The Collector Review: Is It Worth It? (2021)

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The Collector Review

Warrior+ seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to educational products. On one hand, you can find a few amazing learning opportunities there, but on the other, the vast majority of what’s offered is subpar, to say the least.

That’s why I was actually quite surprised to see people complimenting The Collector: one of those products. If you’re interested in learning affiliate marketing, it’s likely you’ve stumbled across the same thing; after all, you’re here for my review, aren’t you?

In essence, The Collector is a combination between affiliate marketing training and an affiliate marketing opportunity. It’s filled with information and training to get you started in the business as well as products you can promote.

I took a quick look at the author’s YouTube channel, and he actually seems knowledgeable about the industry. He’s already reviewed several products, so it’s only natural to think he probably knows what—and what not—to do.

Yet, that doesn’t mean the product is actually good, does it? Let’s find out.

The Collector: overview (and review, of course)

Let’s dive into the main focus of our review: what it is and what you’re getting.

The Collector qualifies mainly as an affiliate marketing course. That’s the core offer, and it focuses on “launch jacking,” a method coined by its author, John. It also seems to be John’s own approach to the business model, but it’s not the only strategy discussed.

Launch jacking is actually a fairly straightforward technique, but it’s good to see John giving it a name to make it easier to understand. Not to spoil the content, it’s basically a strategy that leverages traffic from larger affiliate marketers for your own products.

You also learn about email and YouTube marketing as well as investment management. Naturally, John covers the necessary tools you’ll probably want to invest in and related topics.

Of course, that’s just the main offer. The entire package for The Collector is also made up by upsells, which are completely optional. Warrior+ products tend to implement upsells regularly, usually to increase order value without making the core product inaccessible. Of course, that’s in theory, but I’m glad to see that John understands this.

The core training—which we’ll call the primary content—is the fundamental course, with the technique and other lessons I mentioned. If you wish to learn more, there’s also advanced training available as an upsell; it’s not mandatory, but the content is definitely worth the price, which isn’t wallet-breaking either. Coaching calls are also an additional product if you want even more depth.

There are a few other upsells with the product, but again, they’re affordable and quite valuable. One of them teaches you how to create videos like John’s Info Products, and another one is a chance for you to benefit from the traffic generated by a fairly famous affiliate marketing.

Lastly, you can also get the reselling rights for the course. In other words, you can make money from selling the course if you want to start applying the knowledge gained from the lessons.

Now that you have a good idea of what to expect, let’s dive into all these things I just mentioned.

Primary content

Let’s start with the main product: the fundamental training advertised without any upsells. Naturally, this is also how you gain access to the upsells, so keep that in mind if you’re mostly interested in them.

The course starts off with an introduction from the author. It’s your standard welcome video: what you can expect from the course, who’s John, etc. Building on this introduction, there’s also a short case study used by John to explain affiliate marketing.

It’s actually an interesting approach to explain the business model without recycling the same stock definition everyone repeats. It’s basically an explanation of how John found success, and during the 3 or so minutes, you’ll learn a practical definition of affiliate marketing.

I’m quite fond of this approach—I must admit.

Besides, I also like how the introduction goes straight to the point. Too many courses take well over 20 minutes just introducing you to the course and getting you hyped. John doesn’t even take 15 minutes, and he solely focuses on the important concepts to help you understand the rest of the course.

The main training starts with a deeper look into the business model. As this course is for beginners, the first lessons expand on the concepts you learned with the case study. It goes from practice to theory, and once that’s done, you’ll learn which tools you can use to make your life easier. These lessons should take around 25 minutes without any pauses.

Sticking to the “no fluff” approach, the next section of the course jumps straight into John’s method. It’s basically a 5-video guide to launch jacking, and John shares some of his own tactics to separate himself from others using the same method.

Naturally, it’s a way to attract traffic to your products, but you also learn how to keep interested visitors who aren’t willing to buy just yet. Another neat addition to this course is how John covers the overall structure of the strategy; this is different from other people I’ve seen teaching this approach, who usually just tell you how it works and leave you figuring out how to implement it.

Even if we only take into consideration this first hour of content, I’d say the price tag is justified. You already learned how affiliate marketing works and a strategy to start your own business with a solid foundation.

You’ll basically create marketing videos that you can use for all the launches you want, as often as you want. It’s also an amazing way to start earning that famous passive income: your videos won’t disappear, so you won’t have to go back and create them again if you want to attract more traffic.

Of course, that isn’t the only content you get in the course. He also talks about landing pages, which is pretty much a standard for digital marketing these days. You’ll learn how to use them to capture leads for your mailing list with tools like ClickFunnels as well as how to nurture these lists.

The core training closes with another video I really like about uploading your YouTube videos. No, it’s not just how to click the right buttons to publish your video; you’ll actually learn how to rank them among search results. Too many courses forget about YouTube’s SEO, so this is priceless.

Advanced Training

Once you’re done with the main training, you might want to expand your knowledge. If that’s the case, then you can shell out a bit more for the advanced training upsell. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the price of everything after we’re done with the products.

Now, I’m rarely a fan of upsells. They often make me feel like the “main” product is just an excuse to sell more expensive stuff, but the core training for The Collector is already very good. Besides, this advanced training is almost a separate course, with slightly over a dozen completely new lessons.

In case you don’t know, that’s actually more than what the core training offers, and the combined price for both the core and advanced training is still less than half of what you’d pay for the cheapest affiliate marketing courses around.

This advanced training focuses on optimizing your strategy to get your first sales. You’ll learn the method to get your “first 50 sales,” which includes finding good offers as well as implementing both free and paid traffic.

John also touches on how you can reduce the chances of getting rejected for the products you want to promote, and there’s some neat content about autoresponders that expands on the email marketing lesson from the main course. You even get Aweber email templates as a bonus.

The last module in the advanced training course covers how to nurture a customers list, how to launch products, and which products you should be promoting. It’s basically an extension of launch jacking in which you launch other people’s products, but I have to admit I feel this is kind of “cheating.” It’s specially one of the reasons I’m not really fond of Warrior+, but the rest of the content is stellar—even this lesson is good for making money.

I’ll be honest and say that the advanced training feels like a necessary addition to the core content. Don’t get me wrong; you can definitely make money just with the primary course, but this addition makes it feel more like a comprehensive training program.

In other cases, I’d say that’s a bad thing, but seeing how both are way cheaper than almost any similar course, it’s kind of a moot point.

Coaching sessions

The last complement to the main training is the chance to pay for a coaching session on either Skype or Zoom directly with John. I’m usually not a fan of coaching sessions as upsells, mostly because of how expensive they are, but this offer is surprisingly affordable.

Not only do you get to speak directly with John, but you actually have direct access to his Facebook and email address, so you’re not limited to your coaching sessions.

It’s a great way to expand your knowledge from the previous products as well as the ones I’ll cover after this. For the price (which I’ll cover in a bit), it’s definitely tempting to get it as soon as you’ve finished the main 2 courses. However, if you’re planning to get the other upsells, I’d actually hold off this call until you’ve gone through all the content you want.

That way, you can take note of all the questions you can. It’s a lot better if you want to squeeze as much knowledge as you can out of coaching month you get for the price.

However, keep in mind that 30 days of coaching doesn’t mean you can call him anytime you want during that period. You’re limited to about a couple of calls anytime during the 30 days, but Facebook and email coaching is available for the entire month.

DFY products

These “done for you” products make up the next upsells, and it’s the Info Products tutorial I mentioned earlier. I’d even say it’s a completely new course instead of just an addition to the two other programs.

It’s noticeably more expensive than the other two products, but there seems to be a good reason for this, and it’s still a completely optional purchase. According to John, he’s bought these products’ rights to resell them, and the current price is the minimum he can sell them for. Regardless, they’re an interesting selection if you’re curious.

The name of this upsell is “Effortless Info Products”, and it’s a course on its own, made up by 11 modules; 8 main sections focus on how to build these products, and the 3 bonuses expand on how to minimize your effort. Every module goes into a specific product type, too.

Every product module comes with its own tools and examples to make your life easier as well.

As I said, it’s a completely separate course from the other two, as in: it doesn’t really build on the previous content. It’s more of a separate approach you can implement into the main affiliate marketing strategies and techniques you learned with both the fundamental and advanced training.

I definitely recommend it if you’re interested in nurturing your affiliate marketing toolkit, and these products as just as good on their own as they are as complements to your other offers.

Traffic leverage

This upsell is actually called “Limitless Traffic,” but I’m not a fan of title embellishment. Still it’s not like it’s a bad upsell—quite the contrary.

Do you remember I mentioned one of the upsells taught you how to take advantage of larger marketers’ traffic? Well, this is what I meant. It’s basically a way to take advantage of already large traffic sources.

In this case, you’re basically paying for them to build a landing page for your own product to then redirect traffic from established marketers. It’s a nice way to kickstart your own affiliate business.

Getting traffic to your offers is easily the most difficult part of being an affiliate marketer, so any help available should be considered. However, I wouldn’t say this is the most valuable upsell available; I’d rather invest in the info products course and just work my way to generate my own traffic.

That being said, there’s no reason not to consider this chance. From what I’ve seen, the pages you’ll be leveraging actually handle impressive amounts of traffic, so you might benefit greatly form them.

Keep in mind that John seems to limit the amount of people who can get this offer. That means you won’t have to worry about competing with other people and getting less traffic than you should.

All in all, I’d still recommend it if you have the money to invest in it. I wouldn’t prioritize it, but it can definitely yield solid returns.

Reselling chance

The last upsell you can get with The Collector is actually the reselling rights for the course. You can essentially advertise and package the course as your own product, and I actually really like this offer.

You see, several affiliate products—particularly courses—let you repackage them into products you own. For instance, if you’re selling your own course, you can offer The Collector as an upsell. If you’re really ambitious, you could even find several resell-able courses and bundle them together, but I don’t know if anyone has done this, so take it with a grain of salt.

However, I’ve personally seen several marketers upsell other people’s courses by claiming partnership, and it’s completely fine.

You get to keep all commissions from the sales you make from your own funnels, and the same goes for the upsells within The Collector, so it’s actually a very tempting offer. However, the specific details of what you can sell and actually profit from were pretty confusing for me, so make sure to research yourself before you pull the trigger.

That said, it’s behind a surprisingly cheap price, so it’s not like you’ll be risking a lot if you do decide to pay for it.

Speaking of paying, let’s rip that Band-Aid at once…

Let’s talk about price

… Except it’s not as painful! The Collector is actually a very affordable course, but you’ve probably inferred it from all the times I’ve said each upsell is surprisingly affordable.

Well, the core course itself cost nothing but $7.95 with the current discount, so it struggles to cost even half of the price tag for virtually every course available today.

“But, wait, you said the ideal way to get The Collector is to buy both the core and advanced content.” Well, the advanced course costs a whopping $27. Yes, the complete program would be around $34.95, so it’s still an astoundingly cheap course, especially considering the content you’re getting.

If you take a look around Warrior+, you’ll surely spot people selling smaller courses than the core training for more than that price. In terms of content and value, it easily rivals many $100+ courses from those YouTube gurus in their expensive cars.

The coaching calls and 30 days of email and Facebook consultancy with John costs $97. That’s easily the reason why I recommend it despite not being a fan of entrepreneurial coaching. I’ve seen gurus with worse products selling coaching calls for hundreds and even thousands. If you’ve been taking notes, it’s $132 so far.

Alright, next up, we have the separate info product development course. As I said, you get 8 modules detailing different product types, how to develop them, and how you can implement them into your business—plus 3 bonus modules. This additional course will set you back $97 extra for a current total of $229.

The other product I mentioned was the traffic leverage from the other affiliate marketers. This upsell usually costs $197 depending on when you get it, but keep in mind that you also need to get it before the limited entrance is closed. That said, I haven’t seen too many people grab it, so you’re probably safe. It also takes our total to $426.

The last upsell is, of course, the rights to resell the course as your own product. Well, this is actually one of the cheapest upsells for The Collector, just hitting the $47 mark.

That takes our total to $473 if you decide to buy every single upsell. While it’s definitely more expensive than a few other affiliate marketing courses, the value here is simply outstanding. Besides, you also get a product to add to your affiliate offers.

Finally, keep in mind all upsells are completely optional, and you’re free to decide what you want to pay for, so the price greatly varies depending on what you’re getting.

Is it the right course for you?

I’d say complete beginners with zero affiliate marketing experience will be the ones getting 100% of the value in this course. However, there’s still value for everyone here, especially considering the price.

Basically, anyone who wants to implement John’s strategy and videos into their own business could gain great value from investing in this course. Keep in mind that the core course is a few cents under $8, so it’s not like you’re investing a lot of money on this strategy.

Then, we have the fact that these videos can be reused for your product launches, and you have a varied assortment of strategies and tactics with the upsells available.

Therefore, I’d say this course is for you if you want to learn any of the content I’ve reviewed in this article. As I said, you’re free to pay for the lessons you want to learn, and it’s the best product I’ve seen in a while, at least in terms of cost-to-value ratio.


Not being a fan of Warrior+ offers, I was really surprised I liked this so much. The core training is highly valuable, and even intermediate affiliate marketers can learn something new from the content available for barely $8.

Furthermore, the upsells have their own merit—again, something unexpected for someone who usually gets annoyed by upsells. Each one brings something new and valuable to the main package. While some are definitely more valuable or useful than others, I really enjoy how you have enough choices to create your own package or experience for The Collector.

Summarized, I definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in either learning affiliate marketing or adding new methods to their own affiliate business.

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