Top 10 things to Know Before You Start a Blog (2021)

Find out 10 things to know before you start your blog Below!

Top 10 things to know before you start a blog

Starting a blog is easy, as you often can see tutorials or instructions for easy steps to build a blog from scratch. People start blogs for all sorts of reasons these days. Most begin it as a form of hobby, but today, many are blogging as a form of extra income as blogging has proven to be a great second income strategy.

Who knows, you might do so well that you can even run your money-making blog full time in the long run. Although starting a blog is easy, making money with it takes time. If you thought running a blog was easy, then you are in for a surprising ride. If you have wanted to start a blog, this article will prepare you for the worthy journey that is about to come.

1. It is a slow climb to seeing any income

Making money with a blog is a slow and steady climb. You definitely will not be seeing results as soon as you launch. Like every site on the internet, it takes time to build traffic. You need to make efforts to let the internet world know you exist, and this will take some time and dedication. You cannot just sit at your blog every day, waiting for something to happen. Instead, you need to create original and attractive content regularly to start attracting visitors.

2. Niche selection is crucial

What do you want to blog about? Although you can find a blog about almost anything these days, particularly unfavorable niches do not attract visitors. Of course, you should try to avoid these niches if you want to see good traffic. Some topics just attract fewer people. If you’re going to monetize your blog, you need to think of reaching the most traffic as possible, so you need to think of a niche that has a broad fan base. For example, fashion and beauty niches, skincare, outdoor adventure, etc. are pretty popular niches. People are interested in these niches because they get to learn something new.

3. The domain name is crucial

Domain names cost a lot on the market nowadays. Using the classic dot come extension is advisable so that your site looks trustworthy. If you really cannot avoid using other extensions, try and stick to the other usual ones like dot net. Your domain name is also crucial in helping you rank in Google search engines as long as it is fifteen characters or less. NameCheap is where you can find cheap domains or other suggestions if the one you want has been taken.

4. Get a good web host provider

There are many excellent hosting services on the market. Choosing the right one is crucial as it can determine how well your blog functions down the line. Your hosting provider is the one who ensures your blog runs smoothly. You need to find one that has excellent uptime. The company’s guarantee for uptime is a critical element to note, and also go through the reviews to see if current customers complain of any regular disruptions. If you are planning to use WordPress, of course you should ensure that your new host has a WordPress plugin. Bluehost is one of most people’s favorites, and they have special WordPress hosting where you have WordPress installed and ready to go.

5. Be a master of WordPress

If you decide to use WordPress for your free blog, you technically do not own it as it is not self-hosted. To ensure your blog belongs to you, you should create a self-hosted blog on WordPress. Doing this, you will need to buy the hosting, domain name, and integrate WordPress onto the platform. The next crucial thing on the list is to use a functional theme that will look good with your content. This theme should also function well for mobile devices as most people these days prefer to browse on mobile. There are a bunch of free themes available that you can customize according to your own style or brand image. If you aren’t someone who is into building websites, you can think about outsourcing it to a freelancer.

6. Learn and apply keyword strategy

Keyword strategy or Search Engine Optimization is a vital strategy in helping your blog rank in search engines. There is quite a lot to learn about Search Engine Optimization, but once you have mastered it, it can really make a positive impact on your business. You will be a master in creating attractive and informative blog posts that are also high converting. Gaining traction at the start will take some time, however, but hard work and consistency do pay off as long as you stick to your plan. You can then use tools like KeySearch to do your keyword analysis so you can better target specific keywords.

7. There are (a little) costs

If you want to monetize your blog, you have to be ready to fork out some startup capital, just like you would a physical store. Don’t worry, however, as the amount will not be as much opening a physical store, nor the amount of hard work. Things that you might need to pay for include running marketing and ad campaigns, custom web development, software that you might need, running A/B Tests, hiring more writers, reliable web hosting service, custom designs, and so on. Depending on every blogger, some might even be willing to spend more money on other add-ons. However, you definitely do not need to spend too much money as you can keep costs to a minimum.

8. Take action

Some people turn to blogging as a source of extra income after watching successful bloggers live luxurious lifestyles on the internet. But it does not work overnight, and it is definitely not easy. You need to take charge of your business and look for ways to get traffic. Explore your opportunities and find the best solution for your business.

9. How are you going to monetize your blog?

How are you going to monetize your blog? There are several ways how you can make money with your new blog, and it is up to you to decide how you want to do this. Running ads on your blog is one way to make money, but it is not the most lucrative.  If you run more than two ads on your blog, you will also risk looking like a spam site to your readers. That is not a good reputation to have. Affiliate partnerships, however, can be lucrative as long as you focus on building traffic for your store. Search for the best affiliate programs to work with that correlates with your niche and your target audience.

10. Get ready to put in hard work and dedication

If you want to monetize your blog, then you need to think like a business owner. Of course, you should still keep the hobby and passion for your niche to create unique content for your readers. But at the same time, you need to be as aggressive as a business person to promote your blog as much as possible. It is also your job to find the best potential affiliate partnerships to work with and negotiate a good deal. Your first time will be full of trial and error, but you will soon get the hang of it.

Wrap Up

Blogging is a fun way to earn passive income. But from what most experienced bloggers share, it is not a comfortable journey. The hardest part is starting, and then you will get used to it, and also familiarize yourself with all ins and outs of running a money-making blog. If you are driven with passion first, you will find that everything will fall in place. Passion is what will inspire you to make good content, which will eventually build your fanbase.

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