The 108 Proven Split Test Winners pdf

Do you know which website version works the best for you? In one study, using a different Call to Action (CTA) increased the CTR by over 211%. More businesses are looking at split testing to design websites that sell more. Every little nuance matters, from the web design to the text placement, and even the ads.

So, how do you create a landing page that sells?

That’s what 108 Proven Split Test is all about.

Written by Internet marketing genius Russell Brunson, the book is one of the basic marketing books you cannot avoid. Get to know which version you should go for, and learn to do A/B testing the right way.

Russell and his team explain split-testing to determine what sells and what does not; their aim is to create the best 108 pages for anyone to model their business. In this book, you’ll find pages for your offers, conversions, traffic tests, backend tests and much more.

Who can benefit the most from this book?

If you want to start an online business, the 108 Proven Split Test Winners pdf is a book that you have to read.

The book talks about the strategies you need if you want to make your business a great success. The content focuses on business owners, people who sell things online, entrepreneurs and affiliate sellers. However, anyone with a website can take advantage of these templates.

What Is Split-Testing?

Split-testing (or A/B testing) can help you power ahead, understanding what your audience likes and bringing in more sales.

The process consists of making a comparison of two versions of the same web page.  Through user engagements, you can use this comparison to determine which works best. Usually, the original version is compared with another that has a series of modifications, to look for improvements to the website.

For instance, you can have different text for the two versions. Or, have different Call to Actions (CTAs) in each. The CTA box placement on the landing page can make a difference too.

Working on making subtle differences can help you make a more in-depth comparison, to drive in a better performance.

What Do You Learn With This Russell Bronson Piece?

Learn tips to boost business sales, and how you can start your own business from scratch.

Learn how to adjust your web pages using Russell’s trick to gain more engagement and sales.

Know how to focus the right way on your page’s design, content, testimonials and headings.

Why Should You Get This Book?

Russell first had in mind the idea of selling this book for $190, but he decided to make it completely free: the manual, the PDF version and shipping are completely free, no matter where you are.

If you want your business to improve exponentially, you have all the tips and strategies to do it—the plan you need to build your landing pages with a high percentage of reliability.

It’s almost guaranteed that you won’t find a similar library for free anywhere else—let alone one with over 100 high-converting pages.

Final Verdict

For entrepreneurs, this book will help them grow their businesses; it’s essential for business owners who need a hand for their online sales. The small details on a website can make a big difference between good and bad, and finding the right look for you can take a lot of time and money.

You only need to adapt your business needs to any of the 108 winners of this test, and Russell already took charge of making all the tests and adjustments necessary for any type of business.

Want to be successful in doing business online? Everyone starts small; it’s your business strategies that define you. Learn split testing and use it to your advantage with this resource from Russell Brunson. It’s free too, so you can just treat it as one of the guidebooks!

Go for it, and don’t expect success to wait for you.

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