Thrive Headline Optimizer WordPress Plugin Review

Is Thrive Headline Optimizer Plugin worth it or not?

Thrive Headline Optimizer WordPress Plugin Review

Are you a concerned blogger or Internet marketer seeking an effective tool or application to optimize your blog posts or landing pages titles in order to improve your overall conversion rate? Well, if that’s so – you definitely want to check out – Thrive Headline Optimizer from Thrive Theme.

What is Thrive Headline Optimizer?

Thrive Headline Optimizer is a sophisticated WordPress plugin engineered for helping bloggers and marketers to efficiently improve their conversion rates without having to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in expensive, all-in-one conversion tools.

It’s a WordPress plugin, which means it works directly from your WordPress dashboard without you having to log in to “I don’t know how many login dashboards” to measure the effectiveness of your post’s title.

Thrive Headline Optimizer works by dynamically retrieving and analyzing headlines (posts/pages/custom headlines) for three critical engagement factors: click-through rate (CTR), time spent on each individual content, and finally, scroll depth.

In the world of Internet marketing, where customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, these three listed factors provide the critical data points necessary to analyze content performance both on search engines and in the real world (i.e., in front of your visitors).

In addition, with the undeniable fact that this plugin is able to monitor these three essential conversion and engagement factors – per content basis – daily – dynamically – and without the need for you to install any additional script or third-party extension, is precisely the aspect that makes it one-of-a-kind amongst the crowd – a crowd full of self-promoted, broken title optimization plugins.

The following are some additional unrivaled content you get access to with an active subscription with Thrive Headline Optimizer WordPress Plugin:

  1. Marketing bonus content.
  2. In-depth QuickStart tutorial videos.
  3. Access to advanced training guides.
  4. Access to upcoming features, performance updates as well as security patches.
  5. Expert support from the developers and a thriving community of 19,000+ active Thrive Theme users.

Getting Started with Thrive Headline Optimizer

After you have installed the plugin on your WordPress site, activated the plugin and subscription, you will be required to follow two simple steps enlisted to get started with headline optimization.

  1. Once you click on add new post link within your WordPress dashboard, you will now notice that you are being offered an option to choose a template to assist you to write multiple headline titles for the post concerned. The beauty of this template is its flexibility which enables you to add in as many headlines as you want to test for conversion optimization.
  2. After writing the content and adding in all the headlines you can think of, this powerful WordPress extension will begin conducting A/B testing of your post with all the headlines you have added in automatically. The beauty here is the automation and the dynamic nature, which, once again, is done by this plugin itself without needing any intervention from your site.

While testing your post with individual headlines, Thrive Headline Optimizer will continue to monitor the performance of your post based on the discussed engagement factors (CTR, scroll depth, and time and content).

Obviously, you can define the testing time range for the plugin.

And once the test is done (even when it’s not completed), you will be able to visually analyze how every headline is performing on your website and finally decide the best one for every individual post.


  1. Easy to use (like all plugins from Thrive Themes).
  2. Excellent support and training from Thrive.
  3. You can use different settings for individual posts.
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee.


  1. It can sometimes cause the editor to run slowly.
  2. Only compatible with hosted WordPress sites.
  3. Sites need sufficient traffic to collect valid test results.


This plugin is super easy to use, and you can get started with your own title optimizer campaign within two minutes of installing and activating this plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Most of the plugin’s features and settings can be automated, making it a perfect optimization tool for websites and companies wishing to analyze the performance of hundreds of titles.

The only drawback of this plugin (which is by no means its fault), however, is that it requires your website to have substantial traffic, as only then will you really be able to understand the impact of any title on user experience.

As for the price, the subscription plan for Thrive Headline Optimizer WordPress plugin starts at only $67 USD, entitling you to use this extension on a website for one year. If you have or want to optimize multiple websites, then you’ll want to take advantage of the multi-license subscription plan that gives you the authorization to use this extension on 15 websites for $147 per year.

On the other hand, if you want to use the vast collection of high-quality WordPress plugins and themes to improve your website’s presence both in front of search engines and in front of your visitors, you may want to subscribe to the Thrive Themes membership plan which starts at only $19 per month (if you pay annually).