Using Shopify Related Products To Make More Money

Using Shopify Related Products To Make More Money

Using Shopify Related Products To Make More Money

Find out how using Shopify Related Products Can Make You More Money!


Not only does Shopify help you to set up your online business smoothly, but also it helps you to achieve e-commerce success. Shopify related products can be helpful if you are looking to improve your turn over. And did you know that there are a lot of Shopify apps that can help you boost business growth?

You will be overwhelmed to know the different functions of different apps. From email marketing to publishing your products to Facebook, there is an app available for each.

Ways of Implementing the Features

Some methods can help you implement the recommended products or features in the store. Depending upon the store, you can choose the one that suits you the best.

There are ways you can do so:

Permanently recommended product feature in your store’s theme

Just as you can use multiple methods to implement the recommended product features for your store, you can also support the product themselves, which can directly impact your sales and revenue per customer. This product list can be sorted by:

Manual Discretion

You can include and select the products that you have to show to the customers at particular stages of checkout.

Category Tags Classification

This option helps you categorize the products that share tags between the products that customers are viewing. For instance, a clothing store that deals with multiple products, you can present recommended products with a tag at the strategic point of checkout.

Collection Sorting

It can help you put several products in a collection. One way is to put complementary products together. The customer will come across various products that complement the products they are buying. Maybe they could buy it too.

Popular Items Sorting

Popular products are the best selling products in your store. To help the customers easily navigate to the money-makers of your store, sort the product listing by placing the popular product on the homepage.

Using various Shopify Apps

Apps can help you in many ways. They help to promote your store, sell your products, attract more customers, handle inventory, and shipping so you can earn more. There are few things to keep in mind before picking any app:

  • User review and ratings are reliable sources of information on working on the apps.
  • Ensure that you have the support you need so you can keep the store running.

Let’s look at some of the best Shopify apps:


OptinMonster is the best conversion optimization software. It helps to minimize cart rejection, elevate email subscribers, and increase overall sales. It is the leading app for marketing and promotions.

It has single click integration for CRM software and e-mail marketing. Also, it operates seamlessly with the Shopify app.

It has numerous pre-made templates that improve conversion. You can also customize the designs based on your needs with the help of drag and drop builders.

You can use its powerful personalization and targeting display to show you the right person for the right offer at the right time.

If you are serious about your business growth, then get started with this app now.


TrustPlace is another leading app for marketing and promotion. It helps to improve social proof and build trust with the visitors on your site. It shows a small pop-up notification of real-time activity.

When it comes to purchasing, shoppers tend to trust the suggestions from other shoppers over advertisers.

It keeps real-time tracking for purchases, email sign-ups, and demo modification. It has flexible design alternatives to complement your site’s branding.

The ‘on fire’ notification shows how many people are operating at a time. You can get the stats you need to boost your conversion through its actionable analytics.

Moreover, TrustPlus is free to use until 500 sessions, so you can undoubtedly go for it.

Plug in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is just limited to blogs. Plug in SEO is the best choice if you want to get rid of the tiresome and lengthy troubleshooting process to fix the different SEO issues that seem to come up with time.

It is a free app that automatically deals with the issue of page titles and descriptions, structure, and speed.

You can fix any problem yourself with code snippets. It also helps to direct web traffic to your online store.

You can upgrade to the pro version of this app if you need additional features like bulk editing and multilingual SEO and many more for just a few dollars.

Social Photos

If you want to manage Shopify sales from Instagram, then the Social Photos app could be the one for you. It helps you to get user-generated content.

When the customers tag themselves using your product, Social Photos collect them in a gallery. You can then use these photos to sell your products. You can attract new customers by highlighting the best customer photos. It also helps you to interact with the pictures through different pages.

Messenger Channel

With the hike in demand for messaging apps, conversational commerce has continued to grow. Messenger Sales Channel Apps take advantage of this trend.

You can do real-time conversations with your customers by adding a ‘message us’ button to your online store. Buyers can also browse and purchase through Messenger chat.

You can fulfil Messenger orders from Shopify and keep track of Facebook sales in your sales channel overview page.


Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace that offers fast shipping of hundreds of products from more the suppliers. It is easy to use and is updated regularly.

It has various features like one-click order fulfillment, flat rate shipping, real-time order tracking, and many more.

Spocket comes with dedicated team support that is ready to ready to deal with customer queries and problems at any time of the day.

PayWhirl Recurring Payments

PayWhirl Recurring Payments will help your customers manage their account details and credit card information. The customers could add or remove plans, purchase subscriptions on their own, reduce the friction of your customers, and saves time.

It has a ‘build a box’ feature for subscription services. This feature lets buyers customize their subscription packages.

This app has numerous other features like a failed payment management system, trial period, and many more. Also, it has free to install features. 

Catalog Maker

A product catalog is an excellent way of showing pictures of your product to your customers. If you are not good at designing and need but have a lot of products, then you can go for this app.

It helps you create a professional-looking catalog for your store in a short time. Additionally, you can create invoices, recommendations, receipts, and thank you notes.

Structuring the space on your store with hand-picked items

If you want to dive deep into the analysis of your store and get full customization of how the features implemented, then you can consider hiring a developer or coding by yourself. Shopify Experts can help you with doing the complex tasks in your store. Though it can cost you some amount, it will be worth it if it can match your brand to your preference.


All of the ways recommended above are a great way to make profits and boost overall sales of your Shopify store. Though the purchase mainly depends on the taste and preferences of the customers, the appropriate promotion of goods can change the game at any time.

So if you instantly want to grow the profitability implement a well-executed upsell strategy.  It doesn’t matter if you are getting g traffics through blogs or somewhere else. Always focus on increasing the traffic as more people will know about your product, the more will your store become popular. So, build a solid foundation that is required to sell the most demanding products. So get started now.

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