Unbounce Pricing: How much does Unbounce Cost? (2021)

Find out  Unbounce’s pricing structure Below!

Unbounce Pricing

Today, we’ll take a look at the different prices and features of each plan available for Unbounce. Notice that this isn’t really a review, and if you’ve read one, you’re probably already aware it’s one of the best page builders right now.

We’re going to compare the different plans available and show you what you’ll get from each. Not only that, but we’ll analyze which plan adapts best for different business sizes and the discounts around.

To get it out of the way, let’s start with how much each plan costs.

How much does it cost?

You can pay for Unbounce either monthly or annually. Naturally, paying for a year at once means you save up money, and the cheapest deal available is $79 monthly when paying for the Essential plan’s full year.

Of course, prices might change in the future, so if you’re strictly interested into the pricing structure for Unbounce, there’s not a better source than the official website. You can even sign up for a free trial there and test the platform before committing to purchase.

There are 3 plans right now, and they’re priced as follows:

  • $99 monthly ($79 when paying for a year) for the Essential plan.
  • $199 monthly ($159 when paying for a year) for the Premium plan.
  • $499 monthly (399 when paying for a year) for the Enterprise plan.

Naturally, the mid-tier plan tends to be the preferred option for most people. You get the basics covered for medium-size business: 5 client sub-accounts, 16 pop-ups and sticky bars, as well as 150 land pages.

What do you get from each package?

Each package offers an array of features geared towards optimizing your site’s performance and design as well as providing the best customer experience possible. Each improved package comes with the same features as the previous one, some improved, and additional functionality.

You can find a detailed look of each plan below, and you can also check out their official website for more detailed information.

Are there discounts or coupons?

There aren’t public coupons or discounts available right now. By that, I mean you can’t receive one from giveaways or gift cards. However, buying through official Unbounce Partners grants you access to a 20% discount on your first 3 months and a free trial for 2 weeks.

Does it offer a free trial?

As I already said, you can get a 2-week trial with all of your plans within Unbounce. This free trial gives you full access to its editor, and you’re free to use it to build and publish your own landing pages without watermarks.

Do you need a credit card for the trial?

You do need to provide your payment information if you want to start a free trial. However, this isn’t exclusive to credit cards; you can start the 2-week trial with your PayPal information.

That doesn’t mean you have to pay for the free trial. You won’t receive any bills while the period is active, and you can cancel your account before the trial ends if you decide it’s not for you. Similarly, you can also switch plans from the dashboard whenever you need.

What’s the best deal available?

As discussed, paying for your subscription yearly lets you save about 20% on all packages when compared to paying monthly.

For the Essential plan, you’re saving $20 on each month; this would total to $240 saved at the end of the year. The Premium plan lets you save $40 per month; this would total to $480 at the end of the year. Finally, the yearly subscription to the Enterprise plan saves you $100 every month; this would total to $1,200 at the end of the year.

When you couple that with the official partner discount, you’re looking at another 20% off the plan, so you’re saving 40% in the end.

How can you sign up?

You just need to head over to the main page. Getting your free trial takes a few minutes, and if you use a partner link, the entire process will be faster, and you’ll get your 20% discount for the first three months.

Comparing prices with Unbounce alternatives

We have many platforms competing to be the best landing page building software right now, but some definitely take the spotlight. With that in mind, let’s compare Unbounce to the most popular options – since those are likely the ones you’re considering already.

Also, let’s keep the comparison regarding pricing. If you’re already thinking about one of the following as an alternative, then you’re likely already aware of what they offer, and we’re analyzing Unbounce’s features ahead anyway.


ClickFunnels also offers a free trial like Unbounce, and it’s also 14 days. However, it only offers 2 different plans, and the least expensive one is still more expensive than Unbounce: $97 monthly, just shy of $20 more.


Kartra is another platform offering 14 days to try it for free. However, it does offer more variety in its subscriptions by offering 4 plans depending on your needs. The cheapest option is to pay $89 monthly, yet this is only if you pay for the full year, and it’s still $10 more than Unbounce. It might not be too big of a difference, but keep in mind you’re still getting similar functionality.


Leadpages is one of the pioneers for landing pages, and it offers 3 plans as well as the 2-week free trial. Unlike the previous 2 platforms, you can get this for as little as $25 monthly if you pay for the full year. However, you need to consider that this is a somewhat dated platform, and it doesn’t offer as many features as its competitors.


Finally, we have Podia also offering a 14-day trial besides 2 subscription plans for its users. If you pay for the full year, you can get your subscription for just $39 monthly – $40 less than Unbounce – yet you’re also giving up on options and features like with Leadpages.

About the platform

Unbounce was created back in 2009 by Rick Perreault, its current CEO, and 5 additional co-founders. While other options might be better-known – and Leadpages is known as the pioneer – Unbounce is actually among the oldest page building tools available today.

You can find countless reviews on the internet, and they all agree that the look of the ads generated by it are professional, and it adapts perfectly for PPC, lead generation, increasing conversions, and simply selling more.

It’s maintained its reputation for over 10 years now, and it’s widely recognized among the best options businesses and online marketers have at their disposal for integrating landing pages into their efforts.

To summarize it, Unbounce is one of the first landing page building platforms, and it lets you build landing pages focused around conversions.

What do you get with the different plans?

We already discussed the prices for each of the 3 subscription tiers. Each plan comes with different tools to help you build your business as well as adapting to its size.

Of course, each plan upgrade will offer the same features as the previous tier while adding more value and improving the previous’ functionality. However, even the lowest plan offers more than enough features for many entrepreneurs, and it offers lots of value for what you’re paying.

With that in mind, let’s dive into what you’re getting with each plan.


The essential plan offers the basic Unbounce toolbox. You get a varied assortment of features you can use for building any land page you have in mind as well as optimizing it to increase conversions.

It’s the best option for people starting out by far, yet small and medium-size businesses could also find they need little more than what’s already offered here.

Landing pages (75)

You get access to landing pages ready to use and built around conversion boosting. You can also use them as templates: editing them to fit what you need and your brand’s style without having to mess with coding. You get an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes the entire process feel natural.

Sticky bars/pop-ups (8)

Communicating important messages to your customers is paramount if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. However, it’s also important to reach out at the right time and place, and that’s why pop-ups and sticky bars are so useful, especially for eCommerce.

As the name suggests, you can design different pop-ups and sticky bars depending on your needs and creativity.


Unbounce offers over 100 templates you can use right from the cheapest plan. As with your landing pages, you don’t need any experience – or even knowledge – handling code to edit them. You just need to pick the one you like the most and adapt it to your style.

Integrates with WordPress

With WordPress being one of the most popular CMS platforms right now (and powering countless websites), its integration with Unbounce is priceless. You can publish your landing pages on any WordPress site by clicking a few times. The Unbounce plugin for WordPress makes the process straightforward.

Unlimited domains

Even the Essential plan gives you unlimited domains. This means you can keep every landing page, pop-up, and sticky bar in a single place, which makes everything so much easier. You can even publish your pages directly on a WordPress domain.

Free photos from Unsplash

Finding images for your website while avoiding legal complications is a pain. Luckily, you have access to more than 800,000 images from the Unsplash library. They’re 100% free from any copyright, and you can add them straight into your pages from the builder.

Text replacement

By far, one of the best features from Unbounce is its dynamic text replacement. You can use this feature to boost the relevancy for your PPC campaign; it inserts phrases depending on what online users are currently interested in. It might seem odd, but it’s an amazing way to increase conversions and target exactly what people look.


Also known as A/B testing, this feature lets you create 2 different versions for a single page as well as pop-ups and sticky bars. Once the 2 versions are ready, they’re published simultaneously to different visitors, and it provides you with the statistics necessary to determine which one performs better.


Diving again into Unbounce’s large array of integrations, we have Zapier. You can use this integration for automating different tasks and free time for more important matters. It connects with around 60 apps right away, but using Zapier’s interface closes that amount to 1,000.


It’s a fairly simple integration, but useful nonetheless. You can basically integrate Unbounce with your HubSpot account to send your leads to any campaigns you have on the platform.


It’s another integration similar to HubSpot. You basically direct your leads from Unbounce to any campaign currently running on Infusionsoft.


Like with most platforms today, you have customer support available for you. Unlike many platforms, however, you can reach out to them via email, live chat, and even phone regardless of your plan.

Google SSO

Unbounce lets you skip the hassle of memorizing one account more just to manage the platform. You can sign-up using your Google account, and it makes things noticeably smoother.

Limitless users

Self-explanatory, you don’t have a limit on the user amount you can add to your account.

Boosting speed

Unbounce automatically implements all practices from Google’s PageSpeed into its landing pages.

GDPR compliant

All data collected through Unbounce for your business complies with the requirements by the GDPR, so it’s a safe, private platform.


You can make your mobile device a necessary step to log in for extra security.


Finally, all landing pages have encrypted links between server and browser. It shows with the padlock displayed with your HTTPS address for more trust.


The premium plan takes another step and offers more features as well as less limits for previous features. It’s the most common subscription, and it’s better for people focused on marketing and growing businesses.

Improved features

You get twice the amount of landing pages, sticky bars, and pop-ups. Besides, it comes with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page), which means better user experience for mobile visitors.


You can manage your customers right from your own account on Unbounce. You do this by copying your pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars between different accounts, manage permissions, and grouping campaigns.


You get 3 redirection types with Unbounce: 301, 302, and 307. Not to go too in-depth, you can basically redirect traffic from pages you haven’t published to any URL you want. This is useful if you’re ending campaigns.


Salesforce gets added to your integrations, so you can direct leads from Unbounce to Salesforce.

Schedule launches

You can schedule your land pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars to launch at a specific time, even if you’re not online.

Advanced targeting (sticky bars/popups)

These 2 elements receive more features: location and cookie targeting, for example.


The most expensive plan is for large companies who need every feature imaginable. It’s the most expensive one, naturally, but it brings some nice additions to the previous plans.

Improved features

You get nearly 400 landing pages and around 40 pop-ups/sticky bars.

Page migration

You can transfer your pages to Unbounce from other services you used before without altering their performance. The launch team is there to help you.

Success manager

You basically receive your own personal manager from Unbounce for peer-to-peer advice and consulting.

Audit logs

You can receive records from all activities performed by users in your account. You can also export these for future reference.

Launch specialist

Like the success manager, you can receive direct guidance during your setup and training.

CTA tickets

Finally, you get access to Unbounce’s CTA conferences. They’re amazing events where you can learn a lot more from world-wide experts.

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