Vidnami Review

Vidnami Review

UPDATE: So, apparently Godaddy acquired Vidnami, and they have been claiming they will release it soon in august last year. I would just try InVideo as it’s one of the best tools out there for this.

What is Vidnami?

Now, you probably know what Vidnami is since you have searched for Vidnami. However, I will explain it briefly to those who might know what it is exactly.

Vidnami is essentially a web application where you can create a ton of stunning videos. I don’t know about you but, I have always wanted something where I could make youtube videos without needing to show my face or my voice.

The problem with that is that if you have a plain old boring video, you definitely will NOT get many views. You need to create engaging videos where things are moving for every segment of the video or else the user will click off your video.

This is where Vidnami comes in where it helps you provide with a TON of video clips of literally everything you could think of and insert it into your video within a matter of minutes. You can create visually stunning and engaging videos in minutes.

Yes, you can do this without Vidnami However, it would take you hours of work and would require a TON of editing skills.

You don’t need any sort of editting skills what so ever with Vidnami.

Who is Vidnami for?

Vidnami is for anyone wanting to create highly engaging and visually stunning videos or anyone who doesn’t want to show their face and still make engaging videos.

If you’re wanting to drive more traffic to your website through youtube or just wanting a way to start earning a full-time income through youtube videos this tool is for you.

It is ideal for business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs and internet marketers who are looking to create engaging videos which get them traffic or create videos which sell a product this tool is perfect for you.

If you’re like me and don’t want to show your face sometimes nor record your own voice, Vidnami is a must have for you.

Make sure to check out the pricing on the official website since sometimes prices tend to change!

Who is Eugene Ware?

Content Samurai Eugene Ware

Eugene Ware is one of the co-founders of Vidnami. He along with his team of 8 others have created the NobleSamurai where they offer other awesome products such as Market Samurai, Vidnami and the original underachiever system.

He has also made $570,000 online in 37 minutes and making $960,000 in 3 weeks.

What’s included in Vidnami?

Vidnami is feature packed with a ton of features, make sure you check out this video which shows you an overview of how the software works:

Plethora of Templates

There are a huge plethora of templates you can choose from. Whether you want it for:

  • Video for Article/Blog Post
  • Sales Video
  • Video for your online course
  • Video for Social Media
  • Property Listing Videos

They got literally almost anything you can imagine, you can just use these templates to create your videos. Which saves you EVEN more time. Of course, you don’t need to use any of these templates if you don’t want to.

Content Samurai Templates

Huge Library of Videos To Choose From!

You can litterally add as many clips to your video as you want! The best part is that their library of videos is SUPER huge, I was searching for very specific things and I still found few videos on the very specific things I searched for.

Great Sound Options

They give you 4 different options to add sound to your video:

  • Music Only
  • Auto-Voice
  • Record your own voice track
  • Upload a Voice Track

You can add only music if you wish. Auto Voice option is one of my favourites because I don’t need to talk and these are almost natural sounding voices where you can adjust their voice speed to fast or slow. Lastly, you can record your own voice over the video or you can upload one you have already.

Tons of Options To Edit Video

They offer a ton of options you can use to edit your video around as you wish!

Content Samurai Video Settings

Content Samurai More Video Settings

AI System Auto-Generates Your Video Based On Script

Vidnami has an AI built in which cuts your video into sections automatically. And of course, if you don’t want it auto-generating you can always edit it manually! But, this just saves you a TON of time so you can focus on creating a high-quality script rather than spending hours upon hours on editing software or paying someone to do it which could costs you hundreds of dollars.

How To Use Vidnami?

It’s super easy to make visually stunning videos in a matter of minutes.

Follow this STEP by STEP guide for creating amazing videos with Vidnami!

STEP 1 | Log Into Vidnami

Log into your Vidnami here! If you haven’t signed up make sure you do so here.

Content Samurai Login

STEP 2 | Click on The Create A New Video Button

Click on the green button on the top right section of the main dashboard which says “Create A New Video”.

Content Samurai Create Video

STEP 3 | Select a Template

There are a ton of cool templates to select from, you don’t need to select a template if you don’t want but, I like to select one. It just makes things easier.

Content Samurai Templates

STEP 4 | Write Out Your Script

Add a video title then create your very own script. Make sure you put the correct spacing if you’re using auto-generated voice. If not, you just write the text you’re going to have in the video. Vidnami actually has an AI automatically structure your script into the entire video, definitely a feature I take advantage of!

Content Samurai Script

STEP 5 | Add Video Clips To Your Video

Now you can start adding video clips to your video. Basically, just search for anything related to what you want. They LITERALLY have ALMOST EVERYTHING. I am not kidding their library is HUGE. As you can see I just searched food a ton of results came up. And you can keep scrolling down more and more, it doesn’t just have like 11 videos on food. You can add multiple scenes, edit the text and much more!

Content Samurai Video Search

STEP 7 | Add Audio To Your Video

You can add audio to your video now. My favourite is the auto-generated voice because these actually sound almost like real humans when you set the speed of it just right, but, you can record your own voice as the video is going, you can also add music to it. You can also make your own voice faster or slower in case you want to add energy to your voice if you talk slower.

Content Samurai Voice

STEP 8 | Edit the Video Up

You’re almost done! Now all you need to do is click on preview and see if everything is good. If not you can also edit the timeline of the preview to further edit the video more.

Content Samurai Timeline

STEP 9 | Download the Video

Now you’re almost done! Just wait for it to process your video and hit the download button! It literally took a few minutes to create high-quality videos!

Content Samurai Now Your Video is Done!

PROS AND CONS for Vidnami


  • Create Visually Stunning Videos
  • Create Videos Really Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Support
  • Very few bugs
  • No need to show your face
  • No need to record with your own voice
  • Affordable Price
  • Great way to make money online


  • You still need to create videos, they don’t just magically create themselves
  • There is no whiteboard animation
  • Still new tool so theres room for much more growth and improvement

Personal experience with Vidnami

So, I recently stumbled upon Vidnami and I was skeptical at first, however, I tried it because they had a trial so, I could try it risk free. I urge you guys to try out the trial because you have nothing to lose!

I personally create niche sites however, I do understand the video is the way to go if you’re not tapping into youtube for traffic. You’re missing out on a lot of high-quality traffic.

That being said, I am planning on making a video for each post on my niche websites so that way I can get traffic not only from Google but, from youtube as well! Before this software I could have used Videoscribe which is a whiteboard animation software however, I couldn’t really create videos as fast and it was just whiteboard animations which aren’t as engaging as the clips you can use with Vidnami.

My favourite part about Vidnami is that the narrator voices they provide actually sound somewhat human.

All in All I think Vidnami far exceeded my expectations. I was only expecting it to create good videos but, it went above and beyond by having awesome features like the narrator voiceovers, amazing video clips you can use for free and how easy and quick it was to create videos in just minutes.

I even have an ultimate guide on how to make money on youtube without showing your face or talking here.

Make sure you at least Check out Vidnami for yourself!


Vidnami Bonus


Name of Product Content Samurai
Author(s) Noble Samurai / Eugene Ware
Easy of Use ★★★★
Features ★★★★★
Support ★★★★
Quality ★★★★★

Vidnami Scam?

Nope, this is the farthest you can get from a scam. This software is truly amazing and quite useful. Honestly, after trying out Vidnami, I might try out other products by Eugene Ware/Noble Samurai!

Is there a Vidnami Discount Code?

You can check out the huge discount code here to get Vidnami for a discounted price!

Make sure you take advantage of this discount because I believe it’s only here for a limited time.


Is there a Vidnami Trial?

Yup, Vidnami offers a 7-day trial without the need for a credit card so you know they won’t just automatically take your money after your trial ends as many companies do.

You can get the 7-day Vidnami Trial here!

Try out the 7 day risk free trial! No need to put in your credit card either!

Final Verdict on Vidnami

If you are looking to creating high-quality videos which are super engaging and visually stunning, you should DEFINITELY try out Vidnami.

There isn’t a product out there as good as Vidnami at creating these amazing videos with such ease and in a short amount of time. It would take you hours upon hours to create videos this stunning without Vidnami or cost you a fortune to get them made from someone.

Video marketing is getting bigger and bigger nowadays and if you aren’t leveraging it, you’re losing out on quality traffic for your business. Vidnami makes it super easy for you to go out there start a youtube channel with amazing videos and start making money from it.

Heck, you can even provide video creation services on Fiverr or Upwork and make money through creating short engaging videos or you can create a whole video agency and you can offer businesses a professional video for their company.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment them below!

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