The Last Amazon Course Review: Is It Worth It? (2021)

Find out if The Last Amazon Course is worth it or not Below!

The Last Amazon Course Review

The Last Amazon Course – with a name like this, it does capture people’s attention. Because of its catchy title and unbelievable value for money, this course has recently been the talk of the town. Therefore, if something is buzzing, you can be sure to find a review for it here! Today, we will be discussing the Last Amazon Course to see what the hype is all about. The course boasts itself to be the ultimate online course for selling on Amazon. You will be getting over 350 videos, and all you have to do is subscribe with a monthly fee of either $1 a month, or $10 per year. Priced considerably low, it has been creating a lot of buzz. Is it as good and as affordable as everyone says? Keep reading to find out!

What is the Last Amazon Course?

The Last Amazon Course is a collection of information from industry experts and coaches such as the famous John Jonas, Sean Smith, and other influential people in the industry. By signing up for the course, you will have access to the member’s area, which gives you access to version three, which consists of over 375 tutorial videos, templates, checklists, and frameworks. All of these elements will receive frequent and automatic updates. There is also a private Facebook group that you can only access if you choose to be a lifetime member. Other benefits of the Lifetime membership includes the exclusive live streams. 

Who is Brock Johnson?

According to his website, Brock Johnson is a 7-figure eCommerce and Technology Entrepreneur. He claims that he has always been business-minded since eight years old when he was selling things like pennies, t-shirts, and clearance sale items, which eventually led him to become the top seller for glasses by Solar Eclipse in 2017.  

Who is the Last Amazon Course for?

The Last Amazon Course is for anyone who wants to learn about the A to Z of selling on Amazon. Especially if you’re on a budget, this course is for you because, at an extremely affordable price, you already get to unlock all the necessary information to help you excel. Based on the course material, I would think both beginners and advanced people in the business alike can benefit from the course. While beginners can have a step by step guide to the industry, more advanced students can use it as a course to refresh their memories. 

What’s included in the Last Amazon Course

Like most digital courses, the Last Amazon Course begins with an introduction, which sets an overview of the course. Then, it moves on to discuss the following subtopics:

Product research

To sell on Amazon, you need to learn how to research for winning products that customers want. And to do this, Brock Johnson will guide you with 70 over videos where he goes into detail about product research strategies, finding winning products to sell, and how to do product evaluation for maximum success.

Product sourcing

Now that you know what products you should sell, it’s time to source for them. Where can you find these products and import them with the lowest possible cost for high-profit margins? These are the questions that Brock will guide you, including how to source for good quality products with the best prices properly.

Shipping and logistics

Once you are happy with your product supplier, it’s time to set up a shipping plan. You will learn everything from A to Z through Brock’s video tutorials, including how you should handle your products and list them on Amazon. Optimizing your listing on Amazon is also important so that customers can easily find and purchase them. It also helps to build some form of trust with your customers.


This section is all about organizing all the critical elements of your store to boost sales. You can do many things to create high-converting product listing, such as keyword research. Amazon FBA is a competitive market, and it requires work so your business can stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, you will need to learn how to play the game, and Brock will guide you through it. 

Establishing your business

To build your business, you need customers. You might experience a slow start, but once you have several customers, you can get positive reviews to attract more customers. Customers love seeing a good review, as it builds credibility for your business. Once you start getting reviews, you can use them to boost your business even further. In doing this, you are creating your foundation for long term success.

The basics of running a business

While purchasing products and negotiating with suppliers, you will also learn things like saving on currency transfers among other things. Besides this, Brock will share how you can protect yourself and your business. He also discusses navigating tax regulations and other methods that can help your business save money. This section is entirely new and useful, as he even discusses different scenarios that might negatively affect your business.

Accounting on Amazon

Sometimes, complications might occur with Amazon account listings or other situations that are out of your control. Brock discusses scenarios that can happen and offers solutions on how you can solve them. You will also learn about scaling your business and even outsourcing specific tasks to virtual assistants when your business grows too extensive for you to handle. Don’t worry, and this is a good thing! As it means your business is expanding!


Overall, I can’t find anything negative about the Last Amazon Course. With such an affordable price tag, and over 375 tutorials and top of that additional extra that will help you kickstart your Amazon business, it truly is a value for money course. Beginners and advanced entrepreneurs alike can benefit from this course.

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