Udimi Review

Are you planning on trying out Udimi? Are you wondering if they have quality traffic and are legit or if they have low quality traffic?

Read below for a full Udimi review to see if it’s for you or not!

If you are searching for more traffic and building a bigger email list, then you are probably familiar with paying traffic sources like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

In this review, I’m going to talk about Udimi: the best place to get traffic and build your email list from solo ads. I will show you a great small case study that is where I use these solo ads to make leads for my ClickFunnels business in a box type of system.

My traffic source is working well right now, and you can try it and make some wealth if you decide to use it.

Before We Start, What Are Solo Ads?

They are highly typical in a profitable online world. A solo ad is email publicity that you purchase from other email list holders. The holder will send out an email from you to a portion of their listing.

An ideal solo ad will make these subscribers click on any offer you are promoting. Usually, these clicks will turn into leads which you can convert into sales.

What’s excellent about solo ads is that they are often low-priced than other traffic sources methods like Google Adwords or Facebook ads. And they have lesser restrictions on what kind of stuff you can advertise.

But there is a negative aspect to solo ads, too. Some list holders make their lists through various sketchy methods. If you use one that does it, their traffic could not convert efficiently. I’ve even known of solo ad providers that send false bot clicks too.

Solo ad traffic is not going to work in every niche, as well. You’ll more successfully use them to advertise some affiliated marketing or CPA offers.

Years ago, you’d have to scour through various forums and other sites to find these solo ad providers. But today, the best place to get solo ads is a site called Udimi.

Udimi: What Is It?

Udimi is a marketplace for solo ad selling and buying. The page is free to sign up, and what I like the most about Udimi is how fast you can get started with it. Currently, there is no other major network similar to Udimi, where any individuals are free to join.

So, what is Udimi solo ads? Today I’d like to show you what it is and review the services I often receive there.

Finding Your Provider

You must click on the “Find Sellers” link; there, you are going to see solo ad providers listings.

It’s fundamental not not to pick up the first provider you observe. You’ll want to use the benefit of Udimi’s filters when selecting the best one.

The first filter you should use is the rating one. Every transaction that people make on Udimi, both the buyer and seller, gets rated. So over time, a seller will accumulate several high and low rates.

If you take a look at any seller’s profile, you can see how many clients they have satisfied.

I prefer looking for sellers that have at least 50 high reviews and less than 2% low rating.

The next filter I suggest you use is the percentage (%) of buyers.  When you review a seller’s transaction on Udimi, you get to mark if you got sales from the ad you bought. On any profile, you’ll see a little $ symbol with a percentage next to it.

So if it says 30%, that indicates that 30 out of every 100 buyers reported a sale from their work.

Now, this metric it’s not 100% trustworthy, because there’s no real verification that what the buyer is saying is legit. It’s best to take it as a reference.

However, using it with the ratings filter, you can get a list of sellers that are likely to be trustworthy. I like searching providers that have at least a 20% score or better.

Finally, the price is also essential for an ad buy.

Solo ad providers sell clicks from as little as $0.30 per click up to $0.90 per click. Remember that lower is not always better.

When you’ve filtered down your list of sellers, check on their profile and make sure to take your time reading them.

Many sellers will put more info in their list, like where their leads come from and on what niche they work better. You can scroll down on their profile to read reviews from other buyers.

Purchasing Your First Solo Ad

When you’ve picked your seller, buying your first ad is very easy.

If you click into any seller profile, you’ll get a box.

Up, is a slider where you are able to select how many clicks you want from the seller. This is the less number of clicks you will get, but many sellers indicate you will get some % of over-delivery on your selected quantity.

Down, you choose what filters Udimi is going to use for your traffic. All solo ads traffic passes through the Udmi base filter, which gets rid of bot traffic and other false clicks.

If you choose the other filters, you’ll pay a little bit more, but the traffic quality will be better.

The most vital part of the solo ad is your headline and email. You have two alternatives. Checking ‘I have ad text’, so you can have the seller come up with his email, or link to your personal URL.

I don’t suggest this though since you’re depending on the seller writing good email copy. Instead, always make sure that you have that box checked.

What’s great is that Udimi keeps all the solo ads that you order. The last one you use will show in the box, and you will be able to change between previous ads you’ve used with a drop-down menu. It will help you save a lot of time when ordering from various providers.

When that’s already done, you will see the total price you must pay. Add it to the cart to finish your order.

Once your order has gone through, the seller will need to accept your solo ad. When that happens, they then have a hundred hours to begin to deliver your order.

Once your order starts, you will be able to check your stats. You will see the number of clicks you have received, and what locations the clicks are coming from.

Pros & Cons

Udimi Pros

  • It’s a very comfortable place to find solo ad providers. You may filter providers by ratings, price and sales conversions.
  • You get random five dollars discounts just for buying ads and rating people. Your solo ad messages are saved, and you can re-use them with no problems. You can typically get over-delivery of clicks from sellers.

Udimi Cons

  • The percentage of buyers reporting sales metric is not too accurate. Having to pay extra for more advanced filtering can be annoying. Lastly, most sellers are in the “make money online” niche.

Final Verdict

If you’re searching for traffic, then solo ads are a traffic source you should consider. You can get traffic for affordable rates, and if you are a creative person, you can make some money with it too.

Besides, solo ads don’t have the strict acceptance process that you get if you use something like Facebook ads or Google Adwords.

Finding the right solo ad providers is complicated. That is the main reason why a solo ads marketplace like Udimi is so crucial.

Searching for providers in one place is valuable, and its rating system permits you to get a better knowledge of the nature of a solo ads user.

So if you’re looking for a less expensive way to create your email listing, then I strongly recommend giving Udimi a try.

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