Solo Ads For Business Owners: Where & How?

Solo ads for business owners can either be a smash hit or a dreadful miss. When enacted properly, to the right target audience, solo ads can bring a lot of benefits to your business. Solo ads are cost effective, increase your target audience, and propel engagement and sales for your business.

With that mentioned, you’d want to remember that the success of solo ads for you would also depend on the type of business you own.

To find out whether your business will perform well with solo ads, you’d want to read on. I also discuss what perks you get with solo ads and the similar alternative ads that also boost up your ROI.

What Businesses Can Perform Well with Solo Ads

Solo ads work best for businesses that require explicit targeting and hence a specific mailing list to send the promotional email to. Before you get into buying your first solo ads, find out whether solo ads work for the business you are aiming to engage with:

Are Solo Ads Good For E-commerce?

Solo Ads are not the best form of advertising for Ecommerce, although they can be effective if your ad copy is precise with an attention grabbing call to action. Plus, the target list must be highly relevant.

In the turfs of e-commerce, the most efficient converting ads are ones that are placed right in front of potential customers. This includes search engine adverts like pay-per-click on Google ads. Social media display marketing like the ones you see on Facebook also works like magic for e-commerce.

Is Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Solo ads are the most popular form of promotion for affiliate marketers. These are highly targeted, scalable, and trackable. All of these traits work perfectly well with affiliate marketing, making it profitable.

Once the user from the email list opens the message, clicks on the link, and is directed to the landing page, you start to earn more money. While getting better conversion rates on your affiliates, you are capable of lowering your cost per lead with solo ads,

Is Solo Ads Good For Ebook Business?

The eBook business generates lead magnets for a business that relies on a favorably targeted audience. For narrowed down, purposed targeting for eBook business, solo ads are what help hit the bullseye.

Using solo ads for eBook business is particularly helpful because you can reach that target fairly quickly. And you can do so with a personalized message as well.

Solo Ads For Business Owners: 5 Best Providers on the Market

Thinking of buying solo ads for your business? Here are 5 best solo ad providers on the market that deliver what they promise: 


Udimi Homepage

As a solo ad marketplace, Udimi solo ads is well recognized for providing trusted vendors with high quality traffic. Here, you would find authentic buyers and sellers looking for an exchange.

With Udimi, you won’t have to worry about fraud lurking in the marketplace because of its rigorous screening and filtering process. Additionally, Udimi offers extra security and protection on payments and transactions.

You can check out my Udimi Review to see if it’s right for you or not!


TrafficForMe Homepage

TrafficForMe offers one of the cleanest and most targeted traffic. Clean traffic, free of spam, fakes, and bots would make your solo ad worth the penny. TrafficForMe has a range of pricing plans that start low for beginners to step in.

What’s great about using them as a provider is that they give you a broad network, with hundreds of niche categories to choose from. With no specializations like most providers, you are sure to find the niche you are looking for.

The Traffic Dominator

Traffic Dominator Homepage

Wayne Crowe, also known as The Traffic Dominator, is one of the most reputable solo ad providers who have a track record of excellent customer testimonials.

Unlike other providers, Wayne Crowe guarantees Tier 1 traffic from the west, better sales, and more profit, once you have acquired a certain amount of traffic from him.

Crowe’s team is dedicated and skilled and goes all out to provide one of the best customer support that a provider may give.

Glenn Fedoruk Solo Ads

Glenn Fedoruk Solo Ads

Glen Fedoruk was formerly a top vendor on Udimi who later started his solo ads providing website. SolosbyGlen has quickly gained popularity for the targeted, A1 quality traffic that he sends out to his customers.

With SolobyGlen, high conversion rates are almost guaranteed because the email list your message is sent to will be curated to convert. He offers affordable and high-end packages, making it a great option for beginners.

IgorSoloAds IgorSoloAds Homepage

IgorSoloAds is provided by another master in the field and is on par with Wayne Crowe when it comes to providing the cleanest and most filtered traffic. You would need to be in the waiting line to get a hold of his traffic, that’s how his conversion wands work.

Igor gains your trust with his money-back policy when you don’t get the desired click-through traffic.

Pros of Using Solo Ads for Your Business

Here are a few benefits of using solo ads for your business: 

Expect fast results

Solo ads generate leads and reach who you want to sell to. However, with solo ads, you can expect the generation and conversion to be quicker than most other marketing forms because it is more projected. This way you would be able to increase your engagement at a much faster rate.

Increase Brand Popularity

Solo ads for your business can act like a proclamation scheme, only more specific. Solo ads sent out to larger email lists increased the awareness of your brand. More people who you would not have reached before recognizing the name of your brand, and that’s the only worst case scenario.

Reach a larger target base

The best perk to using solo ads for your business is how you can reach so many people, all with one email marketing. If you have a provider that narrows down your niche to the t, you would have a potential repeat customer base as well.

Increase your ROI

Solo ads drive sales, sweeten engagement and conversion and eventually increase your return on investment. 

Save cost

Solo ads can be cost-saving and cost effective for your business. It is cheaper than a lot of other forms of direct advertisements on the internet.

Scale your ads

You can scale the size of your solo ad according to what fits your budget. You can either target a small audience or a bigger one.

Controlled and Curated

One of the benefits of this advertising campaign is that you can control what you want the audience to see as a message in your email. The message in your email should be attention-grabbing and concise. With solo ads, you can curate them to suit your needs.

Alternative to Solo Ads for Business Owners

Solo ads are great for your business particularly when you are in health, finance, personal development, and affiliate marketing niches. However, there are other forms of advertisements as well. 

Here are a few alternatives to solo ads that you can explore: 

Pay Per Click

These are paid search text advertisements that appear on top of your google page when you search for something. This type of advertisement is also highly targeted because they appear based on what you typed in your search engine bar. Click through rate of PPC advertisements is much higher than other forms.

Social Media Advertising

You can promote or market your product or service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platforms, You would only have to pay the platform a certain fee each time your ad has been shown to a user. Since people can engage with your advertisement on social media, word-of-mouth spreads faster.

Display Advertisements

Banner placement ads such as audio and visual content, graphics, and videos are all part of display advertisement. However, display ads yield lower response rates because they are always relevant to what you are searching for online.

Retargeting Advertising

Also known as remarketing advertising, is a form of marketing that uses cookies to track and target people who have previously interacted with your blog, website, product, or service.

This means that the target might now be interested to become a customer since they already have an idea about what your brand entails.

Mobile Advertisements

Mobile advertisements are effective because of the active usage of mobile phones among all age groups, genders, and professions. Through text messages, in-app promotion, and mobile banners, it is possible to reach the targeted audience.


What is solo ads business?

Solo ads are a form of email marketing. The email list that your ad copy is sent to is your target audience. The way you get this email list is by contacting a solo ad provider who sends your ad copy to the list for a fee.

Do solo ads work for small businesses?

Solo ads work for small businesses because they are scalable and cost effective. Targeting a smaller, more narrowed audience will increase your conversion and ROI while keeping costs in check.

How can I avoid scams or fraudulent Solo Ad providers?

If you are looking for a solo ad provider from a marketplace, make sure they have a track record and reputation in the market. Conduct thorough research through forums, chats, and authentic reviews. See if the provider is reachable through contact. If they are not, there are chances they are scams. Lastly, talk to your provider directly regarding what they guarantee, how their experience has been, and what security they provide.

Are there any legal concerns or regulations to be aware of when using Solo Ads for my business?

Depending on the region you reside in, there are legal regulations that you need to follow when using solo ads for your business. For instance, you would need to follow the Can Spam Act that controls commercial emails and The federal trade commission or FTC guidelines. FTC guidelines ensure that you are not making misleading claims with your advertisements.

Final Thoughts

Solo ads work for businesses that are both small and big. Businesses of all sizes benefit from the cost saving, sales, and engagement upsurge and a possible shoot in open rates.

If you are in the health and fitness niche, eBook business, affiliate, information marketing, or any personal development niches your business could benefit from solo ads the most. It would all come down to the quality of the ad copy and the target audience provided!

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