Shopify Dropshipping Academy Review

Shopify Dropshipping Academy Review Gabriel Dias

Shopify Dropshipping Academy Review (Gabriel Dias Course)

Would you pay $697 to sign up for a course that teaches you how to start your very own eCommerce business? For such a high price point, what do you expect to learn? If you’re an avid social media user, chances are you will be familiar with Gabriel Dias, a 16-year-old self-made online entrepreneur. Having found success in the eCommerce industry with the Shopify dropshipping model, he curated the Shopify Dropshipping Academy. He aims to help new eCommerce entrepreneurs to earn profit and successfully run their Shopify store.

What is Shopify Dropshipping Academy?

The Shopify Dropshipping Academy is a 5 module course that aims to teach beginner drop shippers all they need to know about launching their own Shopify dropshipping store. It’s hosted on the Teachables platform, so you know you’re getting high-quality videos that are easy to navigate. Payments are also made via this platform so you can guarantee that it’s safe. The course is priced at $697 but varies in some countries due to taxes. The modules are segmented in a way that is easy for you to keep track of.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if Shopify Dropshipping Academy by Gabriel Dias is right for you or not!

Who is Shopify Dropshipping Academy for?

It’s for anyone who is a beginner in the Shopify Dropshipping industry.

Who is Gabriel Dias, The Founder of Shopify Dropshipping Academy?

Gabriel Dias’ story is an interesting one itself, coming from nothing, he started his entrepreneurial businesses since middle school in 2017. In this review, we will unfold all the Shopify Dropshipping Academy has to offer, and whether or not it’s suitable for your own eCommerce journey. We will also learn more about its founder Gabriel Dias. Lastly, I will provide my personal opinion on whether or not I will sign up for the course.

Gabriel is a 16-year-old online entrepreneur from Palm Beach, Florida. He’s achieved massive success in the eCommerce venture, with revenues exceeding $80,000. He specializes in Shopify Dropshipping, specifically launching, scaling, automating, and selling his online businesses. It’s incredible how he’s succeeded all of this at such a young age. Of course, his age plays a massive role in marketing his brand.

People think ‘If a 16-year-old can achieve so much success, I can too’. Gabriel went on to start two companies, Dias eCommerce, which manages his stores, and Dias consulting, where he offers courses such as this one. Like every 16 years old, Gabriel is most active on his Instagram account, and his content is also that of every other 16 years old. His material is mostly about his lifestyle. But he advertises his businesses on his Instagram bio. Other than Instagram, there is not much to be found about the young entrepreneur. He doesn’t have a YouTube channel nor a website, so it’s quite hard to verify his successes other than what he advertises on his social media.

What is Included in Shopify Dropshipping Academy?

From Module 1, you get three videos that explain what you should expect from the course. You will also get a look at Gabriel’s own story some tips on how Gabriel finds motivation. The course then unfolds towards building your own business. In Module 2, you also get a list of 30 dropshipping suppliers, a Shopify trial link, and access to a free theme. Module 3 will teach you how to make your store appealing in order to gain customers.

In Module 4, you will learn about driving traffic through social media marketing on sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Lastly, in Module 5, you learn some Instagram growth strategies, fulfilling orders, and get cashback, and some information on automation. He also covers some legal aspects such as taxing, starting an LLC, and Paypal payment processing. On top of all of this, Gabriel offers extras that include videos on how to deal with refunds and tips on how to be more productive, etc.

Shopify Dropshipping Academy Pros & Cons


Personal Experience with Shopify Dropshipping Academy

If you’re a beginner in the Shopify dropshipping business, you probably won’t have the budget for such a high priced course. There are more information you can find for free online or more extensive courses with much better price points.


Shopify Dropshipping Academy Scam?

Nope, Shopify Dropshipping Academy is not a scam however, there are definitely better courses out there you can get like eCom Elites.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Gabriel Dias’s Shopify Dropshipping Academy course.

There are other sites claiming they either have Shopify Dropshipping Academy Coupon or Shopify Dropshipping Academy Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, Shopify Dropshipping Academy Nulled or Shopify Dropshipping Academy Free is not a thing.

Shopify Dropshipping Academy Final Verdict

The Shopify Dropshipping Academy aims to be a successful Shopify dropshipping business model that beginners can recreate. Will it give you the same success? For such a high price point, I reckon there are better programs and courses out there that are value for money. That being said, this isn’t a bad program. I think that the information given can be found for a cheaper price point, if not for free on the internet.

Nevertheless, Gabriel Dias does offer quite a few extras such as the Shopify Trial link and even access to free themes. So, if you are a beginner who is willing to spend $697, then by all means. However, keep in mind that you might be required to pay even more as the information in this course would not be sufficient.

On another note, Gabriel Dias is just 16 years young, but he has built an empire. It makes sense to think that if you follow in his footsteps, you will also have the same success. However, it is more than that. It requires hard work and dedication, and not every niche can apply the same blueprint for success. I would recommend getting some ideas and strategies from the course rather than following it completely.

Lastly, the lack of refund policy scares me quite a little, especially for a course with such a high price point. Imagine going through the course and realizing its not the one for you halfway through. 

Shopify Dropshipping Academy Alternative

Now I have personally bought a ton of dropshipping courses out there. I even review a lot of them on my blog. Generally, these gurus try to sell you a lifestyle of getting rich and successful that’s why they charge a ridiculous amount for the information they sell.

Their courses typically aren’t even comprehensive at all. They focus all their efforts trying to market their course so, they can make more money from course sales.

I do however think that dropshipping courses are worth it if they are good. They will save you a ton of time and hassle that’s why I highly recommend a solid dropshipping course.

I have been dropshipping for a long time and I have built profitable stores (I currently do affiliate marketing though) and I highly recommend you check out this course called eCom Elites. (I did a review on this, make sure you read it!)

It’s by Franklin Hatchett who has been doing dropshipping WAY before it was famous. 

This course definitely has helped me increase my eCommerce income before. However, I don’t do dropshipping anymore because I am focused on affiliate marketing.

Now, this is not another expensive garbage guru course. It’s one of the best & most affordable dropshipping / eCommerce course out there.

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