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Are you planning on getting Thrive Leads? Are you looking for a good tool to get leads for email marketing?

Read below for a full Thrive Leads review to see if it’s for you or not!

Email lists are simple lists that many companies, businesses, bloggers or entrepreneurs collect from visitors and customers. The reason why these visitors turn into subscribers is that they are interested in receiving information, discounts, and updates about products or services they offer.

Email marketing is the best way to communicate on a personal level with loyal clients or potential customers. An extensive email list provides more significant opportunities to get users to see your marketing messages and increase your chances of selling your product.

Building an email list is a great way to reach as many users as possible, and it is also customizable according to the user’s interest and exigencies.

What is ThriveLeads?

ThriveLeads is a plugin for WordPress. This feature is for those who use ThriveThemes as their landing page builder and email marketing tool. The plugin allows customers to create stunning and practical opt-in forms quickly and flexibly.

Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy created this critical tool. It has many features that benefit its customers, and it offers numerous and continuous upgrades to provide new content and templates for creating better email lists.

ThriveLeads includes a valuable characteristic: we’re talking about split-testing. The split-tests allow customers to try each form to see which one converts the best.

This impressive app is optimized and updated constantly. The idea is to provide the best service for all users. With continually testing and improvements, this will make your subscriber’s list rise faster and make your sales increase at a high percentage than any other competitive services.

ThriveLeads is simple to use and adaptable to the client’s needs. This service also supports all the opt-in forms types that marketers are currently applying. The product is the ultimate feature for email marketing to help businesses create an efficient and successful communication channel with potential users and loyal clients.

ThriveLeads Features

Opt-in Forms

ThriveLeads allow customers to create many of the most modern opt-in forms that professionals use in today’s market. These forms include:

  • Lightbox Popup exhibits an opt-in so users can submit their email information to receive reports regarding the business or product.
  • Slide-in Popup: this opt-in shows up in a less interfering way. This box slides from the bottom of the screen to allow users to fill the form.
  • Ribbon: this opt-in appears on the top of the page.
  • Widget: it’s commonly used for sidebars and footer opt-ins.
  • Post Footer: it shows at the bottom of the page.
  • And many other opt-ins such as an in-content option, scroll mat and multi-step.


Shortcodes is a specific WordPress code that allows users to do practical work with no effort. WordPress shortcodes are excellent for when the user wants to replace content on a post or page. The client needs to create a new post or page for it to be added as a shortcode.

Shortcodes can be generated to show up as soon as the page loads, to be displayed on the page after several minutes, and more. Many users consider that shortcodes should be created and used on high traffic pages. These shortcodes are standard in the “about me” and “resources” section of the website. Users also consider that shortcodes are essential to have in the middle and at the end of the site or content.

Customizable forms

ThriveLeads has a wide variety of components to allow its users to have autonomy when creating and designing their forms. ThriveLeads is an outstanding tool for customizing forms because of its integration with ThriveContent Builder; they are part of the same software.

Using the content builder allows users to drag-and-drop elements to the form.

The user can change said elements to their liking. You can change their properties or design them from scratch. Users often improve their forms by changing the font style, size, color and more. This feature is a marvelous tool to create comfortable and elegant forms.

Multi-step form

This feature lets users create and turn long forms into multiple portions to make registrations and shipping forms less unsettling for those who visit your page or website. Nowadays, these forms are gaining more predominance between customers. These forms enable a type of conversation with website guests to collect their email addresses, build a larger audience and send valid content information through this platform.

Customers may also use these forms to promote specific content, new products or promote discounts and offers from many different businesses. ThriveLeads can allow users for creating multi-step forms easily and effective.


This tool helps users to choose how to display an opt-in on their websites and other pages. ThriveLeads includes fundamental and essential triggers, but it also includes some advanced ones. The user can adopt which trigger they will use depending on their needs and the frequency the user wants the opt-in to show up on the page.

Triggers are an essential component for anyone who is enthusiastic in creating a successful page. ThriveLeads applied triggers as a feature to allow users to control the opt-ins’ appearance without causing visitors to step away from the website or page.

Display frequency

ThriveLeads provides a frequency slider on the software to help users choose how many times the opt-in should show up on the page. The user may choose from showing the opt-in every certain period or when the visitor reaches specific content. Regulating the frequency of your opt-ins will make your visitors feel satisfied with the website. Otherwise, they will feel bothered ,and they won’t enter the page a second time.

ThriveLeads helps users prevent losing future or potential customers by making this feature available for showing opt-ins effectively and—at the right time—for building a massive email list.


ThriveLeads gives full power and control to their users over which opt-ins to show in their page or content. This feature allows entrepreneurs and businesses to configure what opt-ins each visitor will see on their website. A regular customer or a loyal client might get annoyed when seeing the same opt-ins as a new visitor.

In this case, the targeting function administers the welcome or register opt-ins to new visitors. On the other hand, loyal customers will see new opt-ins about products, offers, and discounts.

ThriveLeads supports this feature to make your website more attractive and enjoyable to new and regular visitors.


ThriveLeads applies SmartLinks to allow regular customers to enter a link with opt-in changes or new content. With this feature, the user decides which forms display on the page depending on the visitor’s interest and location. To use this essential and useful feature, you should work with Lead Groups Forms.

To create a quick link, the user has to define where to send their visitor; it could be a page, website, blog or any online platform. Afterwards, choose the group based on their interest or their location. These quick links can last for a day, a few seconds or minutes, or as long as you want them.


A split-test is a feature that ThriveLeads delivers best. This outstanding feature allows the user to test each opt-in and choose the one with better results. Using this testing tool would provide a renovation related to the conversion rates.

That means you create a more significant and updated email list. ThriveLeads makes sure that this function is as simple as possible for easy and rapid use.

ThriveLeads also provides a flexible split-test system to compare forms with the same type or others with different features. The system will automatically choose which one should show up on your page.


Reporting and analytics are remarkable features that ThriveLeads offers. Reports are simple and easy to see and to understand. Users have control to check the number of visitors and how many guests have signed up. Users can also review the conversion rates for each form or lead group created.

One of the most important things to acknowledge from this feature is that it allows a review of the content managed in your website and how many leads each content generated. This feature helps the user to understand the cause and effect of each material or opt-in shown.


You can purchase a license pack depending on your requirements and budget. Plans depend on the number of licenses the user will require. Each pricing plan offers a full feature set, unlimited updates, and one year of support.

  • 15 licenses cost 147 US dollars.
  • 5 licenses cost 97 US dollars.
  • 1 license costs 67 US dollars.

These plans are a one-time time fee. You may also become a ThriveMember and get access to all of the features,  plugins, and themes, including ThriveLeads. This membership costs 19 US dollars per month. ThriveThemes also offers a money-back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the product.

By purchasing the plans, the company provides friendly customer service, unlimited updates for the plugin and tutorials for using ThriveLeads successfully.

The payment methods may vary. The users may pay online through the ThriveThemes website with a Paypal account or using a credit card.

Summary: Pros and Cons

ThriveLeads is famous for being one of the top email building lists in the market. This plugin, like many others who offer the same service, has many benefits and disadvantages.

Some benefits to consider is that ThriveLeads has a wide variety of opt-in form types. The plugin has an easy drag-and-drop form structure, lots of templates and a lengthy list of integrations.

The plugin also offers the Smart Link feature to provide different products to subscribers. But most importantly, A/B testing is simple, easy to use and automatically chooses the best opt-in to show in your website.

ThriveThemes, the company that created this valuable plugin, also counts with a friendly and experienced support team. It’s always willing to help others use this component effectively. This plugin also works perfectly with WordPress, which counts as a valuable benefit.

The disadvantages of the ThriveLeads plugin includes a possible confusion regarding user plugins, and to differentiate each plugin from another.

Although the report and analytics feature is an essential component, many have said that it presents breakdowns or that it runs very slow.

Some of the themes are not available since they are developing an update for ThriveLeads.

What makes ThriveLeads unique?

ThriveLeads is exceptional because of the features it provides for its customers. By comparing ThriveLeads to similar plugins, we can understand why it remains relevant in the email marketing industry.

ThriveLeads vs Sumo List Builder

Although Sumo List Builder offers a free program, you can only use on a single site, and it also has a limit on the number of visitors. Another disadvantage of Sumo List Builder is that it does not allow to integrate with your usual email provider. In this case, you would have to manually import them to the plugin, which users consider to be a tedious job.

ThriveLeads vs LeadPages

LeadPages component for collecting emails is called LeadBoxes. This plugin is quite popular between users, and it is simplistic to use. On the other hand, it does not include a drag-and-drop feature to customize the opt-ins adequately. ThriveLeads is also a top choice with functions related to reporting and analytics.

ThriveLeads vs OptinMonster

These two plugins are very similar. Both ThriveLeads and OptinMonster accumulate emails to create an extensive list. To use ThriveLeads, you need a WordPress website, but OptinMonster is a hosted solution in case you are using another CMS. OptinMonster is more expensive than ThriveLeads; it charges a monthly fee, while ThriveLeads charges a one-time price.

OptinMonster also lacks a drag-and-drop form builder as well as testing opt-in types and triggers. ThriveLeads offers the A/B testing system and also has many essential features to produce content that attracts many visitors.

ThriveLeads vs Bloom

Bloom is an email building WordPress plugin created and marketed by Elegant-Themes. This plugin has a lot of features similar to the ones ThriveLeads have. Comparing both plugins, Bloom lacks some essential and relevant features such as sticky ribbons, scroll mats, multiple-choice forms, improved A/B testing and screen filler overlay.

Although, it may be easier to create widgets with Bloom—and it may be cheaper—ThriveLeads is a few steps ahead of Bloom because of its advanced features.

If you’re looking for a plugin to successfully create a more extensive list of subscribers, with advanced options and improved updates, then ThriveThemes is a perfect option for your marketing needs and requirements. ThriveLeads is one of the top choices for businesses because of its unique and simple features that provide successful marketing strategies.

Personal Experience

ThriveLeads is valuable mainly because of the testing and analytics features it offers. This plugin allows me to create two lead groups and test two different targets and automatically choose one that provides a higher number of conversions.

This plugin also allows me to create accessible and engaging content and increase the number of visits.

Although it is a WordPress plugin, today, WordPress covers almost 30% of the websites seen online. So, all of these users, including me, have this incredible plugin that is effortless to use and builds an extensive email list of subscribers that may turn into loyal clients.

Thrive also has wordpress themes you can use which are called Thrive Themes. You can checkout my Review on Thrive Themes here.

Final Verdict

ThriveLeads is a dominant and simple tool available for businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers. It’s perfect for anyone who desires to create a unique and comprehensive list of subscribers.

This plugin has testing and analytical capabilities that no other plugin has. ThriveLeads provides its users with the flexibility and control they need to customize their designs as they wish.

Another relevant characteristic of this plugin is that you pay a one-time fee, and it provides continuous updates and many advanced and improved features.

Lastly, compared to others, ThriveLeads is one of the most relevant and popular plugins in the marketing business.

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