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Have you ever found it super hard to rank on google? I have personally ranked multiple niche websites on google and let me tell you something, it definitely isn’t as easy as many gurus nowadays preach. However, there are many softwares out there which claim they can automatically get you to the top of google. Which most of those products DO NOT get any results.

That’s why I wanted to review Syndbuddy, so you can make an informed decision on whether or not Syndbuddy is right for you or your business based on my Syndbuddy review.

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What is Syndbuddy?

You probably know what Syndbuddy is since you searched for Syndbuddy review. However, I will still explain it briefly to those who might not know it.

We all know how hard it is to rank on google these days especially since google’s constant changes like penguin and panda. These are algorithmic changes which Google tends to do where it sometimes boosts your rankings or it drops your rankings on the SERP.

So, this is where Syndbuddy comes in. Syndbuddy is basically a cloud-based web application where you can get social signals, bookmarks, video views and much more.

Why is this even important you may ask? This essentially helps you rank websites much faster. For those that don’t know this, social signals are an important SEO factor. I have had a site where I strictly ranked my site with very little content through social signals.

Who is SyndBuddy for?

Syndbuddy is for anyone wanting to get an edge towards ranking their website on google or perhaps rank their video on google. I’d say Syndbuddy is for anyone whether it is a complete beginner or an advanced business owner wanting to expand and grow their rankings and social signals or someone who has attempted to rank their websites to make money online and failed.

If your wanting more traffic and engagement then Syndbuddy is what you’re looking for. It is ideal for business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs and internet marketers who are looking to gain more traffic by ranking higher on google or just getting more social signals/exposure.

If you are doing paid advertising this may help by boosting engagement however, if you only do paid ads I don’t recommend this.

Make sure to check out the pricing on the official website since sometimes prices tend to change!

Who is Joshua Zamora?

SyndBuddy Review Joshua Zamora

Joshua Zamora is the author of Syndbuddy. He has many other quality products such as MyTrafficJacker which I recently reviewed. He makes over 7 figures from all his products. Now, Joshua Zamora is not your average guru which tries to sell you crap after crap. He is the author of some of these big products such as SyndLab, Video Traffic Genie, Zamora PBN blueprint, X Ranker 360, Social Robot Pro and much more!

All in all Joshua Zamora has been in business for years now and he is definitely a trustworthy guy.

What’s included in SyndBuddy?

Syndbuddy has a ton of features to offer, make sure you check out this video which shows you an overview of how the software works:

Reporting System For Campaigns

There is a reporting system for your campaigns where you can see what type of social signals your getting and where you see the web address of the content you posted.

Real Social Signals

This is one of the main and BEST feature Syndbuddy has to offer. Unlike many other garbage softwares which claim you get social signals Syndbuddy actually gets you 100% real social signals and because these aren’t fake or botted, it means you NOT only will get a boost on Google rankings, you won’t get penalized for using these social signals because they are real.

So here are few social signals which are worth noting that you can get with Syndbuddy:

  • Private Blog Posts
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Shares
  • Web 2.0 Posts
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Youtube Views
  • Google +1 (I love these)
  • Social Bookmarking

Now, you may be wondering okay great but, what if there’s no one to get social signals from? They actually had hundreds of active users when they launched the software which was in 2017. Syndbuddy has only gotten bigger since then!

Credit-Based System

There is a Credit Based System where each user gets credits for liking, sharing content from others and you get credits from that which you can use to boost your own content using these credits. You can even buy these credits to boost your content even more HOWEVER, it is not required at all, and you can earn credits for free as well!

Web Application

This is not a software which you run on your own PC. Syndbuddy only requires you to have a browser and internet connection to access this web application so, you can acccess it from anywhere you go.

Step by Step Full Training Provided

They provide you with a STEP by STEP full training so, you’re not lost or confused when accessing Syndbuddy. I know a lot of other software which are super complicated and they don’t even provide you with any instructions on how to use. Even though Syndbuddy is super user-friendly, they provide you with full training which is a plus for me.

Great Customer Support

I just hate it when people sell you their service and never provide with any support when you have any issues or concerns. But, with Syndbuddy they have great customer support. When I had a question they answered me super quickly, their customer support is pretty good.

30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

They provide you with a FULL on 30 day money back guarantee which is awesome because if you don’t like the software you can just refund it simply! Essentially a 30 day money back guarantee should tell you that the founders believe in their product and it truly works.

I am so glad they have this because if they didn’t I wouldn’t have tried Syndbuddy and wouldn’t have ranked as high on my niche websites.

PROS AND CONS for SyndBuddy


  • Works with most niches
  • Really Fast
  • Great Way To Boost Your Rankings
  • Exposure from social platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter, and much more
  • Web Application Accessible through anywhere
  • Great way to make passive income


  • Not passive at first, you need to work and put in effort first
  • Effort is required, it starts out slow but, eventually, you will see results
  • Hard to scale, however, you won’t needa scale normally

Personal experience with SyndBuddy

So, I recently stumbled upon Syndbuddy and I was skeptical at first, however, I tried it because it had a 30 day full money back guarantee so if I didn’t like it I could always just get a refund. After using it for a few months my rankings really starting to go up for a few of my niche websites.

I plan on using Syndbuddy for all my websites but, for now, I used it on a couple of my websites but, I honestly had a huge boost of traffic from google because I was ranking much higher on Google.

This product isn’t promising you the first page of Google however, you can use this to boost your social signals so you can start ranking higher on google as I did.

Again I want to repeat this, you are getting REAL social signals from Syndbuddy. Meaning google won’t punish you for getting real social signals.

All in All I think Syndbuddy far exceeded my expectations. I was only expecting it to increase my rankings by few but, it really did boost me up quite significantly.


SyndBuddy Review Bonus


Name of Product Syndbuddy
Author(s) Joshua Zamora
Easy of Use ★★★★
Features ★★★★★
Support ★★★★
Quality ★★★★★
Bonus YES

Syndbuddy Scam?

Nope, this is the farthest you can get from a scam. This software is truly amazing and quite useful. Honestly, most products by Joshua Zamora are generally very high-quality products since he has been in the business for 20+ years now!

Is there a SyndBuddy Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Joshua Zamora’s SyndBuddy.

There are other sites claiming they either have SyndBuddy Coupon or SyndBuddy Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, SyndBuddy Nulled or SyndBuddy Free is not a thing.

Final Verdict on SyndBuddy

If you’re looking to boost your website’s rankings or get more video views, social exposure and more social signals than Syndbuddy are what you’re looking for. It is made by Joshua Zamora who is a reputable internet marketer who has made millions from making useful software for internet marketers out there. I have personally already started using Syndbuddy on some of my niche websites and I will continue to do so because I honestly think Syndbuddy is a great tool to really boost your Google rankings super high.

Heck, you can even make money from selling these social signals on Fiverr to other people. It really is a great tool for a great price, I highly recommend Syndbuddy make sure you give it a go, as they do have a 30-day full money back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying out the software for yourself!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment them below!

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