Shopify Supply Theme Review

Supply Theme Review

Shopify Supply Theme Review (2021)

Find out if the Supply Shopify Theme is any good or not Below!


Shopify dropshipping is a great way to earn income if you get all the components right. Everything from setting up your store, marketing has to be airtight to get your products moving. Picking a theme for your store is one of these components that you’ll have to nail. With so many options to choose from, you might be lost in picking the right one. Some of them might not even be suitable for your niche. Having a suitable theme will make your store look good.

On the other hand, picking the wrong one will make your store seem unattractive. And if you want to change it? You’ll have to start from scratch. Today we’ll take a look at the Shopify Supple Theme and its features and whether it’s suitable for your Shopify store.

Shopify Supply Theme, what is it?

The Shopify Supply Theme is a free theme offered by Shopify that is suitable for stores with extensive inventories. Its design is minimalist, clean, easy to navigate, and comes with two options, Blue and Light. The two options come with their own set of font styles and color palettes. You can customize the layout to make it simple for both themes. The Shopify Supply Theme allows you to have up to 5 collections and more than 50 products.

You can display six collections under the home page slideshow. Then below your collections, you can feature a collection and promote special promotions or best sellers. You can also set different product categories so that it’s easy to navigate for your site visitors. However, with the light theme, you can only display collections and a featured collection on the home page.

Shopify Supply Theme Features

The main concern in customizing your theme will be ensuring it is easy to navigate. If your store is cluttered and complicated, buyers might not spend time to look it through and move to your competitor’s sites.

Here are the main features and benefits of the Shopify Supply Theme:

  • Add multiple images on your Home Page Slideshow to showcase your products or any special promotions. However, this is just like a poster as it doesn’t have any clickable links or buttons that will redirect your customers.
  • Feature up to six collections with the Shopify Supply Theme when most free themes only allow several features.
  • Filter collections are a great navigation tool as customers can specifically search for what they are looking for in your store. It would be straight forward if they can find exactly what they want and add it to their cart for purchase.
  • List more than 50 products with its Large Product Catalog. This is what makes this theme suitable for stores with extensive inventories.

Shopify Supply Theme Backend Features

Here are more features that you can customize to make the theme work for your store:

  • Enable drop downs so that customers can have a look at all your products that are neatly segmented into categories. This will also enable them to find the products they are looking for.
  • You can link your social media to your store by typing the URL into the theme settings, and it will automatically appear. This is great so that customers can have a look at product advertisements or have a look at your brand.
  • You can also optimize your products for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by optimizing product titles and descriptions. You can do this by editing the Meta Title and Meta Description so that people can find your items when they type into search engines.
  • Modify content sections according to your liking. Some drop shippers do not have any collections to feature on the homepage, and you can easily remove it. You can also modify the number of rows to display to make it look less cluttered.
  • Modify the slideshow on your homepage to adjust how frequently you want them to change. You can also set the number of slides you want to include.
  • You can also add other items that you think would benefit your store, such as an “About Us” section, links to blog posts, shipping information, etc.

Advanced Theme Features

Product page

The product page is where you should have all the information your buyer needs to make their purchase decisions.

With the Shopify Supply Theme, you can advertise discounts rather than using a third-party app that might incur extra costs. Similar to sites like Amazon, and you can also zoom into the product photos to further scrutinize the product.

One trick to get sales going is to display stock information such as “3 stocks left”, which usually gets buyers to buy the item immediately as they worry it might run out.

You can also add-on a bunch of other features that would get sales running, such as customer reviews, display related products, social sharing icons, and a dynamic checkout button.

Here are the steps to edit these features:

Themes>Product Pages>Sections>Product>Save


The header is the first thing your customer sees when they enter your site. You can customize your header to display your logo and maybe a simple message to welcome your customers.

Here’s how you do it:

Sections>Header>Select Menu>Save


Footers usually contain all the important information about the business. Here, you can add an About Us tab, Contact Details, Shipping Information, Refund policies, Newsletter, and other quick links to your social media, etc.

Here are the steps to customize your footer:

Shopify admin>Online Store>Themes>Supply>Customize>Sections>Footer>Click on features>Save

Payment Icons

You can display payment icons at the footer so that your customers know what payment options are available.

Benefits of using the Shopify Supply Theme

Customization: As we can see from all the personalization features above, the theme allows you to toggle features so that you can add a more personal touch to your theme.

Cost: The Shopify Supply Theme is entirely free to use with no hidden fees or subscription fees.

Optimization: If customers were to view your store with their mobile phones, the theme automatically adjusts itself to fit with their mobile.

Email Subscription: You can display a newsletter sign up form to encourage your customers to sign up while keeping their email addresses. You can entice them to give this information with discounts and offers if they sign up.

Product Reviews: The Shopify Supply Theme can be easily integrated with other apps such as a product review app. Reviews help customers make informed decisions when purchasing an item.

Updates: Although it is free, you will get constant updates from for the theme to fit with any latest Shopify software. The updates are also free of charge.

What are users saying about this theme?

Besides my review, let’s take a look at what other people are saying about the supply theme. After going through all the reviews, two common problems keep popping up. First is the liquid coding language that the Shopify platform uses. You might need to hire a developer if you want to modify the theme to suit your needs as the language will be too deep for you to understand. The second problem is viewing incompatibility with older browsers. For example, customers who are still using Internet Explorer are unable to use drop-down functions. This could be a problem as you will lose this fraction of customers who are using old browsers. It’s always important to test your site theme with a bunch of browsers before launching. Nonetheless, these problems are considered minor issues as compared to other themes.


There are a bunch of benefits that outweigh the minuscule negatives of the Shopify Supply Theme. Because of this, it gets a 4.6 out of 5 stars. As someone who likes clean and minimal designs, the theme suits my taste as it doesn’t look messy or cluttered. Not to mention, it also allows retailers with large inventories to display all their products. With so many customizable features, your end theme will feel like your own. I would encourage beginners to give this a go and save initial costs.

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