Top 10 Apps All Dropshippers Should Use

Top 10 Apps All Dropshippers Should Use

Top 10 Apps All Dropshippers Should Use (2021)

Find out the best 10 Apps every Dropshippers needs to use!


WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins right now, and it’s thanks to how it lets you set up your own online store within minutes; you can have an entirely functional website with products and ready to sell in a single day.

It’s the favorite option for people with more knowledge on the technical side of things who know how to use WordPress. However, WooCommerce won’t make you a living on its own.

If you go for the right extensions for WooCommerce, you’ll noticeably speed up your success. I’m talking about importing products faster, setting your profit margins, and motivate people towards buying as many products as they can on each order.

With that in mind, let’s go through the 10 best extensions for WooCommerce: the ones you definitely want to run on your store.


AliDropShip has a WooCommerce extension besides their standalone version, and it’s an excellent choice if you want to use AliExpress to get your product.

You get a Chrome extension to import your products with a few steps, and you can even process your orders more easily. It basically makes handling your products and orders in a “for dummies” approach.

DropShip me

The second plugin is a more advanced option, and it also integrates your WordPress and AliExpress accounts. You can use it for importing the hottest products from the platform to add your own markup and list them on your catalog.

Importing the first 50 products is free as well, and you don’t have to pay to integrate the plugin at first.


This is another great option for newcomers focused on AliExpress. It’s yet another tool you can use to import the products into your store with a professional end result.

You get advanced features like an image editor, syncing inventory, customizable prices, and even modify your products. It also makes it easier to fulfill orders.


This is a more complete dropshipping product for people thinking beyond AliExpress. You can find the best products and suppliers around the net, and it also comes with features like photo sync and markup editing.

Installing and activating it is completely free, but you can pay for more advanced functions.


This is another complete option for people thinking about building a dropshipping store. You can use it to find great products and import them into a professional presentation; like the others, you can also process your sales.

You have 2 plans depending on your needs and budget, and you can try it for 14 days before spending any money.


This is an outstanding option if your plan is to get more conversions. You have a 25% sales increase guarantee after installing and integrating Picreel.

You can use it to set up popups to notify about new offers, and you can use them on customer exits to get a second chance to catch them.

Abandoned Cart

A common issue for all entrepreneurs is that customers navigate their sites, look at their products, and then add them to their buying cart. However, then they never checkout.

This plugin lets you remind your visitors about the products they still have in their cart, and it goes a long way towards increasing your sales by rescuing these carts.

Yotpo Reviews

Having product reviews on your site is an amazing way to give legitimacy to your business and products, and it’s how you show your new customers that previous buyers have been satisfied.

While there are many extensions available, Yotpo offers an attractive layout and lets your customers leave reviews easily after their purchases.


This is your solution to marketing for your eCommerce venture. It’s a complete suite that offers all the features and tools you need to increase your conversions and income.

The plugin is actually powered by an AI platform, and you can use it to track how your customers behave and what interests them the most. You can then exploit the apps that promote your offers based on this knowledge.

It’s one of the smartest marketing plugins by far.

Live Sales Notifications

The last product is another excellent addition to your WooCommerce to keep track of your sales. It’s pretty much what its name suggests, with a twist: a tool that lets your customers know whenever someone purchases from your store.

It analyzes your sales data and show popups to the side of your site for visitors to see whenever a customer buys something from your store.

It’s not just to let visitors know that people actively buy from you, but it also makes them interested into the items that show.


The best way to find what works for you is to test for yourself, and many plugins from this list offer free trials for you to find out if they’re what you want.

Chances are, you’ll end up getting at least 2 or 3 from this list, and they really help you manage your store and scale to success a lot easier.

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