Top 5 Niches for Dropshipping in 2021

Top 5 Niches For Dropshipping In 2020!

Top 5 Niches for Dropshipping in 2021!


Dropshipping has propelled to become a popular industry for anyone to earn extra income. The increase in drop shippers has simultaneously increased the number of similar products in the market. This causes saturation in the market, which is worrying for sellers who are just entering the industry. However, let us look at congestion from a different light to leverage the market to your dropshipping advantage. To simplify things, I have broken down the Top 5 niches of profitable products that have constant demand in the market today.

Home and Kitchen

Home and kitchen products will never go out of style. Many improvements to the home and kitchen products transform conventional methods. Home and kitchen products help solve problems. These products can be beautiful to not only mums but anyone who has a home and kitchen because it helps to eliminate the hassle of prepping ingredients in the kitchen and makes home management a lot more convenient.

Home and Kitchen Niche Products

Phone Accessories 

Phone accessories have taken over the world with the evergrowing information technology era. Most would require their smartphones to be equipped with proper gear and accessories to either enhance the outlook or prevent it from damage. Nevertheless, this product niche is trendy and should be taken into consideration when adding products to your store. Phone accessories in its many forms also solve problems of the modern world such as a phone charger that uses solar energy can be related to the survival and hunting niches, because it is also built-in with a flashlight and lighter.

Phone Accessories Niche Products


Hunting is a fast growing niche that has been boosted by social media through Instagram, is hunting. Hunting-related pages are now the in-thing on Instagram, which causes a broader audience to seek for hunting gear as influenced by social media. You can browse through those Instagram pages and observe the widely used hunting gears by influencers on the site. Then, use it to your advantage by offering similar products through your dropshipping store.

Hunting Niche Products


Survival products are widely sought after, which means it is also very saturated in the Shopify dropshipping market. Nevertheless, it is still one of the Top 5 niches because survival products solve problems. Any product that could help solve problems could be sold in the market because this digital era prompts people to seek for convenience in solutions. Hence, I have observed that many find success in selling products from this niche.

Survival Niche Products


Fishing has made its way into the public domain, primarily through YouTube. The boom in YouTube fishing videos managed to reach the interest of many. Many big players in the industry are sponsoring YouTubers in this niche to market their business and products. Hence, fishing has become a 41 billion dollar industry that is still rapidly growing. This is an excellent time to leverage the booming industry to distribute more fishing related products into the market. 

Fishing Niche Products

All in all, it is important that you differentiate a saturated product from a saturated niche. A saturated product means one type of product is being sold by many businesses. Meanwhile, a saturated niche means a niche’s popularity, and many different products can be offered within that niche. So, going for a full product is negative, but going for a saturated niche is positive. Feel free to refer to Google Trends to get updates on what is trending and what isn’t.

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