The Best Shopify Blog Templates and Examples

Best Shopify Blog Templates, and Examples

The Best Shopify Blog Templates, and Examples (2021)

Find out the best Shopify blog templates and examples below!


If you have an online store, you can use various methods to promote your store. Starting a blog on your Shopify is a lucrative idea. It will help you generate a niche-targeted audience, which, in return, will generate sales. It manages and maintains your content. It has many other advantages that will make your blog succeed.

Shopify Templates lets you create an excellent online shop that incorporates a blog. It improves the looks, experience, and functionality of your store. With the right template, you can beat the brick and mortar experience. It is essential as nowadays, 40% of people leave your site if they don’t find it attractive.

Critical Components of Shopify Blog and Template

The main aim is to create an online store that works efficiently. You can select designs from enormous varieties of Shopify themes. There are some features of Shopify themes with blog functions:

High-Quality Design

Shopify blog themes attract customers with its style. Shopify Templates allow you to organize your store attractively, and quality photography and videos for products act as an add-on. These visuals help the customers to decide on the purchase of the product, so it is essential to make visuals of high quality.

It is a struggle to strike a balance between the quantity and quality, especially on mobile. Observations say that most retailers provide one photo and lack the image zoom option. 

You should go for a design that suits your store the best. It will impress potential customers. Promotions on your homepage can attract customers to your digital store. You can draw people with the animations effects of your Shopify theme and snappy taglines. 

Checkout and functioning

One of the most significant drawbacks that can impact your sales is poor checkout experience. You will lose more than half of your customers if you have your checkout designed terribly.

A good checkout experience is only possible through great functionality. It includes account logins through social media check-ins, cost breakdowns, apparent buttons, and purchase material buyers can use.

People may be browsing your store through different browsers. Therefore, you have to make sure your online store is responsive to any design. 

Multilingual and Currency Experience

Even if you are not planning to make your store an international one, an online store is an enormous platform for customers from different corners of the world. You have to provide the people with the option of choosing a language of their choice. If you select the blog template designs by Shopify, you will be able to make your store multilingual.

With different languages, come different currencies. If you give your customers the opportunity of choosing their money, then your store will perform much better. This option is essential if you want to internationalize your store. The Shopify blog templates can act as an efficient currency-switcher. Therefore, for the satisfaction of your customers, you ensure the support of different currencies and languages.

Niche-Specific Designs

A good Shopify template is the one that guides customers to what they want from your online store. If you don’t make your shopping experience easy, then your structured site will result in reduced sales and conversions. Your ecommerce website needs to be arranged with clear site pages so that your customers will get the information they need quickly.

To make the customer experience much better, you have to ensure the inclusion of related links on the main page, neatly organized template, easy search of crucial action buttons, cross-browser compatibility, and naturally guiding design.

Mobile Experience

People are handy with their mobile phones than their desktops, so you need a Shopify template that provides a great experience with not desktops but also mobile phones. You have to ensure a seamless shopping cart experience, clear site navigation, better images, easy to use buttons, and a quick scroll experience.

Advantages of Shopify Blog Templates

There are many benefits of Shopify Blog Templates:

Makes your blog well-structured

If you have pre-designed templates for your online store, then it will be of great help in creating posts. The Shopify blog page template can help you present different articles uniquely. Creating a blog post becomes an exciting experience. Also, you can edit pre-designed article pages according to your content.

They let you add different buttons to your blog too. Adding buttons can help your customers read your previous or next article. All in all, you can trigger your customer’s attention quickly.

Add blog tags

Tags help in making things better to find out. You can add tags to your posts with the help of the Shopify blog post template. It will connect one article to the other and enhance navigation through the site. Customers can then find your articles and related articles easily. You can put as many tags as you want.

Allow comments

A comment system is an excellent tool for a blog. The Shopify themes allow customers to post their comments, opinions, or suggestions, making their overall experience fun.

This way, the clients that have already purchased your products can write their reviews and help the new customers, or they can give you suggestions to make it better so you can work on its improvement. 

Keeps your customers connected

It is vital to be in touch with your customers or blog followers if you want people to purchase from your store. Shopify themes for blogs help you to motivate people to know more about your store through your blogs. At the end of your article, you can persuade them to subscribe to your articles.

Helps you link your blog to product categories

Showing people your blogs assist people in browsing your goods. You can view several product categories in your blog, and you can also show featured products to them. You can write a ‘how-to’ article and list the link of the related product below.

Shopify Blog Examples

There are some of the best ecommerce blogs out there:

The Shopify blog itself

Shopify blog itself is the best example as they always write about trends, topics, and concerns. These blogs will optimize for the searchable purpose. These get loads of free traffic and are easily able to convert traffic into paying customers. Therefore, they hold a substantial competitive advantage.

The Bel Kai Blog

A crucial aspect of any business is to convert its search traffic to paying customers. The Bel Kai Blog generates a ton of organic traffic into sales from the search engines. It happens because of beautiful sidebar promotions on their blog topics.

The Bed Bath and Beyond Candle Guide

Their textbook crafted piece of content gives them a huge advantage. It provides details about candles and contains links to the products they promote. It boosts their sales with zero advertising costs.

Shopify Templates Examples

Though Shopify has its templates, it can be limiting. It lets you access to some of the most beautiful blog templates:


Brooklyn is a free Shopify template. It is sleek, modern, and looks great on all screen resolution. It is precisely for accessory stores that focus on image marketing.  It has two styles- Classic and Playful. The classic is severe, and playful is colorful. Brooklyn is exceptional when it comes to visuals. They can let you know about their planned payment options through their site.


Minimal is another trendy Shopify template that looks great on all devices. It comes with many new features that allow you to customize your site. Minimal Stands out when it comes to focusing on product experience.


Showcase can be useful if you have a boutique or visually focused ecommerce business. It does a great job at navigation and features multi-level menus, product galleries, and shows your product in a unique way.


There are numerous blogs and templates that you can display on your Shopify store. This way, you can meet your need to attract customers. So get one now!

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