Shopify Unlimited Trial – Shopify Store With Max 50 Orders

We already know that Shopify’s trials are limited. Currently, you get only 3 days of free trial with the option of getting an extension. Limited trials have their clampdowns, the bound time scale being one.

Most Shopify users wish there was an unlimited trial period but let’s face the music. An unlimited trial on Shopify sounds too good to be true.

 Even if it does, how would you feel if I said, there are a few ways in which you can obtain an unlimited trial on Shopify? Don’t worry, this isn’t a marketing gimmick to try to click on another of those flimflams on the internet.

Shopify creators have enabled free Shopify until 50 orders for special partner programs. In this article, I discuss how you can get your Shopify Unlimited trial and what benefits and limitations you may have to face.

Is there a Shopify Unlimited Trial?

Yes, there is a Shopify Unlimited trial which can only be accessed through Shopify’s Partner Program. The partner program is free to sign up for. However, Shopify partners are expected to be skillful enough to offer their services through the partner’s program.

Your trial would be unlimited in duration but would require you to pay for a monthly plan once you have reached 50 orders. This means that your Shopify store is free to set up, manage and run without much limitations up to 50 orders.

Who is Eligible for it?

Shopify Unlimited trial can be accessed by anyone eligible to sign up for the Partner program. You can be a part of an agency or an individual freelancer.

To become a Shopify partner, one must possess skills in the following criteria: Marketing, Reference Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Designing, Customization, App development, website building, photography, branding, and promotion.

To access Shopify Unlimited trial through Shopify Plus Program, the eligibility criteria require a better skill set and qualifications. 

What’s Included in Shopify Unlimited Trial?

When you sign up for the Partner’s Program or have a development store, you would have the opportunity to use Shopify Unlimited Trial.

Here’s what’s included in the trial:

  • Unending time duration to have complete authority to build and manage Shopify stores with up to 50 orders.
  • Permission to test out themes and apps for free
  • Unlimited test orders through the Bogus gateway
  • Multiple unique domain names
  • Free app development
  • Special partner discounts
  • Shopify Partner’s support all around the clock
  • Access to unlimited exclusive resources through Shopify Partners Academy
  • Authority to manage multiple client accounts

Ways to get Shopify Unlimited Trial

Primarily, there are 3 ways in which you can get your Shopify Unlimited trial, here is a look at each of them:

Partner program

The most popular way of getting free Shopify access or an unlimited trial is through Shopify’s very own Partner program. You’ve possibly come across this term if you have been browsing on and about the platform. 

So, what is a Shopify Partner Program?

The partner program involves a community of skillful people, better known as Shopify partners who offer services to new merchants looking to create a Shopify website. Through their various services, these partners earn a recurring income through Shopify.

These partners have signed a contract with Shopify and aim to spread their knowledge and skills in ensuring that new users achieve more success in the platform.

Once you are bonded as a partner with Shopify, your partner account will be reviewed every year.

If you have got the skills and are looking to get involved in a side gig, you can also sign up and become a Shopify Partner. The partner’s program requires no fee or registration, and you too can join the program by signing up here.

When you become a Shopify Partner, you would be allowed to have an unlimited trial.

What do you get?

You can expect to avail of the following features when you are on Partner Program:

  • No limit to the number of test stores that you can create
  • You can get discounts for portraying your expertise
  • You will have free and unlimited access to Shopify Partner Academy. This means you would be able to obtain precise resources without having to hover all around the internet.
  • You can go to Partner’s Dashboard for any kind of expert support that you might need
  • If you go on to become a customer from the unlimited trial on the partner’s program, you will enjoy the perk of having 20% reduced costs.

Development Store

Having a development store is another way of getting unlimited Shopify trials. Development stores are an element of the Partner Program, where any Shopify partner is allowed to create and set up an infinite number of development stores. No, you would not have the same domain or URL for all of them. To each their own.

Precisely, Shopify development stores are free Shopify accounts where you are allowed to experiment with any themes or advanced features. Partners will be able to use unlimited trials to create demo stores.

Additionally, you can design, create or set up a store for clients, all the while having access to functions that you would otherwise get in the most advanced monthly paid plan.

In a development store, there is no limit to the duration you would be given to creating a store. Also, there is no upper limit to the number of transactions that can take place.

What do you get?

During your unlimited trial in the development store, you can make the best use of the following features:

  • Create new products or add them. There is no upper limit to the number of products you are allowed to add or create to your demo store
  • You can process as many test orders as you would like. With test orders, you would be able to assess whether your checkout, shipping, or payment processes are working properly. Even when your checkout is locked, it is possible to contact Shopify partners to ask them to unlock your checkout for a test order.
  • You are allowed to have or assign a custom domain to your store or even to your clients
  • You can develop up to 10 different apps to use or integrate into your store.

API Usage

Under the partner program, you can also get an unlimited Shopify trial through Shopify API. Shopify’s API platform is a recently launched platform that allows developers or partners to have complete access to tools and features to develop apps that may best suit your online store.

In an API platform, you can create and manage one’s store but you are not allowed to add or create your products. Shopify API is also free to use

With those boons mentioned, you might want to note that using the Shopify API toolset is no easy job.

Not only do you have to be an expert developer to have access to the free functions, but you would need to dedicate time and effort to the creation of the apps, which would be subjected to reviews as well.

Managed Store

Managed accounts or stores are similar to development stores and are designed for developers or partners who wish to do the work of customization. 

With a managed store, you can enjoy an unlimited Shopify trial without having to pay monthly fees for any features that you may use. You would be allowed to use hundreds of client stores to work on.

Benefits of Shopify Unlimited Trial

Shopify trials can never go in vain when used the right way. Here are a few benefits that you may expect to enjoy with Shopify Unlimited Trial:

  • There is no time limit for a trial that you get through your partner’s program. You would not have to worry about setting up your store in 3 days or a potential extension. There’s no ticking clock so you can work on your store stress free
  • You can earn a side income as you work on your own online business. It is possible to earn money by referring others to Shopify, through web or app development and design.
  • You can own a different and unique domain for yourself
  • You have the facilities to build up to 10 apps using the free features.
  • You would have the access to unlimited Shopify, meaning you can play around with the available tools, features, and themes.
  • You would be eligible to manage hundreds of client accounts simultaneously.
  • During the trial, you can process, receive and fulfill up to 50 orders without having to pay anything.
  • You can benefit from finding your target audience and new customers through portfolio websites
  • You will be able to have multiple staff accounts
  • Gain insight and support through Shopify partners with their 24/7 client support. You can reach them via email, live chat, or community forum.
  • Have entry to unlimited resources, learning materials, and guides through Shopify Partner Academy
  • When you are a partner, you would be offered several exclusive discounts when you are creating a store.
  • You can test out the platform fully through unlimited test orders. This helps users to understand what suits their online business and what doesn’t.

Shopify Unlimited Trial Limitations

Each of the ways that you can obtain your Shopify Unlimited trial has its limitations too.

To have access to Shopify unlimited trial, you would need to be on Shopify’s partner program or have a development store.

While Shopify itself is one of the easiest platforms to use and manage, requiring no technical knowledge, the same cannot be said for anyone who wants to avail of unlimited trials.

Partner Program Limitations

You would need to be an expert in the field of work that is available in the program to qualify to be one of the partners. Additionally, you would have to have the technical knowledge about liquid template language to create and design a store on API, Partner, or development programs.

Shopify API limitations

Even with Shopify API, there are certain limitations including the limited number of calls per hour and restricted data for each call. With API, the user may be free but it does not allow users to access any data or metrics. Additionally, managing orders and creating product lists are also restricted.

Development Store limitations

When using the development store for unlimited trial on Shopify, you would not be able to use real money. Remember, the only way to test your orders is by using a gateway known as the Bogus Test gateway.

There are also limitations to the features and apps that may run in your development store demo. In addition to that, you would not have permission to make your store password free.

When you have a development store, transitions are not doable. This means, even if you have a half-built draft store that you would want to transfer, you would not have the facility to do so.

How to sign up for Shopify Unlimited Trial & Activate it

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to sign up for an unlimited trial via Shopify Partner’s Program:

Step 1: Open the landing page that would allow you to sign up for Shopify Partners. If you intend to know about the Partner’s program, you can click on the Docs tab above to scheme through.

Step 2: After entering your email address into the box in the middle, Now you would have to click on Join Now.

Step 3: Next, you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to enter more information. Enter your name and password. Remember to enter a strong password that includes letters and numbers.

Step 4: The next step would require you to confirm your email address. Once you get the confirmation email, you would get one day to confirm it.

Step 5: Once you confirm your email and click on the confirmation link, you will be redirected to a page where you have to click on Shopify Partners followed by Create a new partner account.

Step 6: The next page will have a form that you need to fill up. You may skip any information deemed optional. On the same page, you would also encounter Business goals where you would want to select the one that suits your business the most. As you scroll down, you would also be able to select other platforms to integrate your Shopify with.

Step 7: Next, read and accept the agreement that Shopify provides. Now click on View your dashboard to land on your Shopify Partners dashboard.

Step 8: Now, on your dashboard, scroll to the top left corner of your screen to find the store icon. Click on the icon to drop down to two more options.

Step 9: Now you can click on the Development Store option. Here you can fill in all the relevant details to finally click on Save. This will activate your Unlimited Trial along with the Shopify store with max 50 orders.


Is a Shopify developer account free?

Yes, a Shopify developer account is free and can be used when you have signed up for the Partner Program. Shopify does not charge developers any subscription or monthly fees. However, the cost would be added when certain features are accessed through the developer account.

Final Thoughts

Shopify Unlimited trial sounds nothing short of a dream of any store owner looking to test out Shopify features with no time constraints to trail their work.

Fortunately, you can get a Shopify unlimited trial where you don’t have to pay any fee before reaching a maximum of 50 orders.

This is possible by signing up for the Shopify partner program.

By offering your skill set and time, you would have access to Shopify features, unlimited test orders, your domain name, and access to developing apps for free. Although the unlimited trial comes with certain limitations, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks of it.

The trial would be hindrance free, cost-free, and all the while you would be able to yield a side income.

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