Spocket.co Review

Spocket Review

Spocket.Co Review – Local Winning Product Dropshipping (2021)

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Finding good products is paramount for dropshippers, and Spocket seems to offer a solution just for that. It focuses around the USA and Europe, but is it good?

With more than 20,000 users, it seems to be working for several people. Any help with finding suppliers is also greatly appreciate it, and with a lack of focus on local suppliers, it’s definitely an interesting offer.

How does it work?

It’s basically a product catalog with different categories and suppliers around the world.

After finding a product you want, you can order your own samples straight from the dashboard. It’s great for testing before offering anything. You can also fulfill orders with single clicks either on Shopify or WooCommerce.

If you’re customers are in Europe or the USA, you can expect a week at most for delivery.

What’s the price?

You can start entirely for free; the free plan lets you import 25 products at most, so it’s enough to start out.

Paid plans are also very affordable: $29 monthly for 250 products and $79 for unlimited products. Every plan comes with currency exchange, global pricing, and even automatic tracking, so you don’t really have to worry about language or location.

Paid plans offer exclusive products, invoice branding, and phone support.

Which winning products can you find?

There are many categories with countless products each. You can add any product you want with a single click thanks to its WooCommerce and Shopify integration, and the niche range is huge.

You can find products around fashion, technology, home, kids, toys, video games, bedroom, gardening, and even automotive. Every product comes with up to a 60% discount from their retail price, so there’s more than enough room for your profits range.

How to become a supplier

If you’re a manufacturer yourself, then you also have the chance to join Spocket as a supplier. The only requirements are:

  • Shipping either from Europe or the US.
  • Offering live feeds for CSV files.
  • Being an official business.

Spocket takes care of handling all payments for you, so you only need to ship your products as required by the CSV files. You receive your money from the company every Friday.

You’re expected to offer a discount for dropshippers. This is important if you also have a retail price for your products since dropshippers need to profit. You’re also expected to offer flat fees for orders with tracking, both domestic and international.

You’re also working for Spocket, which means you need to use their own invoice.

However, if you meet the requirements, becoming a supplier is 100% free, so it’s a nice way to boost your income.


If you’re a dropshipper from Europe or the USA, then Spocket is an amazing choice for you. It also has some suppliers from New Zealand and Australia, but the former two are the main focus.

It integrates perfectly with Shopify and WooCommerce, and you can fill your store catalog with a single click while still offering order tracking and high-quality products.

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