Viglink Review: Detailed Information? (2021)

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Viglink Review

Re-branded to Sovrn //Commerce, Viglink remains the same tool, displaying traffic sources in a clear and appropriate way and making it easier to deliver content across various affiliate networks. The dashboard has also been subject to major UI changes and can now be managed more easily.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. And you can do this by joining Viglink. It is a free to use affiliate marketing platform that allows you to earn money through various products and websites. It basically allows affiliates to earn income from other affiliate’s products and services.

Viglink works in a similar way to other affiliate marketing platforms like Commission Junction and Shareasale. What makes the platform stand out is that it encompasses both affiliate links and content links that are placed externally on blogs or the product’s website. The tool makes the process of incorporating an affiliate link easier than ever otherwise companies have to go through a lengthy approval process. Affiliate links provided by Viglink are accessible through a special landing page on a company’s website. The link redirects the user to the landing page of the online affiliates. Some of the affiliate networks that Viglink allows you to embed links in the content as well. These include Revcontent,,, and Perfect Audience.

Viglink receives payments on the basis of the affiliate’s outgoings. Users can set their own price per click. This means that users can take advantage of global pricing so their earnings go up with the number of clicks. Currently, Viglink has only one main offering that is the Commenter. It turned out to be a great feature and is capable of fetching high quality traffic. However, there is a problem with the tool. It requires a lot of of effort and expertise to get it right. This is where Viglink Review comes in and the tool will ease off the process for you. With a plethora of features and smooth UI, Viglink Review is going to be the next big thing. As you can see, Viglink Review is not just a review tool but also a great alternative to the platform.

Overview of VigLink Benefits

1. Influencer Network

VigLink Review offers a great way to send highly relevant traffic to your site. The Influencer network in this platform is really good and will help you reach out to different influencers. You can send instant emails to influencers and can have a good conversation with them. Moreover, the platform has a good B2B support. This makes the platform even better than before.

2. Automatic Link Insertion

Install the provided script and start generating money based on how many clicks you get on the links or by how many sales you make. Indirect asset monetization is a key feature of VigLink Review. The software will show you the different platforms that are available and how you can put your links for distribution. You can even expect the full-service option that will allow you to integrate the option and both platforms will work together to get you the most clicks. If you have a lot of time and you want to connect the links manually, then that is also possible with the platform. Viglink Review is a great way to start generating your first affiliate commissions.

3. Multi-Platform Network

Viglink Review has a great support system. You can find more than 40 different platforms that are working in the platform. These links are all set up in a way that it will be easy for the users to use the platform. You can use it in different ways and still, the platform will offer you the best of its service. The platforms may overlap and can be used at same time. The software can be used in many different ways with a lot of functionality added in it.

4. User-Friendly Interface

The software comes with a simple interface that will give you a lot of ease when working with it. You can create different banners and can be used across different platforms. The themes in the VigLink Review software are different than other platforms and come with a lot of other features. Moreover, you can even create campaigns and see all the different reports of all the commissions. The software is easy to use and is one of the common platforms that is working on the market today.

5. Sponsored Content

Viglink Review not only offers text links but can also be embedded in the content. The platform works like a network and goes directly to the person who has created the content. The content owner can be an influencer and has created a lot of content. You can hit up the content owner and can have a good link placed inside. The influencer can have different platforms and also ads as well. The platform will be more effective and you will be able to easily make the most out of it.


Viglink Review is a great platform and has a lot of easy-to-use features. The platform has a lot of possibilities and is one of the best choices that are available on the internet. The platform is great for affiliate marketers and will help you earn more money. The link will not need any kind of coding and will link to different affiliate networks. You just have to put the link and you will be good to go. The platform is helpful in many ways and has a great way to show you the different banners and the way you can use them effectively. The platform is easy to use and the easy interface will give you the best of the best, always.

If you are using the platform and have any questions, then you can contact the customer support and ask them anything. The support team is really good and will answer you one by one. They can give you updated information about the platform and can help you get the best out of it. With a lot of features that are added, Viglink Review is an easy way to make money quickly and efficiently. It is all possible with the Viglink Review platform and will make your work life easier in many ways.

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