Top 11 Free Logo Makers To Make Logos For e-Commerce Store (2021)

Find out Top 11 Free Logo Makers Below!

Top 11 Free Logo Makers

Branding is very crucial if you plan to start your dropshipping store. It’s what sets you apart from all your competitors. Therefore, you must spend some time coming up with relevant ideas for your store image. Having a logo speaks most about your brand. Think of all the giant retailers or brands out there. You can probably identify the stores just solely based on their logo, and you would want to have the same, secure identity for your store. It also enforces trust and build loyalty once your brand kicks off. You’re probably already considering outsourcing your logo design to a graphics designer, don’t! There are many free tools on the internet that you can use for free! As someone who’s still getting on your feet in terms of profits for your new store, you’d want to save every penny so that you can see the rewards sooner. Today we will explore a list of free logo makers to get you going!

1. Logomakr

As its name suggests, you can create logos by using good quality stock photos and fonts. Logomakr has a simple interface that’s easy to use as you can simply drag and drop items to place them where you want it. Once you’ve designed your logo, you can download it for free. There are also a bunch of tutorial videos that you can find to teach you how to use it.

2. Oberlo Logo Maker

Oberlo is quite famous in the dropshipping industry. You can try out your ideas as you can create multiple designs by customizing colors, fonts, and icons according to your branding. It’s quick and easy to use so you can focus on more important things.

3. Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful gives you a bunch of templates, colors, and icons that you can play around to create free professional logos. Just simply enter your business space, select your preferred visual style, input business name, and slogan, and select where you’re going to use it, either on the web or print. You can also make small changes to the provided templates.

4. Hipster Logo Generator

Create high quality and professional logo with Hipster. Each step is high lighted as you design your logo, which makes it very simple to use, and you can keep track of your progress. Hipster is more for brands that have more text in their logo as there are not many icon symbols to choose from. Logos are free for you to download if its at low resolution (600×500 px).

5. Ucraft

Craft is well known for its platform to build websites, so you can guarantee its logo generator tool has substance. It’s super simple to use, and you can create your very own logo in 15 minutes. Don’t worry about looking for tutorial videos as it has a step by step guide with prompts as you go along designing your logo. You can download your files in.PNG format for free! The logos are also compatible with big social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

6. Logojoy

All Logojoy needs for you to create custom made logos is your contact details. With this, you can unlock a variety of additional designs that you can play around. Logojoy also has a built-in AI working in the background. Just select your preferred colors and symbols, and Logojoy will generate a stunning logo based on your selections.

7. Free Logo Design

Like its name, Free Logo Design is straightforward and easy to use. It’s easy to use because it gives you templates that you can customize. Customizable features are such as colors, icons, and fonts, and you can download them for free. Templates are great, especially if you don’t have any design experience.

8. Markmaker

If you’re looking for a logo generator, then look no further! Just enter your business name, and it will reveal a bunch of ideas that you can choose from. Then, you can edit the logo of your choice to make it fit your branding even more. You can also select your favorite logos, and Markmaker will learn what you like and suggest similar ideas. Download your logo for free once you’re satisfied.

9. The Free Logo Makers

Free Logo Makers is an easy drag and drop site where you can customize colors, text, fonts, and more. It’s an essential platform and perfect for beginners. It’s free to download, but if you want better, good quality and high-resolution logos, you need to pay $9.99.

10. Renderforest

Renderforest allows you to design several professional logos at a time. With no drag and drop option, the software automatically generates ideas based on your input. All it needs is your business name and a brief description, and also select some preferences and voila. Renderforest is excellent as it also gives you a preview of how your logo will look on letterheads, business cards, and other marketing materials. Low-resolution files are free to download.

11. Canva

Canva is one of the drop shipper’s favorites! Why? Because it’s free for you to download, even high-resolution logo designs. With five simple steps, you can get the logo of your dreams. Need to design on the go? Canva is also optimized for mobile devices so that you can create it with your phone.


Logos are a great way to establish your store on the market, and they don’t have to be too complicated. Take some time to identify the identity that you want your store to have. With that in mind, everything else will come. With so many free tools available, get started now!

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