Top 5 Mistakes Every New Blogger Makes (2021)

Find out the Top 5 Mistakes Every New Blogger Makes Below!

Top 5 Mistakes Every New Blogger Makes

Blogging is journey. It takes time to learn and get better. And when you are new at something, you are likely do it wrong a few times. Afterall, you can’t get good at something without making mistakes first. And no matter how many times you make the same mistake, the pain will still be there, but experience will help you to learn from it and do better the next time. Here are some of the most common mistakes that new bloggers make, and what you can do to avoid them:

1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying or stealing someone else’s work and representing it as your own. Often, the plagiarised material is used in articles, blogs or social media posts, unwittingly, of course.

Why you should avoid it

When detected, you brand name will take a beating. Your reputation as a blogger or a serious writer is at stake here.

What to do about it

Do your research and check any source you plan to use in your article. Make sure you credit any external source so no middle man gets offended. As long as you are certain that your content is original, you will be safe from any false claims of plagiarism

2. Neglecting SEO & Web Hosting

SEO (search engine optimization) and web hosting are the backbone of your blog. Both are necessary for your website to rank well & generate traffic, and if you overlook them, your blog is doomed to fail.

Why you should avoid it

You will not get any traffic to your site & you will not get any business leads either. To ensure that your blog ranks well, you need a good SEO expert to optimize your content. And as far as web hosting is concerned, you need a reliable provider to ensure that your blog is up and running.

What to do about it

Choose the right SEO expert who is a good blogger and who has plenty of experience with blogs in your niche. They likely know the right keyword density you need to put into your posts, taglines you need to include and the right categories you’d like to include to optimize your blog for search engines. A good web host, on the other hand, should be cheap and reliable. Don’t try to cut corners on cost; rather choose a good one that you can afford. If you do that, you will save on the long run.

3. Promoting/Advertising Unnecessary Tools

You’re blogging in the blogging for business niche. That means you are competing in the same space as thousands of others. As a new blogger, you are most likely to think that something must be missing by having only a blog. Promotion of your website is important. But over promoting is not. Bloggers who don’t have the experience to know about the requisites of blogging fall into this mistake of advertisement of unnecessary tools. Just because it is a new thing, it does not mean that it will be helping them to make money.

Why you should avoid it

You are advertising things that are not necessary for your blog. It will increase your cost without any reason.

What to do about it

To be on the safer side, do your research on the topic and check its relevance. Don’t try to advertise things that are not relevant. And if it is a completely new tool, do a test with one related article. This way you will be able to judge its effectiveness and worth.

4. Not doing any cross-checks and research

Blogging takes time. Every blogger wants to become a hit overnight. One of the common mistakes that beginning bloggers make is not doing any cross checks or research before publishing. In the hope of becoming famous in writing, many bloggers publish their blogs and try to get hits as soon as possible. This will not be possible unless you give some time to your blog and make a name in writing.

Why you should avoid it

Many blogging niches are competitive. You are bound to get rejected by the blogging niche if you make an amateur mistake. It will take away the spark of your blog, causing your readers to steer away. You must take your blog and writing seriously.

What to do about it

Try to get as many opinions as you can. If you want, you can also hire a ghostwriter or editor for your blogs to avoid any mistakes.

5. Publishing content without any cross-checks and research

Many beginning bloggers make the mistake of publishing content without making sure that it is worth reading. They are in a hurry to get a hit, they publish as soon as they find something relevant to them even if it does not make sense.

Why you should avoid it

A minimum of cross-checks is necessary to ensure that your content is doing the job well. You need to make sure that it does not have any grammatical error, that your content is clear and relevant.

What to do about it

If you find that you are doing the mistake a lot, you can hire a professional proofreader to ensure that your content is perfectly written. Moreover, make sure that you have very good knowledge of your subject and that you know at least one or two, or even better many blogging templates depending on your level of education.


If you follow the above-given points, you can be sure that you will become a successful blogger in no time. It takes years of experience to become a successful blogger, so give yourself time and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

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