Top 6 Web Host That Offer Free Migration For WordPress Websites (2021)

Find out Top 6 Web Host That Offer Free Migration For WordPress Websites Below!

Top 6 Web Host That Offer Free Migration For WordPress Websites

If you are a blogger or an E-commerce owner and are planning to move from one host to another, migrating your website might sound the most daunting thing you’ve ever done. This article will let you know about the possible mistakes that you should never make while migrating. Taking a complete backup of your website is the best option you can take before migrating. This is also an advisable thing to do for every blogger no matter if he/she is migrating or not. Now in this article, we will tell you how to migrate your WordPress website from one host to another.

So, let’s deep dive and you will find these six host names in the end.

1. BlueHost

There are numerous web hosting services and if you are a WordPress user, BlueHost is the best option you can choose. BlueHost is most popular in the market because most of the successful online businesses have the service of BlueHost. WordPress migration is certainly a piece of cake when you choose BlueHost due to many advantages.

Some of the advantages are:

One-click scripts and installation : With a simple click your entire blog will be installed in the web and within a few minutes, it will be ready to use.

Free Migration of your pre-existing WordPress blogs : You can now easily migrate your WordPress website from the old host to Blue Host Hosting.

Faster servers : BlueHost Hosting is equipped with the latest servers and they will make your site load faster. This is why the migration process is ensured to be completed in just a few steps.

Customer care support: You can experience the most professional hands-on customer care service and the money back guarantee if in case you are not satisfied with their service

BlueHost has the best customer care service and along with that, you will also get the best services. This is why so many journalists have praised BlueHost as the best host for WordPress. The moment you sign up for a BlueHost account, you will get a one-click script and installation and within a few minutes your web page will be ready to use.

Price: $2.95/monthly

2. WPX Host

WPX host is a widely used host when it comes to migration purpose. If you are wary of migrating your WordPress website yourself, WPX Host provides services to help you out. WPX Host is an eminent company that offers domain hosting and they have a robust plugin that offers a one-click automated website migration.

You can select the type of hosting plan (you can choose your plan accordingly) that you want to purchase from them and connect your domain with them. If you are planning to migrate your WordPress website, we suggest you should give it a try. You can also read their client testimonials that are available on the website to know how satisfied their clients are.

Price: From $4.95/monthly

3. Cloudways

Depending on your requirements, Cloudways is also a perfect choice! You can choose the Cloudways hosting according to your requirements and get unlimited storage and bandwidth for your websites. It has an elegant user interface and it has a secure WordPress environment. It also guarantees a transparent service and fast support by offering all these benefits.

Price: From $15/monthly

4. Hostgator

Hostgator is another wonderful option while migrating your site. It has numerous features and promises to make your site load faster. Hostgator is a regular host and a concerning fact of this host is that it has the same features as the top hosts in the business and offers rocking service.

Apart from being the best option for WordPress migration, they also have some more to offer to their customers. Their servers are loaded with the latest technology that makes the load speed faster than the regular WordPress hosts.

Price: From $2.95/monthly

5. Siteground

This is one of the most agreeable service provider for all of your hosting needs. It offers bulletproof server that is fully loaded with updated technology. It works too smoothly with WordPress and it offers instant server configure option that you will surely love. It has a customer service that is available online to help their customers out. Its customer service is fully equipped with all the answers that will help you understand what they offer.

It is jammed packed with numerous features and this is why so many bloggers choose it as their host. Siteground has customer support that is available 24/7 via live chat or an email and you can count on it for any of your WordPress migration purpose.

Price: From $3.95/monthly

6. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is an exceptional host that offers hassle-free customer service. If you are planning to migrate your WordPress site, but you are not very sure about it, then we suggest you should go for InMotion Hosting. There are some advantages of this host like great customer service, 24/7 live support and uptime guarantee that is 99.9% which ensures your web site will always be available anytime.

Price: From $4.95/monthly

7. Kinsta

Kinsta offers WordPress migration services and apart from that, it could also ensure WordPress hosting services. Kinsta almost have all the things that you need while moving your WordPress website. A secure, convenient, and easy way to move your WordPress websites. Kinsta is serving their customers with the best uptime and it is very well known for the same. It takes care of all the site migrations and offers you free migration for the same.

Price: From $25/monthly

8. Flywheel

Flywheel is a relatively new host with all the new trends and plans. Flywheel is known for the same and it creates a comfortable space for its customers. Flywheel has the best features like it takes care of your data and also offers free migration service. Flywheel also employs WordPress experts to make sure your WordPress migration is problem free. It also has different pricing packages to suit your needs.

Price: From $2.50/monthly


Always remember to choose a good host that provides you with all the features you need while migrating your website. WordPress migration is not that difficult if you know what to do. These are some of the best hosts which offers free WordPress migration and we suggest you should consider these while you are migrating your website.

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