Superstore Shopify Theme Review

Superstore Theme Review

Superstore Theme Review By PixelUnion For Shopify (2021)

Find out if Superstore Shopify Theme By PixelUnion is worth it or not Below!


If you’re thinking about building a large online store with lots of products, then you might be having doubts about which theme works best for you. Maybe you already have one but don’t feel comfortable with the theme you’re using right now.

Well, if your niche is around fashion, automotives, outdoors, electronics, or even footwear, the PixelUnion’s Superstore is probably what you need.

This theme is relatively new, and it goes for $350. I know it can be quite a stretch for your budget, but it’s well worth the price.

About the creators

PixelUnion is a theme developer for Shopify, and he’s made a solid reputation for his products. The people behind Out of The Sandbox are the same owners here, and all themes are shared between both platforms.

Other than that, they’re behind great apps, including the Wholesale Club, Pixelpop, Countdown Sales Timer, and many more. Each app has seen success among the Shopify community, but people really go for PixelUnion thanks to themes like Superstore, Atlantic, and Empire.

About the theme

Superstore is the definitive theme for people looking for great looks that are as good on mobile as they are on desktop. It’s also amazing for wholesalers and people handling generally large product volumes.

You get solid power, high responsiveness, and countless options to customize your layout.

Right from the get-go, you have 4 style presets readily available. They’re different color schemes and layouts, and you can edit them to adapt to your own needs. I can high light the blue style, which is amazing for electronic stores, but it can fit most ventures you have in mind.


The most prominent feature from this theme is how great it works on all devices. You never have to sacrifice its uniqueness, and the looks match any professional store you can find. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice if you want to compete with the larger brands existing today.

The homepage sports a bar at the top, and you can use it to set your logo. The navigation menu is to the left.

It comes with a search box, and there’s also a currency selector built right into the theme; it’s at the top right of the screen. The login and cart buttons are there as well.

Another outstanding feature is the large slider that lists the newest collections and products, and you can use it to show your special offers as well. For instance, you can choose whether to show a product or collection and whether you want it to scroll or leave it fixed.

Underneath, you have a bar containing 4 columns, and you can show whatever you want on it; it’s great to include your free shipping, policies, support info, and maybe even the physical location. The product collections are just as sophisticated, and you may add or remove as much as you want.

You can show your collections without worrying about the size of the images running off the screen, and you can choose to display related products and collections. You can show them with images or the products themselves right besides the “Add To Cart” button or quick shopping.

Below that, you have space for testimonials, as many as you want. Further down below, there’s space for a video, excellent for fashion stores. Yet again, beneath that, you can leave even more collections.

You can play with it however you want: adding search boxes, categories, and even a blog to offer interesting content for your clients.

You get Instagram functionality, and if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can remove it if you want. The first footer is under that, and it contains a newsletter that you can edit to your liking. Then, there’s the chance to add your store address or even other features if you don’t have one: trust badges, delivery options, or just a CTA.

The very last section is the page footer, ready to be customized. You can add, move, or change how many columns you have. If you don’t want any, you’re free to remove it entirely.

In fact, Superstore lets you remove all of the features if you want. Just add or remove blocks until you’re happy with the layout.

The dashboard even lets you update it in real-time.

Product pages

Each product page takes the entire space, showing images to the left, and the text can be found in the middle. It’s coupled with your vendor description and your products’ reviews. Each review is added automatically once your customers leave it.

You also have both price and sale price, and the product description follows this information. Even the default design looks great on larger screens while keeping up on smaller resolutions.

You have the quantity box, cart, and buy buttons to the right. Depending on your needs, these can be removed or added as well.

On the lower side of the page, you can list related products; again, these can be as many as you want. You can also relate them using different criteria like their category or price similarity. You then have a straightforward customer review feature for your clients to leave their own.

Finally, the reviews can contain images, too. You have the option to report inappropriate posts, so your customers can avoid unwanted posts. You can choose to post the reviews automatically or check them before publishing.

Cart pages

If you want, you can stick to the default cart in Shopify, unfolding from a side, or you can send your users to a special cart page. If you want to go for the latter, Superstore has a modern-yet-simple checkout process.

It looks clean, and the subtotal, checkout box, and item list are easy to read and understand. You can also change the amount in real-time.

There are special delivery and gift note options as well, and they’re quite the upgrade from Shopify’s defaults. Right below that, you can place a shipping calculator so that your customers can update shipping before checking out the shipping policies from Shopify.

It’s the perfect solution to prevent annoying your clients by asking them for their address before showing them the shipping price. Once a customers checks out, they go through the standard process from Shopify, but you can also customize it to make it your own.

Wholesale Club

Finally, Superstore integrates seamlessly with the Wholesale Club tool from PixelUnion, and you can combine both to create a wholesale model for your venture, whether you want to turn your main store into one or just keep a separate business.

Features summarized

You get a cart fly out that lets your wholesale customers see their cart while adding their items, which streamlines the shopping and checkout process. These carts also update in real-time, so your clients can see how the price changes as they add products instead of having to refresh their browsers.

If you wish, you can match the style of your wholesale cart with the general style (typography and colors) of your store.

You can also group your customers into tiers, and this enables your best customers to access wholesale prices as a bonus for their loyalty. You also have special cart options for VIP customers, and you can offer them lower purchase minimums for a better discount.

You have net payment as well, and you can offer these terms to particular customers so that they can checkout without having to pay upfront.

You also get neat currency converters so that your customers can see your prices on their own coin after installing currency converter apps.

Speaking of apps, the Wholesale Club integrates perfectly with sales channels from Shopify, as well as inventory management from third parties.

Finally, the customer support team is amazing, and you can expect them to solve any question or doubt you have regarding the app.


All in all, Superstore is an amazing theme. Yes, it requires a hefty investment, but it’s the best option to compete toe to toe with large brands with their own themes and platforms.

It’s easily among the best themes I’ve seen so far, and it’s not one of those themes focused on optimizing your conversions and giving you all the spam tools you need to bomb your customers with offers.

This theme is for people who want to create a store that looks professional while providing their customers with an intuitive and clear layout to navigate your store and checking out easily.

It’s also perfect for most industries or niche you can think of.

All of the features and designs look beautiful on both mobile and desktop devices. That surpasses one of the hurdles for online store owners: providing a good shopping experience for mobile users. Superstore ensures your customers can see all the information they need right on their phone screens without having to play treasure hunt to find what they need.

For the price, it’s definitely not the best choice for people focusing on a single product. However, people with big stores and wholesalers probably have the right budget, so this theme feels tailor made.

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