Thrive Themes Review: Is Thrive Themes The Ultimate Tool For Conversions?

Thrive Themes Review

If you want to start an online venture, building a website is necessary, and this is when you realize that you need more than an idea and your computer to start a successful business.

Learning programming can take months or even years, and hiring a professional web developer (or designer) can be quite costly given how demanded their services are today.

If you know nothing about coding, and don’t have money for hiring someone, it can be scary. However, you needn’t panic; there are companies like Thrive that help you fix that issue.

Let’s review it, then.

What is it?

Thrive is sold as an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to build a website. It mostly fits that description, for it offers you as many tools as you need for setting up and running a website easily.

You can use Thrive for building anything, whether you’re looking to start your first eCommerce or just start a blog to write about your funny thoughts. The most popular product from them are themes and plugins, so let’s review both.

Reviewing Thrive Themes

Thrive started as only 10 themes on WordPress. Each theme sported its own style, and all prioritized conversions.

Today, Thrive looks to take their themes towards a new direction.

Thrive Themes 2.0 is currently in beta testing, but we already know enough about its functioning to give you a good idea of what it’ll be. They’re naming it “Theme Builder”, and it’s self-explanatory regarding how it works.

It’s a theme for WordPress that you can use for building your own themes and templates for all your web pages.

Technology is relevant for virtually all industries contributing to the global economy. The internet is the most significant technological invention, and it has changed the world irreversibly.

Now, new inventions integrate to the internet to enter the market and improve our lives.  For example, websites have been irreplaceable for most businesses, and it’s difficult to find a company without an internet presence.

Bloggers use their websites to express their thoughts to the world, and both these two examples and many others have turned their websites into their main income stream.

There are countless bloggers making a living out of their sites, and businesses with a proper online presence always increase their sales because of that. The best part about having a website is that you can have an all-in-one store. You can use it to find customers and increase your sales.

Because of that, businesses looking to grow always focus on setting up a good website.

Thinking of a profitable website isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to know that coding is part of creating any website, and that’s why web designers are so demanded today. Hiring one can be expensive, and they base their prices on the features you want for your site. The more complex you want your website, the more you’ll have to pay.

The good news is that you don’t need to hire a specialist if you want to have a working website. It’s the best choice, but you can use options like Thrive to design your own. Thrive offers you the same service that you could get from a web developer and more; you’ll have to pay noticeably less than you’d pay for a good developer.

Thrive is a favorite among bloggers, and one of the best things about the platform is that you need zero experience regarding coding and programing. You only need your creativity, and you’re ready to run your own blog or eCommerce.

Many hear about Thrive and feel curious about what it is, and it’s a single solution for all the functions you need to create a website for yourself. The platform meets exactly that title when you start to compare it to similar tools like Divi.

Thrive ranks with the top platforms on WordPress thanks to the nearly endless features you get for building your website.



People always build a website with an objective in their minds. Businesses create websites to increase their sales. Affiliate marketers create theirs to drive traffic to other websites.

When a visitor accomplishes your objective, it’s called “conversion”, and your goal is to ensure that it occurs. The themes by Thrive offer all the features you need to create a website oriented towards conversions.

Theme templates

Coming up with a design from scratch for every page on your website is very tedious. You need to think about colors and all the alignments that go with that. Lickly, Thrive Themes has more than 200 templates you can use and edit to your liking.

Having these themes makes everything much easier; you only need to drag the elements and drop them wherever you want. They even help those lacking in the creativity department to have a good-looking site in minutes.

Intuitive interface

Thrive excels when it comes to having an easy-to-use user interface. It’s easy to understand, and it makes the platform accessible to anyone without tech-related abilities. You can get a fully functional site running while knowing squat about coding.


You always want to additional features to your website like mailers and SEO optimizers; they’re called plugins. Thrive is great because it incorporates the majority of those features into a single tool. It makes it the best choices for people looking to create their websites without getting distracted by any interference.

Affiliate marketing

Most sites are created with the goal of marketing other products and services to generate more sales. These themes are great for creating affiliate sites and accomplish that objective. You get pretty much all the tools you require to boost your affiliate marketing.

The themes are optimized for conversions. They’re simple and clear without messing with code for a great-looking WordPress website, and the esthetics will appeal most users.


We need to be transparent, so I must admit that Thrive has a few issues that I’d rather not see. The thing is that these problems are related to costs alone, which still says something about the platform.

Firstly, you can get other themes and plugins with zero costs, but most of the time, they don’t offer enough for you in terms of power and optimization.

Another issue is that the amount of sites, tools and features for your themes depend on the amount you pay. That means that people with smaller budgets will be limited in terms of versatility, yet the features you do get are still really worth what you’re paying.

Thrive focuses on creating sites aimed towards conversions. That means that it may be somewhat off-putting for others who want to use their service to create their websites, but that’s their niche.

If you’re looking to create something other than conversion-oriented websites, then you’ll probably be better off trying another company.

Reviewing the plugins

Thrive offers a suite of plugins for WordPress in addition to the themes we just mentioned. In fact, the plugins are what most people remember when they’re thinking about how powerful the company is.

Here, we’ll review some of the most relevant plugins offered by Thrive and what you get with each.


This is one of the most famous plugin within Thrive’s catalogue. With it, you get a visual builder that offers you the entire control over how you want your pages and posts to look and feel. It’s what people with zero knowledge about coding use to create pages optimized for conversions.

Architect lowers the difficulty of things as removing menus, formatting columns, and even adding calls to action for your pages. In essence, it gives you the tools to create any page you can think of.


You get two optimizers: one for headings and one for keywords. They’re indispensable in a time where everyone relies on the internet for their marketing needs. You can use them to give your website character.

Building good marketing funnels isn’t easy. You’ll often find yourself stuck between different versions of a same page, and you’ll need facts to decide.

You can use the optimizer to test your pages separately and see which one works better. It’s a light plugin with conversion as its focus.


You want to keep your clients updated so they can know your website is serious. You can use this tool to generate email lists for keeping touch with your new and old leads.

Your audience is essential when you’re starting your website. Most successful bloggers defend that engagement is the key to a profitable blog. You want to keep in touch with most visitors in your blog, and that’s why you should create your emails list.

This WordPress plugin is a great help for building your email registration form.

You have all you need in this plugin to convince your readers towards opting-in. A particularly great feature is its versatility; you can go for both a sidebar widget or pop-ups. You also have access to reports with insight on your approach, so it’s a great tool for optimizing your interactions.

You can read our Thrive Themes Review here.

Quiz builder

This is amazing for blogs and websites about lifestyle. It’s a way to keep your audience interesting and entertained, and many website owners have stated how it has helped them increase both their shares and overall traffic.

You can use this builder to create amusing tests for your visitors easily, without any knowledge about coding or algorithms.


This is a great tool for giving a voice to your audience; therefore, it’s invaluable for bloggers and any website. You can learn what your clients think about your product: their preferences and complains.

Setting up a section for comments is quite tough, so this is a great tool for saving lots of time.

Most bloggers will tell you that comments are vital for a WordPress website, and web designers also agree that comments promote engagement and interaction with visitors. This interaction lets you understand the needs of your readers and boost significantly your delivery.

Finally, the comments work as a type of reviewing for people who want to learn more about your website. This WordPress plugin lets everyone create excellent comments sections.


This plugin resembles the previous one, but the difference is that Ovation is for straight testimonials. This is a powerful feature for endorsing effects, and it goes a long way into getting leads.

You can use this plugin to let your customers post their testimonials on your site directly by filling simple forms, and you can set it to publish automatically or moderated by you.

Customers testimonials are a proven way for boosting sales online, and the Ovation tool lets you collect everything and display all testimonials perfectly.

Headline optimizer

Your presentation is vital, and any successful website needs a logical organization, which means arranging your headlines properly. You can use this plugin for writing attractive headlines for your pages.

It focuses on figuring out the most alluring headlines for your readers, and you can use the plugin for submitting several models of each headline; the tool will then run a study to find out which one works better. You then get to show the best-displaying ones for the best engagement.

Cleaver widgets

These widgets are one of the most useful plugins for conversion. You can use it for displaying diverse widgets on your blog with content based on each category.

Landing pages

Landing pages are critical for your website; it’s the first thing that your visitors will see before going deeper into the website. Most web designers will tell you that attractiveness and engagement are the requirements for a perfect land page; for its usefulness, it also needs to be aiming towards conversion.

This WordPress plugin lets bloggers create great landing pages for boosting their conversions significantly. It offers all features necessary for turning your ideas into a real page. You can use it for registration pages, sales copies, opt-ins, and other pages.


There’s even more included in the Thrive plugin catalogue. You also get the Ultimatum plugin for creating timers and countdowns for special offers. Apprentice and Widget Manager make it easier to understand your website and manage it.

If you’re fond of offers, then this is a vital plugin for your WordPress. Ultimatum is a great and straightforward plugin with lots of customization option for displaying countdowns. These timers are a great way to keep your customers up-to-date on any upcoming offers and promote your sales. It encourages them to fly towards your deal before they lose the opportunity.

Thrive Themes pricing

This is probably what many of you expect to read, so let’s dive into money talk.

Thrive offers several products, and each has its own price; additionally, prices are always prone to changing now and then. Therefore, we may mislead you by listing the entire list at the moment.

However, we can tell you that you have two ways to get them:

  • Purchase each separately.
  • Pay a monthly membership and receive the entire package.

Getting each one individually would cost hundreds (as per this post’s writing). For most, that option isn’t effective.

Should you get the membership?

This is the best deal for you, when you purchase both products through a unique plan. Once you select your preferred Thrive theme, you can access all the plugin. All of them are mostly lightweight, and you can incorporate them to your WordPress website seamlessly.

These plugins aim towards both lead generation and content optimization. You can find a list of the different themes in the next section.

The favored option by many is to become a member on the Thrive platform. You can get a membership starting at $19 monthly, and that would get you access to all the plugins and themes from Thrive.

You even get to test the Thrive 2.0 beta. You can explore even more features that will be released soon by yourself.

This base membership works for 25 websites. If you’re a web designer with several clients –or have many sites –then you should get an Agency license, which costs a monthly $49; this one gives you 50 websites for you to use Thrive.

Included themes

Thrive started as 10 themes for WordPress that you could use to boost your sites’ appearance. Each theme has been designed with the aim of boosting your conversions and speed.

Not too long ago, Thrive announced they’d release Thrive themes 2.0, and while the recent version remains in beta stage, it has increased it features and functionality.

Let’s briefly review each theme from the 10 most popular and loved ones.

Focus blog

This is one of the favorite even in this list. The reason behind that is its focus towards blogs and its light weight that makes it easy to implement.

It’s seamless when customizing, and it’s great with search engines and mobile responsive. By using this theme, you ensure your website will both reach as many people as possible and that they’ll be able to read it regardless of where they’re accessing it from.

It focuses on blogs, but it works even for complex business online.


If you’re looking to create your marketing blog, then Ignition is your theme. It’ll give you all the features necessary for exemplary sales/product pages. You get to skip all the required steps for creating a sales funnel.

Creating home pages feels natural, and the same goes for the consecutive product or service pages. Each page can also embed videos and other additions necessary for your funnel.

The theme is mobile responsive, and you have many widgets to play with.


This is a blogging theme that emphasizes storytelling from several angles. You can exploit media like image, video and audio.

Web developers recommend this theme above the rest for people looking towards creating either blogs or magazines online. This theme offers a solid conversion rate from your visitors, and it’s easy to personalize with all the widgets you’ll need.

As such, this theme lets you set up a website that will entice visitors towards staying engaged and then lead them towards the desired conversion.


Rise offers a smooth and simple template for blogging, optimized for marketing and speed. The layout lets user have a clean conversion page for their blogs.

Additionally, you get many different color schemes, and you can switch these themes for every page, making this theme quite unique. The widgets offer diverse colors, and this makes it seamless for you to make your site look even better.

This theme lets you use several short codes for customizing the template towards your tastes, and they make it even easier to create your blog or online store in minutes.


As the same sort of implies, it’s a great theme for magazines. It’s perfect for people looking to create magazines with an emphasis on social shares, interaction, and of course, money. It’s one of the simplest themes you can get for WordPress, yet it’s also among the most effective.

You get both beauty and fast loading times for your site. Besides, it’s really easy to personalize, and it’s mobile friendly.

Finally, you get a useful ad manager, lifting all troubles linked to running ads from your magazine’s layout.


This theme is the least popular on the list, but you definitely want to check it out if your goal is a podcast. Honestly, I’d say the main reason why this theme isn’t as popular as the rest is that podcast are rarer when it comes to creating a site to spread your ideas. Blogs are much more common (and often easier to create).

You get a design without headers, which makes it unique. Additionally, you can show off your portfolio towards the left side of the screen.

If you want to promote your brand, then this is a great theme to use on your blogs. Web designers tend to push bloggers towards building websites focusing on easy navigation. This theme lets you do that from start to finish.


You want to care for appearances when you’re building your business website, and the Squared theme is one of the WordPress themes designed towards delivering eye-catching and attractive website pages for your venture.

You get all elements necessary to catch readers’ attention, and besides its attractiveness, you also get a conversion-focused theme.


This is the theme you want if you want your website to sell deluxe products and services. It has the same feeling as modern magazines, and it focuses on readability, letting you leave blog posts at the front.

It’s great for minimalistic blog that’s “straight to the point” thanks to its reduced highlights and overall design. Nevertheless, you still get all the elements you need for your official website.


Sites who overdo it with multimedia often feel “odd”. That’s due to how difficult it is to reach a balance between your content and the multimedia you add. However, this theme lets you create a website with all the multimedia you want and not let it feel weird.

It’s a beloved theme among bloggers, for it lets you rest assured that your website will be balanced regarding its features. Additionally, it has its own personality and design; it’s also optimized for conversions.


This is another popular theme for bloggers looking for minimalistic pages. You can use this theme to convert your visitors without having an over-embellished site. It saves you even more time without sacrificing conversions because of a less-worked-on design.

You get simple menus and a flat design, which makes it easy for it to work in all screen sizes. It also puts your content towards the center-front.


In short, is it worth it?

The answer is yes. You get many features and tools that offer way too much regardless of the membership you’re paying. While website creation is often one of the hardest steps in online venturing, Thrive will help you turn it into the easiest part.

As we already stated, there’s a lot of work when it comes to creating and designing your website. The traditional approach is to have at least basic knowledge on coding and programming languages, but Thrive and its peers have made a significant difference.

The extensive amount of templates and plugins, you can come up and create your site effortlessly, and you can do it without writing a single line of code.

You should already know all you need (and all there is) to know about these themes by Thrive and all the plugins. If you still have doubts, it’s surely because you didn’t read enough, so go back and make sure to learn everything before you get your membership package.

A final note is that, yes, Thrive themes work for almost all sites you want to create. However, that is “all sites focused around selling a product”, whether it’s a blog, affiliate marketing, or eCommerce.

What does that mean?

Well, if you’re looking to create a membership site, then you want to look for another platform. ClickFunnels is a great one.

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