both give you useful insights into how your business addresses customer needs. With positive reviews, notice the areas where you stood up to customer expectations. With negative feedback, try to identify why negative experiences happened and try to improve it.

To get customer reviews, you first need to convince them to give you feedback. An effective way of getting more reviews is by encouraging the process with rewards. Make it clear to your customers that you value their opinions.

Work Together

If you want to redesign your website, launch a new product, or release an e-book, consider reaching to your customers. Customers can help you co-create something by providing their valuable suggestions. It can also help you to create a strong bond with them.

Try to turn the customer participation into some contest and give recognition to the people who participated.

Similarly, you are facing a problem with a particular software or programming language, ask for user interaction.

Reward Programs

Rewards are great motivators. When you reward a customer for something, they feel obliged to reciprocate their action. Customers see the value in continuous interactions.

Reward programs are an effective way of interacting with your customers. You can keep the customers engaged by rewarding them for actions like reviewing products, sharing posts on social media, and referring friends. 

Essential Elements of Shopify Contact Us Page

A contact page needs to bridge the communication gap between you and your customers. There are a simple Contact Us pages built in various themes if you are using Shopify as the online platform.

Here are some key areas you should concentrate on:

Make Easy to Find Contact Us Page

What is the point of having a contact us page that no one can find? A good contact us page is the one that is easily accessible to the customers. Two places are helpful for this- your main navigation bar and the footer at the bottom of every page.

Create a Welcoming Contact Page

What is the first impression of your contact page when the customers find it? Does it welcome emails, phone calls, or feedbacks? For contacting you, customers follow what your contact page says.

At the top of the Shopify contact page, you can provide additional information by adding a copy. Request the customers if they need anything that makes your brand a little more accessible. Here are a few examples:

  • “We read and respond to every customer inquiry. Get in touch today!”
  • ”We love hearing from our customers.”
  • ”Customer is the ultimate king. We love hearing from you.”
  • ”Complete our day by filling our inbox with your valuable suggestions.”

Have Relevant Information

All Shopify themes have contact us page. The default has a form that will email you submissions from customers. You should include several ways to connect with your customers, like via email. If you have a business contact number or Twitter handle, you can list too.

There may be any other information that you would want to share with the customers on your contact page.

  • A map to show your current physical location.
  • An email address for orders.
  • The expected response time.

Present your Brand

Don’t shy away from highlighting the features of your brand on the website. Try to keep it as friendly as possible. The more available your contact page will be, the easier it will be for customers to address the problem and ask the questions. After all, you need to know about the issue before solving it.

How to Create a Shopify Contact Us Page?

You can easily create a page where you can add your contact information. If you add content to your page, then the contact page will show below it. In your Shopify contact us page, you can share an information phone number, email, and address.

Here’s how you can create one:

  1. Go to Online Stores from your Shopify Admin.
  2. Click Add Page.
  3. Type a title for your contact in the Title box.
  4. Type a text that you want above the contact form in the Content box. You can also leave this empty.
  5. Choose from Template Suffix drop-down menu in the Template section.
  6. Click Save.

Your contact form will be visible now on your contact page.

Shopify Page Templates

Shopify Page Templates are customized set of layouts used to change the way one or more pages appear online. In Shopify, the default layout automatically occurs when you create a new page.

Shopify simplifies the process of using page templates. Any change in a master template will show on all pages published using the template.

You will have a list of predesigned Shopify page templates while creating a page. The model you choose will impact the displayed content. The page templates on Shopify will vary depending upon the themes you have installed. You can see the list of page templates available on Shopify anytime you create a new page.

Shopify themes also include prebuilt page templates. The templates you use in your websites can improve revenue. These are for primary pages in an online store. You can get more templates by purchasing premium themes.

Few Examples

Now you know about creating a contact page and some of the key points to include in your contact page. Let’s look at some websites.


For a big company like Accenture offering services in over 120 countries, it can be challenging to create one-size fits all webpage for a company that works with a vast range of industries and customer bases.

How it succeeds is by offering its services in a compact and well-designed way. This adds in to the customer experience, ensuring that all pain points are adhered to. You can consider using ‘expandable’ elements for your contact page. The visitors can use it, and it will also look beautiful if executed well. Accenture provides useful information without confusion.


Whatever the business is, if it doesn’t resolve the problems of its customers, then it won’t grow. Listening to your customer’ grievances and solving their problems will ultimately positively affect your business.

Survicate has created a colloquial language for clearing out customer complaints. They have the subheader below the fold and above the form that reads, “Let’s talk about your project.” Also, they have all the vital contact information, office address, and email.

 When customers believe that someone is there to help them, they are most likely to purchase the products. Therefore, many Shopify stores exist, but only those who capitalize on the business fundamentals survive.


Another thing to include in Shopify contact us page is a call to action button. Pixpa has implemented contact us button that allows communication with customers over a secure channel. As a result, customers can ensure that they are able to address their queries securely.

Similarly, the goal is to ensure that customers get what they need – and all pain points in the customer journey addressed. The CTA button adds in that extra push to customers to click and make the buy.


Zendesk sets an example by going for a simple approach, yet creating a fantastic contact page. They use unique color scheme. Their contact page has all the important elements.

Make your contact page as creative as you can. The most important thing is it should serve its purpose.


There are a lot of ways to interact with your customers. You need to look to ensure that customer communication and customer service is easier. If you can streamline the process from customer interest to customer buying, it’s going to help in more conversions. Websites usually receive the right amount for traffic, but the real game is changing the visitors into customers.

Not many companies can do it, but if you implement the techniques correctly, then you can definitely become an e-commerce success. Thanks to Shopify, you can easily attract the customers in the simplest ways possible.

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