Venture Shopify Theme Review

Venture Theme Review

Shopify’s Venture Theme Review: Free and Conversion-Efficient (2021)

Find out if the Venture Shopify Theme is any good or not Below!


New to Shopify? Hang on, the sales are just around the corner.

Heard this from someone? A word of advice–don’t listen to them. Simply creating a Shopify store is not enough to drive customers to your store. It takes a lot of effort and the correct theme.

Yes, you read that right. The correct theme can boost your sales and work wonders for your Shopify Store. Sure, you have a high-quality product but with the wrong combination of product and theme quality of the product does not matter.

Not all themes are suitable for different types of stores, your ideal theme may vary based on what you sell and how you want the store to look. For people new to Shopify and those looking for a theme to boost sales and conversion rates, the Shopify Venture theme is a universal solution. This review will tell you all you must know about the Shopify Venture theme and its various features.

What is the Shopify Venture Theme?

Shopify Venture is an alternative provided by Shopify in its free themes section. It is a clean, sophisticated theme for your Shopify store that saves you the trouble of building a store from scratch. Its bold yet minimalistic vibe is ideal for stores with a large inventory. So, if you have more than 50 products or more than five collections to sell this should be your go-to theme.

The Venture theme is simple to use as it comes in a template form. Add product descriptions, photos, and pricing to finish building your store. After that? Go live!

It features three styles that work well for stores from all niches. The three styles you can choose from are–

  • Snowboards
  • Outdoors
  • Boxing

It’s vibrant and dynamic which is why entrepreneurs all around the world are replacing their outdated themes with Shopify’s Venture. Now, let’s look at the features of this eye-catching theme.  

Features of Shopify’s Venture Theme

A banner that Covers Both Sides

Have you ever come across a store that has white space around its slideshow?

It looks hideous and unprofessional. But thanks to the Shopify Venture theme, you can say goodbye to those daunting borders once and for all.


This theme features an end-to-end slideshow. This means your banners will not have empty spaces around them and utilize the area thoroughly. This is important because when a customer visits your website, the slideshow is the first thing they see. It is what they measure your credibility. Include photos of important products or a notice to catch the consumer’s attention.

Three Styling Options

The Venture theme on Shopify is unlike most themes (paid or free) because you get to choose from three different styling options. As mentioned earlier, the three styles included are–Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing. The layout for these styles remains the same but the main difference is the color palette of each style. The Snowboards style comes with a rather cool color scheme of black and blue. The Outdoors style showcases a more subtle color combination of gray and orange. Lastly, the Boxing style follows the classic black and red approach. No matter which style you choose, one thing is guaranteed–you get a vivacious setup for your online store.

Extensive Products and Collections

There’s a reason this theme works best for stores with a massive collection. You can upload up to 50 products and five collections in this theme. These collections help your customers to find the product they want quickly. This improves the user experience and makes the customers want to come back to your store. If all the items are randomly scattered throughout your store, the customer may not be able to find what they want.

Take the example of an apparel store. If you place women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and children’s clothing on the same page, it creates a mess. Sort these products into different categories (called collections) and further into sub-categories to find them easily.

Apart from these features, the Venture theme also comes with several in-built features that will make you change your present Shopify theme.

The Venture Theme’s In-Built Features

The features discussed above were only superficial. They make the customer’s viewing experience more refined but what’s in the Venture theme for business owners? Why should you switch from your current theme?

Here are four factors worth considering,

Multi-column Menu Bar

Generic menu bars open when you hover the mouse on top of it and they display the names of collections and pages to help visitors navigate through your store. With this Shopify theme, your product images will appear on the right-hand side of the menu bar. Let’s assume one of the options in your menu bar is T-Shirts.  When a customer brings their muse on top of it, up to four different t-shirt images will appear to the right in the menu bar. This feature lets the customer get a sneak peek of what the category includes.

Slide Show

This theme allows you to put various slideshows for your product to highlight it. Additionally, these slides will occupy the entire horizontal length on the screen making the images pop. This appeals more to people rather than leaving blank spaces around the product photos. Make optimum use of this feature to upload visually appealing and vibrant images of your products. A great idea would be to upload the pictures of your products being used. Watching happy customers use the product makes the customer hit the buy button. 

Featured Product

This feature is great if you have a product sitting in your inventory for a very long time and wish to get rid of it. Or perhaps you have added a new product that you wish to advertise. With the Venture theme, you can highlight a single product to appear in the middle of the page. This attracts more attention towards the desired item increasing the chance of customers buying it.


There’s no doubt that customers are thankful for filters. Especially when the store has hundreds or thousands of products on display. Say you have apparel from multiple brands on your website. By using the filter option, a customer can check the box for the brand which they are interested in and save time. They can tick boxes for various fields such as brands, size, price, and so on to personalize their shopping experience.

Features Important for Conversions

We’ve seen all the in-built features important to organize your store but what about conversions?

As promised, the Venture theme from Shopify ensures that your store converts as many leads as possible. These are the factors that affect conversions positively:

Customize the Theme

If the overall color palette of the theme does not work with your store’s aesthetic, you can customize it very easily. Don’t like the font? No problem; just select one of the fonts compatible with the theme and add a personal touch to your store.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This feature is helpful for beginners and established stores. With adopting effective SEO strategies, the search engine may not be able to rank your website. This means that the customers may not find your Shopify store at all. The Venture theme allows you to change the Meta Title and Meta description to boost your ranking on search engines. You can use appropriate keywords to generate better results. According to statistics, 71% of people click on the results that appear only on the first page.

Mobile Compatibility

Your store looks and works great on a PC but what if the customer decides to open it on a smaller screen, say their mobile phone? Will your website respond accordingly?

Most of the time store owners overlook the fact that not everyone is visiting your online store through a computer screen. Most individuals prefer to shop through the convenience of their smartphones now. So, it is more important than ever to build a responsive Shopify store. If the store does not operate the same way on different devices, it may cost you a major part of your sales. The Venture theme makes sure that your site appears uniform on every device.

Social Media Icons

Social media platforms are thriving, and every business must own an account on such platforms to get the attention of consumers. These pages provide great opportunities to advertise your store and products. Build a community and gain a loyal following of customers who anxiously await any update your brand posts on social media. So, to help you establish your brand the Venture theme displays your social media URLs on the page automatically. All you must do is enter the URL in the address bar and the icons will be placed on your store.

Benefits of the Venture Theme

Now that you are well-versed with the features of the Venture Theme from Shopify, let’s look at its advantages. I admit that no one theme is perfect for every online store, but this theme comes quite close to that. It abides well with any type of store because of its unique and three very vivid styles. You can choose from three styles, but the theme also comes with added benefits, they are:

Free of Cost

The biggest advantage of Shopify’s Venture theme is that you can avail of all its phenomenal features for free. That’s right, instead of paying web developers a hefty sum every month you get a fully functional website free of cost. But its low cost does not compromise with the extraordinary abilities that it possesses.

Shopify Compatible

Many times, it happens that you find a theme that you love but cannot use it with your Shopify store as the code and software does not run well together. However, this theme is different and runs smoothly on any device and is compatible with Shopify. If Shopify updates its interface, you can always rely on this theme to be compatible even after you update the platform.

Highly Responsive

As mentioned earlier, this theme is responsive and works on any type of device with an internet connection. If the customer decides to visit your store from a tablet or their mobile phone, they will find a very quick and responsive store. This provides customers with the best viewing and shopping experience.

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