Thrive Themes Vs Genesis: Which is Better? (2021)

Find out whether Thrive Themes is better than Genesis or not Below!

Thrive Themes Vs Genesis

Choosing between premium themes for WordPress isn’t something you can take lightly. They don’t merely change how your website looks. They can go as far as changing its responsiveness, available features, and even SEO positioning.

With that in mind, let’s find out which is the best option between Thrive Themes and Genesis – two of the most popular premium themes.

Both themes sell themselves as the best solutions for website owners. Thrive Themes is a great option, and it’s gathered a big fan base thanks to its functionality. However, Genesis has its own merits, so it can be difficult to choose one between the 2.

However, nothing is perfect, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s all about which one offers the best package with the least amount of limitations, so let’s start by the features.

Comparing features

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes loads really fast, which is paramount if you want a good Google score. Besides, you get great features like its drag-and-drop editor and the entire suite of Thrive plugins.

This theme is also focused on converting your web traffic, so it’s good for people getting many visitors but little sales. Its focus translates into the different custom pages you can build as well as the 10 different themes it offers. It also works perfectly in mobile devices, which helps with both sales and Google ranking.

It’s also a very intuitive tool. We already mentioned the editor, but you also have done-for-you templates that you can adapt to your needs; it saves time and lowers the learning curve.

Finally, its pricing structure is a monthly subscription.


Genesis focuses around optimizing your website for search engines. It’s particularly good because of its flexible code. While it’s more complex to get the hang of it, it offers a very flexible code and tutorials.

When coupled with “child themes” that don’t require much design, it does somewhat offset the learning curve. The SEO tools themselves aren’t really confusing either.

You also get many interesting features like customized widgets and image auto-sizing to improve your user experience. It also simplifies advertising, and it also stays faithful to mobile responsiveness. It’s also a really safe theme.

Unlike Thrive Themes, Genesis has different offers depending on what you want to purchase. However, all payments are single-time.

Comparing Themes

Genesis has a plethora of beginner themes that don’t sacrifice originality or professionalism. You can also build a theme for scratch. You do need to get used to the platform, and people with programming knowledge will definitely benefit more.

It does have great features like the Design Palette Pro. People who are willing to play with the different customization options can also make wonders out of the child themes.

The problem with Genesis is that you really need the Design Palette Pro if you want to fully customize your products, and it costs extra. The same goes for customization general, you’ll usually have to install more plugins if you don’t know how to handle code.

Thrive is way more friendly towards beginners. It offers 10 done-for-you themes as well as the option to design your own. Unlike Genesis, programming knowledge isn’t necessary if you want better options.

Thrive wins in both appearance and ease of use. It simply looks better with less effort.

However, Genesis wins in variety. You have way more themes you can choose, but you have to pay for each.

How do both programs perform?

There’s not much to discuss here. Both have great performance, but Genesis weights less, which consumes less resources to load.

However, Thrive loads faster than Genesis despite being relatively heavier.

What about pricing?

If you get Genesis Pro-Plus, you’ll receive all the themes available as well as lifetime support. You also get future themes for free. You can also get the primary program and buy themes separately or buy the tool and build your own theme.

Regardless of what you choose, you only need to pay once.

That’s quite different from Thrive’s monthly installments. However, it also gives you unlimited customer support and full access to all current and future themes. You can pay either yearly or quarterly fees, with the former being less expensive.

With that in mind, Genesis is more comfortable since you can use your themes on all sites you want from its single payment.

Thrive lets you use a license for 25 sites tops. However, it shouldn’t me too much of a problem unless you design websites professionally.

How’s the customer support?

Customer support is great for both options, but Thrive is more comprehensive in what it provides to its users. You don’t have to settle with emailing and the available resources since there’s also a user forum where you can interact with other users and moderators with more experience.

It works better than standard support a lot of time, especially considering how it already has answers to many of the questions you might have.

Other than that, both products have enough tutorials available for you to learn how to use them. It’s just that Thrive is better once you have doubts you can’t answer with these resources.


To summarize the article, Thrive is the best option thanks to its intuitiveness and loading times. Using it is also a lot easier, and therefore it takes less time to exploit its full potential.

Both platforms are great, and you can get great value out of Genesis. However, Thrive themes is easily the winner if you want to start as quickly as possible.

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