Visme Review: Is It Worth It?

Visme Review

Visme is one of the most common sights in recommendation lists for educational entrepreneurs. It comes with all the features anyone would need to create their own presentations among plenty of visuals: from flowcharts and infographics to complete animations.

If you’re an online tutor, coach, or you want to implement infographics and animations into your regular content, then you’ll be glad you came here. 

Visme: an overview

Visme Homepage

Visme is an online solution with a focus on visual communication. Basically, its goal is to enable people without graphic design expertise to create stunning visual content quickly and without too much effort.

It’s great for presentations and static content alike, and there’s really no limits on how you can use your Visme creations.

Since its release back in 2015, Visme has grown quite a large user base. It actually feels like a joint venture between the development team and its community of several million people. New releases and updates are almost always birthed from feedback and contributions from its users around the world.

Sure, you can use Canva for your designs or Prezi for your presentations. However, you’ll have a tough time finding a tool combo that equates to the versatility brought by Visme’s single package.

Even if you make up for it by using several platform—and not all of them are free—you’ll then need to integrate them.

Visme is the only solution so far with so much versatility, and it fits all of the features you need to create amazing static content. You can animate your visuals, add multimedia, import content from other platforms, and keep your own content library for quick reference and reuse.

Once you’re done, you’re free to analyze your content’s engagement and performance via detailed analytics reports.

Who can benefit the most from Visme?

There’s a strange misconception when it comes to Visme and its target audience. A lot of reviewers seem to differ in who can use it: educators, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and more. It feels as if there’s a need to niche down Visme, and I disagree.

Visme is great for designing amazing visual content. That’s it: Who can benefit from using Visme? Anyone who wants to create, well, amazing visual content.

You can implement amazing infographics and presentations in your blog. You can use it to promote your products or a service. You could even offer your Visme services as a marketer or freelance content creator.

Even outside the internet, Visme is an amazing option for teachers and educators. It’s perfect for creating entire classes to keep everyone invested in any topic.

You can use it to create your own videos, animation, designs for your book covers, and more. As I said, it’s great for “designing amazing visual content”. If your occupation focuses on delivering content, Visme is perfect to make things more interesting.

Finally, you don’t need any experience with design or anything like that. It’s filled with templates and tips to help you get started until you feel confident to use the blank canvases.

Versatility: what can Visme do?

Well, in case you read all of the previous capabilities and were left thinking “is that it?”, don’t worry. Let me go into a bit more depth about Visme’s functionality.

First off, you can create your own presentations with different slides and elements. It’s not just the blank, static visuals and transitions you might be used to when you hear “slides”. You can create fluid and entertaining presentations with images, icons, text, graphs, and even interactive maps.

Infographics make up another possibility with Visme, and you’ll actually see them as the most common highlight from Visme. You can create them in minutes along other simpler designs like posters, schedules, cards, and more. The latter, simpler visuals are easy to print whenever you need.

The intuitive drag-and-drop editor is also perfect for creating professional documents. You won’t have to worry about creating bland business proposals or whitepapers with Visme. The same goes for your social media content: from ads to posts and page covers, Visme’s got you covered.

You can also create your own graphs outside of your presentations. If you want to visually represent business growth, sales performance, traffic, and more, you can do it with Visme in mere minutes. Speaking of business, you can also create entire timelines to detail both personal and business journeys. Just like every other option, you can start from customizable templates—all the way to their length.

If you want to use Visme to actively improve your business and processes, you can also create flowcharts. You can customize all elements within your flowchart before embedding them elsewhere or exporting them as PDF or image files.

How is Visme different from the competition?

One of the main differences between Visme and its competitors is how you can access your published projects in a wide array of forms. Once you’ve finished your content—regardless of what type it is—you can paste it into any website you own.

If you want to keep it offline, you can download it in several formats: PDF, HTML5 and even just an image file. It won’t change the interactive elements if you access them offline.

It’s also a lot more intuitive than its competitors, specially considering how many features it offers. When it comes to online tools, you’ll often have to choose between intuitiveness or versatility; you either get a fully-featured platform or one that’s easy to use.

That’s not the case with Visme. You have access to a complete feature toolkit that you can use for almost everything; the possibilities are numerous, and it’s just as versatile as some of the largest alternatives. However, it’s one of the best platforms for beginners, precisely because of how easy it is to use it.

You can create from presentations to animations and infographics—all from the same dashboard—in a few minutes. After you’ve learned how Visme works, which usually takes much less than an single hour, all designs are seamless.

This intuitive package even includes features only the most advanced platforms and plans offer. That interactivity you can infuse into your videos via media and widgets isn’t something you’ll get everywhere.

Another reason why it’s so easy to use—besides the intuitive interface—is all the additional help you get. Any type of content you want to design comes with its own pre-designed set of templates, so you just need to import one that looks similar to your vision, edit a bit here and there, and you’re good to go.

It’s both an excellent introduction to visual design and a tool that you’ll find yourself using for a very long time.

The Visme toolkit

In case you’re wondering what you get when you pay for a Visme account, let me walk you through the most important features available with Visme. These aren’t the entire set, but everything you do with Visme starts with these.

Naturally, these are the features that make Visme what it is and stand out from the competition. Let’s have a look.

Customizable assets

Visme comes with countless assets and categories right from the get-go. You can find your regular elements: static text, images, audio. However, you’ll also find more advanced categories like animated text and widgets, vector icons, and more.

Everything is arranged into categories, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of options available.

Content blocks

You can start inserting all the objects you want into your presentation individually. The issue is how long that would take until you’re good to go. That’s why Visme offers suggested content via an easy-to-access library right from your editor.

You can find entire groups with content—all related to each other—so that you can shave off lots of time while designing while still having a coherent design in the end.

Premade templates

As I mentioned already, you can start almost everything from a premade template to save lots of time and effort. These are divided into 2 categories for easier access.

The first group is your presentation templates, which was actually the first step for Visme. You can even find Visme’s first templates under the legacy collection; besides this categories, you have nearly a thousand more templates in different styles for all your slides.

Naturally, the other category is Visme’s other attraction: infographics. You also have several hundreds of templates available once you open up your dashboard. Besides the templates themselves, you can start your own designs from scratch, using the aforementioned content block library, so it’s almost as easy as using the templates.

Extensive branding

With how much variation you have available from the Visme package, creating your own brand using Visme is quite effortless. You can combine different fonts, color palettes, and your own designs to create an easily identifiable brand for your business.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry at all if you already have your own brand. You don’t even need to adapt to Visme; you can adapt Visme to your own business.

That’s because Visme lets you manage your branding by allowing you to add your own templates, logos, colors, and even fonts. You just need to import these elements into your account, and you’ll be good to go.


Visme has an amazing tool for creating animations easily without having to settle for lower quality. You can animate any object in your presentation with nothing but a few clicks: one for the option to pop up and the rest to choose the respective animation.

You can also change an object’s position on your animations and even play with them in relation to the rest of the elements in your presentation. You have access to an intuitive timeline to visualize how everything will work together.

All objects show on this timeline, so you have full control over how the entire animation works. It’s just as intuitive as the rest of the platform as well.

Premium fonts

Visme haves over 100 unique fonts available for all of your presentations. Formatting your text works like any other text platform you’ve used: choose your font and size from a drop-down, italics, bolds, colors, etc.

Each font brings something new to your presentations, so you won’t have to worry about most of them being slight variations of the same style. You can also use several fonts in a single presentation.


Visme also comes with its own audio engine that you can use to add your own audio files along with Visme’s own audio track library. You have the option to add audio for either individual slides or your entire presentation as a background.

If you want to include your own audio, you can add them to your presentation. You could even automate your entire project if you wish to.

How much will you pay for Visme? Visme Pricing Plans

Visme Pricing

Visme has a very interesting approach for how it prices the different accounts available. Each plan has 3 different account types, making up a total of 9 options for your Visme account.

The first plan is for individual entrepreneurs. This one is better for creating visual content for your website, blog, social media, etc. This plan stands out because of its inclusion of a free account with basic features. Your other 2 accounts are the Standard for $14 and Complete for $25, both monthly.

The Business plan is focused on marketing and management. The first 2 accounts are Single and Team for $25 and $75 monthly and a customizable Enterprise option.

The Educator plan is unique in that it focuses on educational features, and it’s paid per semester instead of month. You can get a Student and Educator plan for $30 and $60. There’s also a plan for Schools, which is the equivalent of an Enterprise account.


Visme offers a lot of everything for a huge audience. If you want to design engaging visual content—either to spice up your web content or for live presentations—then you’ll have a tough time finding a platform that combines Visme’s price, features, and ease of use.

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