Video Marketing Blaster Review

This Video Marketing Blaster review is just the right place for you if you are a little tired of building backlinks and trying to rank your website organically. 

Are you aware that video is the secret key to the future of marketing?

64-85% of conversion happens through videos. Likewise, a TV commercial has a lot more impact on the audience than a print media advertisement. 

YouTube is now the second most popular search engine after Google. 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. 37% of mobile internet traffic comes from YouTube. 

Google shows a partial favor to all video contents, especially YouTube videos, in its ranking. A video brings ten times better traffic than a website. 

Video Marketing Blaster is a software to help you rank in Google and Youtube in 3 simple steps. 

This review covers how VMB works, its features, user guide and pricing to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you. 

So stay tuned!

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

VMB is a video marketing desktop software that promises to give your video content instant ranking with Zero backlink and no prior SEO knowledge.

It helps to search the perfect niche related keywords for your video, which many people use to explore related topics. 

Also, Video Marketing Blaster generates suitably optimized titles, descriptions and tags that assure a high ranking of the video you are about to share. 

The creators of the software Stoica and his partner Vlad M. have more than 20 years of expertise in the field of SEO. They have spent over 6 years to figure out Google algorithm and reverse engineer YouTube and Google’s ranking system to find out that ex-factor for page one ranking. 

VMB has an awe-inspiring website strongly backed up by client reviews and results. They are serving more than 20,000 users satisfactorily.

Let’s face it, making a video and posting it is not enough anymore, although it is quite a long, not-so-easy process. After all the hard work, not getting enough traffic can be very frustrating.

Without proper marketing, optimizing and social media engagement, it will lead you nowhere. 

This is where Video Marketing Blaster comes in handy. It saves a lot of your time with a simple three-click workflow. Basically, it’s a keyword researching tool to give a boost to your site traffic.

And good news for technophobes. The software has such a user-friendly design that is meant to be handled by amateurs. 

What Can Video Marketing Blaster Do For You? 

So let’s go through some of the significant functions of Video Marketing Blaster:

Find Untapped Keywords

The problem with common keywords is that it gets challenging to rank on them as there are already so many contents using the same keyword. But there are still millions and billions of keywords out there that have rarely been used. As these keywords are untapped, they are less saturated. 

With light competition and Google’s algorithm favored towards videos, you will get page one ranking in practically no time. And you don’t have to spend hours looking for these keywords because all that work is done by Video Marketing Blaster. 

Generates Optimized Titles, Tags And Descriptions

Video Marketing Blaster does all the necessary niche research, analyzes the keywords that are often used to search similar videos, and compiles the information. And the software generates a unique combination of search engine optimized titles, tags and descriptions. 

This increases your chances of a higher ranking in both Google search results and YouTube recommendations. The software takes all your headaches away and gives you a chance to customize the combination from a list of alternative titles, tags and descriptions. 

Drives 100% Free Traffic

There are ways to drive organic traffic to your videos, but they are not necessarily all free or budget-friendly. One very effective way is to buy pay-per-click and ad space, which will work very well if used strategically. But Video Marketing Blaster is configured automatically to bring 100% free traffic to your videos daily, without spending anything extra. 

Work With No Prior SEO Knowledge Or Experience

VMB lets you utilize the massive potential of SEO without any in-depth knowledge of the subject. It’s no doubt an added advantage to learn how Google ranking algorithm and Search Engine Optimization work. But not everyone can afford the time and money to pursue. 

Sometimes you take expensive courses to find out tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush that cost around $99/month. So rather than searching in the dark for tools and techniques or hiring SEO experts, why don’t you just pay for VMB? That way, everyone wins. 

Reverse Engineer YouTube And Google’s Ranking System

The creator of VMB had spent years working to figure out Google’s algorithm: factors like exactly how many times to use the keyword in the title, how many related keywords to use in the description, views, social signals, subscribers etc. Finally, they cracked it. 

They reverse-engineered the ranking system and precisely identified what factors YouTube is taking into consideration while calculating a video rank. Even if you know the factors, it can take hours to optimize a video manually. VMB gives you the shortcut to rank in just 3 button clicks. 

Features of Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster has some primary features:

Keyword Research

  • Enter the main keyword and VMB searches for keywords from different sources
  • Generates a long list of keywords from different sources such as tags, long-tail competitors
  • Shows creative and imaginative keywords that don’t come into our mind in the first thought 
  • Check the number of competitors of each video
  • Explore new niches that are generating huge sales

Video Details Generator 

  • Generates SEO optimized titles, descriptions and tags in one click
  • Enter your keyword and click ok. The list shows up to add to your video detail
  • Also generates block title, description and tags depending on integration model
  • You can enter these details either manually or export to a tool called ‘mass video blaster’

Niche and Competitor Analysis

  • Analyzes the videos of competitors in a similar niche as yours
  • Compiles useful information and weaknesses of your competitor
  • Recommends the number of like, comment, share you need in your video to rank
  • Shows how to categorize the same keyword differently
  • This feature is available only with the Video Marketing Blaster Pro version

Ranking Tracker

  • Tracks ranking, views, preferences, comments of all your videos
  • Enter your keyword and video link and it tracks the ranking of your video in different search engines
  • Tracks the videos that are generating more traffic and sale
  • Also, a Pro feature

Language Variety

  • Works in Indonesian or any other language
  • Finds keywords in different foreign languages as well

Free Update

  • You don’t need to pay anything extra whenever the software is upgraded. 

How To Use Video Marketing Blaster

As the creators of VMB demands, they help you rank in three simple steps:

  • So for the first step, you pick your primary keyword or any related phrase to your content that you are trying to rank. For example – video marketing, top 10 horror movies etc.

Once you put that keyword and search, a long list of keywords will be displayed from different sources like competitors, tags, YouTube suggestions, long-tail competitors.

It will also show an analysis of the ranking of these keywords and how often they are searched. You can choose the less saturated ones for better results.

  • Now you copy and paste your preferred keyword list in the video details section. The software will soon generate a list of suggested titles, phrases and tags that are most suitable for your video.

Now you can mix and match from the lists and customize a perfect combination of the three according to your choice. 

  • Once all set, you can upload the video with an optimized title, tag and description.

Video Marketing Blaster clearly lessens your burden and pretty much takes care of everything without any technical hassle. You should know that even though this works well, it’s not a foolproof process to rank. There are other factors in YouTube ranking like click-through rate and subscribers count that affect your results to a great extent. Sometimes a highly optimized video may not get enough reach if it’s the first post of the user. 

Who Is Video Marketing Blaster Designed For?

VMB is not ideally targeted for every digital marketer. You should subscribe only if you have some specific requirements regarding video marketing. 

  • You are aiming to become a YouTuber
  • You want to earn money through YouTube and increase your traffic 
  • You are applying everything and still not getting any successful result in ranking
  • You don’t have in-depth SEO knowledge and you don’t want to hire an expert

So who are the potential users of Video Marketing Blaster?

  • Social Media Marketers
  • YouTubers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Website owners
  • eCommerce services
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Content and course creators
  • Tutorial channels

Needless to say, VMB won’t be a great helping tool for bloggers as it is more video-oriented. But it’s always helpful to create and embed videos in your blog for more traffic. In that case, VMB will help your blog rank higher in Google.  

Mostly, growing YouTubers should give this two-in-one software a try, that will both help in finding keywords and boosting search engine ranking. 

Video Marketing Blaster Pricing 

VMB has four different pricing plans available. Right now, they are marketing this one-time $27 payment deal. But you have to upgrade later for the extra features. Let’s discuss all the plans:

Standard lowest priced plan – $27 (one-time)

  • Use coupon code SPECIAL70 and get a $70 discount

OTO1: Video Marketing Blaster Pro – $47/quarterly

This plan includes additional modules like:

  • In-depth niche analysis
  • Rank tracker
  • Video reports like ranking
  • Backlink suggestions
  • Competition analysis feature

OTO2: Video Marketing Blaster Local Pack – $37 (one-time)

This plan includes:

  •  20 title, tags and description templates 
  • Exclusively designed templates to rank higher for 20+ local niches

OTO3: Live Event Blaster – $67 (one-time)

  • Create, schedule and stream hundreds of live events in just two simple steps. 

The Pro upgrade and the Live Event Blaster are highly recommended as they will help you take your SEO game to the next level and live streaming, your videos will get an edge over all the competitions. 

There are some reviews that may attract you saying you can download VMB for free and later rephrase it as risk-free. Avoid them to fall for any illegal copies. VMB is not a free software, although you can get a refund in 60 days.

Video Marketing Blaster Pros And Cons


  • The software claims to bring 100% free traffic to your videos. Many happy users have reported a surge of 10x in their traffic.
  • They offer support regarding any troubleshooting, usually responsive within two hours.
  • The software gets automatically updated whenever a new update is released; no extra payment is required. 
  • You will save a lot of time from keyword research and the process is simplified to just copy-pasting the generated suggestions. 
  • It’s ideal for you if you are a complete newbie in digital marketing. VMB does not require any prior knowledge or experience. 
  • Right keywords and optimized tags and descriptions increase your chance to get quickly indexed by Google and YouTube. 
  • For a one-time pricing of $27, this software is a steal deal. VMB is a lot cheaper compared to other similar platforms.
  • They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. 
  • The system functions automatically.
  • If used strategically, you can generate huge sales with all the traffic from YouTube. 


  • The owners are creating some promotional hypes to attract new users where they will just end up teaching you basic YouTube Video Marketing.
  • The software can be installed only in Windows; not compatible with iOS or Android, not cloud-based.
  • Just getting the basic $27 version is not enough. You have to upgrade for better results.
  • There is a chance of not receiving your money back, as it often happens with Clickbank.

Final Thoughts On Video Marketing Blaster

To sum up, Video Marketing Blaster is a legit software that helps you boost your video marketing game to another level. It is like an extended helping hand doing all your tough tasks, making your life easier.  

Although with this kind of tool, you often lag back in the adequate knowledge about the field you are working in. As a digital marketer, you should eventually learn how to build a website, create quality content, optimize your videos and how SEO works. 

However, sometimes due to lack of guidance, many marketers often pick the wrong keywords for their videos. It gets more difficult and competitive to rank in short-tail keywords and it lowers the conversion rate. With VMB, you will get a curated list of highly descriptive keywords after analyzing your niche and competitors, which is not doable manually or happens to be extremely time taking.   

So if you are just starting or don’t have a clear idea about search engine optimization, then Video Marketing Blaster is the right tool for you. Give it a go; you can see if it’s worth it or not. You will make the price value even if a few of your videos rank. If not, get a refund in 60 days. It’s a win-win for everyone.