Udimi Review – Best Solo Ad Provider Or Not?

Udimi Review

Whether you are a buyer or a seller of solo ads, you would know that the biggest challenge of solo ads business is to ensure high-quality traffic that converts. To find traffic that is based on a relevant email list is what borders the success of solo ads business too.

A platform like Udimi makes this very task an easy one. How so? Udimi hosts thousands of buyers and sellers, like any other solo ads marketplace. In this article, you’ll know all about Udimi’s review and why Udimi, as a solo ad marketplace, is my top recommendation to solo ad buyers as sellers.

Is Udimi Legit?

Udimi is a 100% legit solo ads marketplace and service provider where buyers and sellers exchange elite email lists. Not only is the platform authentic, but it is also one of the largest and most popular ones.

They offer the highest protection and security to their users with advanced traffic filtering and seller screening procedures. The testing ensures that only expert sellers, selling real and relevant traffic occupy the platform. They also provide payment protections.

What is Udimi?

If you have been on the hunt for solo ad traffic that is authentic and gets you conversions, you would know that identifying the right provider or even a buyer can be quite a struggle. Who you are buying your clicks from determines the quality of traffic you are getting.

Udimi is a free-to-join marketplace that works like a medium that connects buyers and sellers of solo ads. Udimi is particularly popular and trusted for its system of transparency and protection guarantees.

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How Udimi Works

What is the purpose of Udimi if you can buy solo ad leads from anywhere on the internet? The purpose of Udimi is to bring together authentic, and experienced buyers and sellers together so that you can buy bot-free, high quality traffic all under one roof.

With Udimi, you can be certain that the traffic you are receiving is relevant, targeted, and hence fully potential to attract visitors who are likely to convert to leads. And how does Udimi ensure that? Sellers on the platform are tried and tested through a diligent testing process.

Here is how Udimi works:

Sign up and Browse through

Udimi Homepage

Udimi is a premium platform that allows anyone to sign up, free of cost.

Click here to get started.

Once you have entered an account, you will be able to now browse through sellers and buyers. You can look at deals and discounts you would want to choose.

Personal Interface

When you are signed in, you would notice that a part of the settings allows you to see your stats for any solo ad that you may run for a said period.

The criteria settings will include how many days you run the ad, how many clicks you buy, and at what price. It will even display how many sellers were interested in your ad

Sorting and location filter

Use the filters to narrow down your search. The filter helps to categorize and show you vendors based on sales, pricing, and ratings. You can even see if your seller is online. To get the best of vendors, put the filter of highest ratings or more sales.

Now, it’s also possible to set location filters when searching for sellers. This allows you to have a far greater global reach and makes the marketplace far reaching. Other than that, you can also select the language filter and main traffic source filter.

Got Sales and Ratings

Now you would need to select your vendor from the filtered list. Why Udimi is so popular is because they make it easier for you to identify a good vendor and they do so by including stats about the vendor for everyone to see. The seller ratings help you find  the best one in the business.

However, I have a tip to include here. Remember, that sellers with the highest ratings are much more expensive. So you get great sellers with good ratings within a doable price range, you would want to change the price filter first to what you are willing and able to pay.

Other than the seller option, you can take a look at the “got sales” option to fully understand who’s making the better sales. This is where the transparency of Udimi plays a major role.

Set, Complete, Monitor

Once you have selected your vendor based on the metric provided by Udimi, you would then want to fix the following: the number of clicks, time of delivery, and a landing page URL. Now your order is completed.

Next, you would be able to see the analytics of your performance too. You will be able to track: the number of user clicks, direct clicks, extra visitors, and duplicate or useless visitors.

Additionally, Udimi provides a data map to show the geographical location of where your clicks come from. This assures you that you are getting the Tier 1 traffic you sign up for.

Pros of Udimi  

Udimi is popular and trustworthy, to begin with. When you enter Udimi solo ads marketplace, you can expect to enjoy the following fringes:

Authentic and seasoned sellers

When you are taking Udimi services, you can rest assured that the sellers you are dealing with are authentic and experienced. Vendors on the platform must go through a screening process.

You could select the option of ID verification so that you are only shown professional vendors. Under Udimi’s scrutiny, only registered and seasoned sellers survive. Udimi does make sure that its users adhere to a quality maintenance policy as well.

There’s no risk of getting scammed either! Udimi ensures system quality with the help of the following:

  • Id Verification or Registration: a screening test for all sellers.
  • Spamvertising: This is a process to ensure that your solo ad emails land in your target primary inbox. Solo ads often end up landing in a target’s spam inbox.
  • Unchanged stats: Seller stats and data, including non-removable ratings, even if they are negative give buyers the real picture.
  • Tracking system: Udimi allows traffic tracking to guarantee the best traffic relevance in terms of geography and demographics.

Supreme Protection and Security

Udimi Protection Infographic

Among all other solo ad service providers, Udimi takes on itself provides the highest form of security and protection, starting with its extensive traffic filtering.

The system is designed to detect black hat technologies along with the detection of bots, Ip and proxy services, ISP checks, and VPN checks.

They also protect you with blacklist or duplicate detection and removal. Plus, their payment protection is one of a kind and Udimi takes the responsibility to process all payments themselves. Not only does this offer the most secured payment transactions but also ensures timely payments.

High Quality Traffic

Udimi has an integrated tracking structure that allows them to give you the best traffic. Real, targeted, and convertible traffic is what you can expect through their filtering system. Udimi categorizes traffic into 3 forms: Bot traffic, Human useful traffic, and Human traffic but useless.

Interestingly, their advanced filtering is designed to identify several oddities including duplicate clicks, fake options, different names of the same sellers, click ring guests, and even hoax testimonials. With all that screening, it is impossible to trade low quality traffic on Udimi.

Cost and Time Saving

When you invest in buying solo ads from other sources that do not guarantee as much security as Udimi, you run the risk of losing money and time. Udimi offers the lowest range of solo ads as well as the highest range. With their integrated filters, tracking, and monitoring, you already save a lot of time as well as cost that you’d otherwise have to invest on your own.

Plus the user interface does not require any technical expertise. It’s easy to use and takes minutes to sign up and get started. The best part for me is how they offer a 30-day refund in case you receive fake traffic and claim so.

Moreover, you can even cancel an order just a day before the delivery date. The flexibility means that you don’t lose time waiting, making it all quite efficient.

Verifiable metrics

Udimi Detailed Traffic Statistics

Most of Udimi’s customers come back to buy solo ad traffic from Udimi because they like what they get: the traffic, the conversions, and the sellers. All of it. Thanks to Udimi’s verifiable metrics on each seller that lets you understand who’s good and who’s great.

The ratings, got sales, and repeat customer metrics are enough to tell you who to buy from for maxing out on profits.

Optin Tracking and management

With Udimi, you get more than just a marketplace. Udimi is a complete solo ads service provider where you get to manage your ad campaign fully.

With opt-in tracking, you can even test and monitor the performance of your solo ads. Since it allows you to identify which solo ads are working for you, it cuts costs on your side as well. You can even use an email validator as a part of their campaign management option and save even more time.

Customer Support and training

Udimi does have great customer support. Although this would largely be part of services provided for prime members, the support is active and real.

You would be able to see when a manager or seller is online and have a one-on-one chat with them. They also provide enough training materials to get you to understand the solo ad business.

Cons of Udimi

There are not too many complaints that Udimi has had to face. Most of their users rate the platform highly. However, you may find the following to be drawbacks of the platform:

Limited Clicks

Unfortunately, Udimi restricts their clicks per solo ad to only 1000. Most of the benefits for more clicks can only be attained for prime users. Prime membership is quite costly.

More buyer benefits

As a seller, there are not too many options to enjoy in Udimi. Most of the features and systems are designed to cater to the needs of buyers in the marketplace. 

Although sellers can maximize their profits with the great variety in niches and abundance of buyers to sell to, other options don’t serve sellers all that well.

Not as Scalable

The only major problem with Udimi solo ads, compared to advertisements in Google or other social media is that Udimi does not keep enough to scale your clicks up. 

Udimi might be better for beginners and expert individual sellers but this is not the platform where you’d be able to create the longest of email lists and millions of clicks.

Mobile usage limitation

Udimi is not the best app to use on mobile phones. They did introduce an android app recently but they still don’t have any options to be used on an Apple device.

Udimi Pricing And Plans

So, how much does Udimi cost? Udimi solo ads, as of 2023, cost as low as $0.05 and as high as $2 per click. While this is the price range recently set by Udimi, vendors offer solo ad traffic at different prices.

The higher the “got sales”, and the higher the number of repeat customers of a seller, the more they would be able to charge per click. As a part of their terms and conditions, Udimi also mentions that for every solo ad campaign, they would charge a fixed service fee costing $3.

Additionally, sellers can also increase their solo ad costs based on the quality of the ad they can broadcast consistently. Solo ads prices on Udimi vary greatly because they allow the sellers to set the prices based on different niches and targets.

Here’s a price range for each criterion:

Only Desktop Visitors: This is ideal for sellers who design and customize ad funnels to suit desktop users only. This costs $0.05 to $0.40 per click.

Only Tier 1 traffic: In this criterion, you will only receive traffic from countries like USA, Canada, UK, and Australia and this will cost at most $0.20 per click.

Only Mobile traffic: If your order suits the mobile setting and want mobile visitors only, you can buy ads for $0.05 to $0.2 per click.

Prime Filter: The prime filter cost is fixed by Udimi and not the seller. This costs $0.03 per click.

Solo Deals: Solo deals are special prices offered by sellers where you may receive discounts from 10 to 30%

Udimi Prime Membership Cost:

Udimi Prime Pricing

Udimi is a free membership platform and only requires your information to get you signed in. However, other than that, Udimi has a prime membership option too at $29.95 each month. As a prime member, you would be able to avail several special features for a price.

If you wish to integrate option tracking or attention maps, you would have to pay $30 per month. To use their live session recording feature, you would have to pay a hefty $290/each month.

Udimi Affiliate Program

Udimi Affiliate Statistics

Udimi has quite a lucrative affiliate program where you can earn 15% commissions on a recurring basis.

So, if you are wondering Can you make money from Udimi? You surely can.

The 15% recurring commission is regardless of how much traffic you buy. If, however, you are one of the prime members, it is possible to earn a 25% recurring commission for all referrals that too each month.

The affiliate program is designed to help you earn high revenue with little effort. You can take advantage of their prebuilt landing page where you would only have to edit out texts to make it your own. You can also use split testing to experiment with your landing page.

To make sure that you do earn a profitable margin from your referrals, Udimi even offers a $5 discount after you’ve completed a registration on the program.

The referrals will be hardcoded by Udimi under your affiliate ID so that you earn a steady income each time an Udimi solo ad is purchased.

Moreover, the pay period is only 35 days so you would not have to wait for too long to use your passive income from the affiliate program.

How Good is Udimi for Buyers?

Udimi is also great for buyers for they are provided with the guarantee that they would not receive fake or bot traffic.

One of the biggest hurdles for most buyers is identifying authentic sellers who would sell top-quality traffic as they promise. The chances of getting scammed with Udimi have been eliminated thanks to their extensive filtering and screening process.

For buyers, Udimi facilitates them by including raw metrics for each seller so that buyers can make more informed decisions. The prices are affordable and the niche options are wide.

How Good is Udimi for Sellers?

For sellers, Udimi is perhaps the most efficient and reliable platform to be in. As a seller, you would not need any input to begin selling on Udimi. Everything is handled by the platform, so you would not even require to set up a website. It only requires a 3-step registration to get started.

Udimi is particularly great for sellers because one can get their first customers within a very short time. The profit margins are great too, because the solo ads are affordable and hence sell faster than in other places. You can keep up to 90% of profits from campaigns too.

Most of the features in Udimi are built with a focus on sellers, not buyers. The metrics, statistical data, analytics, tracking, and monitoring, all heavily favor you if you are a seller on the platform.

As a seller on prime membership, you would receive a special badge that elevates your reputation and hence chances of profit even further.

Is Udimi the best Marketplace for Solo Ads?

Udimi Testimonials

When researching where to buy your solo ads from, you would need to keep in mind that a marketplace that offers security and bot free traffic is where you would want to be.

Udimi is exactly what a solo ad vendor, buyers and sellers alike, look for. With the best email lists, Udimi makes it easy to find and convert targets. And why not? They have one of the most rigorous testing processes for sellers and make sure only the authentic ones remain.

Ultimately, these sellers provide traffic that is bound to make your ROI soar. Udimi’s payment protections, detection and removal of fraud, spams, and scams, and post-order tracking services make them one of the best marketplaces for solo ads.

Their unique click filters and email validator for each solo ad campaign are where Udimi gets high scores from its users.

Although Udimi does not allow over 1000 clicks, the conversion rates on these 1000 clicks are what attracts thousands of solo ad vendors to the platform. In terms of the user interface, it is designed to be beginner friendly, focusing on just what is important.

What websites are similar to Udimi

My top recommendation has been Udimi almost consistently. The traffic quality, superior security, and extensive seller verification are what make Udimi a top-notch solo ads service provider.

For many, Udimi pricing is confusing and gets them wary of their calculations for profit. You may want to look for niche specifications that are less competitive than Udimi.

If you want to look into Udimi alternatives, here are two more you can look into:


SoloAdsX Homepage

One of the close competitors of Udimi has to be SoloAdsX, although this platform operates quite differently than Udimi. For one, SoloAdsX lists down your potential vendors for you. 

They will finalize and provide you with 10 to 15 solo ad vendors for each campaign. They keep their buyers informed with a designated magic score for each seller.

Is Udimi better than SoloAdsX?

Udimi is better than SoloAdsX in ways that it provides more freedom for the buyers to choose who they buy their solo ads traffic from. Plus, Udimi offers better quality vendors in all niches. SoloAdsx provides the best traffic in niches such as MMO and MLM. The price and costs are more simplified with SoloAdsX, and there’s a fairly equal chance of getting excellent returns.


TrafficForMe Homepage

TrafficForMe is a solo ads agency where you would be able to buy traffic ranging from 500 Binary clicks to thousands of Forex or Crypto clicks as well. This platform offers a range of niches of vendors to specialize their solo ads in, starting from Bizopp, MMO, Crypto, Survival, or personal development.

Is Udimi better than TrafficForMe:

Udimi and TrafficForMe are head on when it comes to the quality of traffic and authenticity of the sellers they host. However, one major advantage that TrafficForMe has over Udimi is that their clicks are not capped at 1000. They provide larger numbers for a range of different prices.

Costs are variable but Udimi is much cheaper, although TrafficForMe provides more discounts on delivery. TrafficForMe would be costlier because the prices come in packages, not individual clicks.


Is Udimi good for the Health niche?

Udimi Health Niche Section

Udimi is good for the health niche as the platform comprises some of the best vendors in the health and fitness niche. You can expect highly targeted, top-quality traffic from reputable health niches vendors like Mike Dirnt and Evi Young.

Is Udimi good for MLM?

Udimi is not the best platform if you wish to buy MLM solo ads. A few seasoned vendors are supplying the best MLM traffic. However, Platforms like SoloAdx and TrafficForMe offer better deals on MLM niches.

Final Thoughts

There are several solo ad providers and marketplaces, but very few dependable and efficient ones as Udimi. Udimi is a premium solo ads marketplace where you get the best of buyers and sellers. It’s 3 clicks away from registration and free to join in. If you want the best of services, you would want to become a prime member.

Udimi’s superior protection and security schemes, along with its diligent screening and filtering of sellers, position it at the top of the game. It’s ideal for most beginner solo ad vendors and buyers to get the most authentic traffic that converts.

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