Vidnami vs Animoto vs Lumen 5 (2021)

Find out  which is the best Vidnami or Animoto or Lumen 5 Below!

Vidnami vs Animoto vs Lumen 5

The 3 tools are some of the most popular content marketing solutions in the market right now. Animoto and Lumen5 work perfectly if you want to create different types of videos, and you can use many templates for your shorter ad videos with Animoto; you can even find templates suiting perfectly what you want to do.

The problem comes when you need more versatility: creating something different or starting out from zero. You’ll have to spend a lot of time since it requires replacing each content piece manually if you want to use your own images or clips instead of the template’s.

Lumen5 is great if you want to make videos out of your articles, yet it doesn’t support voice tracks, so it’s also better for short social media videos, like Animoto.

That’s the advantage of Vidnami: You can create any video type you want for your business. You can make videos for your social media, content videos to provide value for your leads, sales videos to turn that traffic into sales, retargeting ads to catch the best candidates, training to explain how your product/service works, and even course videos to teach something to others.

Out of those features, you’ll only find social media videos (ads and retargeting) with Animoto. Lumen5 offers the same plus the content video. However, They’re still missing the rest, and whereas Vidnami costs $29, Animoto and Lumen5 go for $120 and $199 respectively.

That’s why Vidnami is the best option if you want to create different types of content for your business without having to get different tools. The others might be the best choice for their specific purposes, but if you want versatility, then go with Vidnami.

That $29 price is for the premium version, mind you.

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