Voluum Review (2021 Edition): Best affiliate marketing tracker in budget?

Is Voluum worth the money or not? Find out as you scroll below!

Voluum Review

Are you planning on getting Voluum? Are you looking for an advanced software to track, analyze all your ad campaigns?

Read below for a full Voluum review to see if it’s for you or not!

Starts at 69$

If you want to take your affiliate business to the next height, then look no further. Voluum is an all-in-one affiliate marketing tracker. It helps you to track, analyze, and optimize your ad campaigns. It also provides practical solutions to tracking needs in a user-friendly platform. It is a cloud-based ad tracker with built-in optimization tool. With the flexibility to integrate with ad network straight from the platform helps to drive more traffic to your ad campaigns. Its primary focus is on the requirements of affiliates and publishers. Hence, it keeps updating its features depending on the user’s feedback.

Why choose Voluum affiliate tracker?

There are a lot of reasons why you should opt for Voluum instead of a self-hosted tracker. First and foremost, it has more flexibility and lets you scale your business easily. Unlike the self-hosted tracker, it doesn’t involve any hidden cost, complicated setup process, and security problems. Also, these self-hosted tracker fails to provide AI-based features, bot detection, and notification.

Voluum has templates to help you connect to a traffic source to maintain your business effectively. These traffic sources include Facebook, AppNexus, Zeropark, Google, and many more. It makes sure you don’t waste your time and money by letting you track your campaigns and optimize it for better results. Their pricing plans are also cost-effective. For new users, you can setup and create ad campaigns within a few minutes with their step-by-step guide. Check out their video tutorials for any further assistance or contact the account manager in case of technical support.

It manages your business by offering solutions to many affiliate tracking matters.

Voluum effective solutions to scale business

Campaigns tracking

Voluum makes sure you don’t lose any click and track your campaigns every step of the way. It results in developing many cloud data centers on five continents, and each of them has 100% uptime.

Tracking all events – They have tracking parameters like impressions, visits, clicks. Through them, you can understand the areas you should improve to increase profitability and ultimately grow your business. You can also track organic as well as paid traffic with their direct tracking pixel.

Various models – Keep track of your profit in every event through their costing models- CPC, CPM, CPA, and Revshare. You can also turn leads to potential customers with these models by tracking all conversions.

Responsive support team – The customer support team is quick to respond. They solve any issue regarding managing the tracking platform as it can get complex in understanding them correctly.

Data analyzing

Make changes and take effective action with their data analyzing features

Extensive analysis – Voluum provides data points to help you make data-driven decisions based on the points you receive. Their Granular Analytic System (GUT) enables you to make these decisions to Improve in areas like impressions, clicks, and conversion. With the real-time reports, you can have high performance and cost-cutting. It also lets you pinpoint any obstacle instantly that stops you from generating more traffic.

Automatic measurement of overall performance – The campaign dashboard gives you overall performance on crucial metrics like cost per impression, visits, etc. It is because it gets challenging to measure our whole performance manually due to the complexity. Through this feature, you can determine your improvement areas.

Optimizing affiliate performance

Effective features in optimizing affiliate performance are important as the success of your business depends on it.

Targeting accurate audience – Hitting the right audience is one of the difficult parts of the affiliating business. Profits and conversions decrease when you fail to reach the right audience. Hence, Voluum offers advanced targeting solution. It gives you information about the user’s device, browser version, operating system, and more. With AI-optimization, the traffic gets redistributed to the offers based on their needs.

Runs A/B test – Performing A/B tests on multiple web pages tells you about the user’s action. It gives you the knowledge of what your users like the most. As a result, it will help to lower your cost while using every part of your budget. This feature is ideal to use when you have a new landing page or an ad campaign. Ultimately, it will help to increase conversions with better performance.

Scale the affiliate marketing business

Scaling your affiliate business allows you to have a wider audience and more profits.

Offers marketplace – Finding the best affiliate offers needs a deep understanding of the topic and is time-consuming as well. Thus, Voluum lets you offer marketplace. Through it, you can compare various offers from the best affiliate networks. Decide which suits your users the best with the advanced filtering option.

Share date safely – In order to share data with somebody else, you need to export the data into CSV first. But before that, you have to remove the data you are not willing to share. However, with their shared report feature, you can share a specific part of the data to anyone. You can also select the time the data will be visible to that particular person.

Subscription pricing and plans

Voluum offers four pricing plans- Discover, Profit, Grow, and Agency. You can either pay monthly or yearly. However, the yearly option is more profitable over the monthly one.

  • Discover- This plan is for $69 per month. It is ideal to start tracking the affiliate campaigns. Their features include three months of data retention, 20 active campaigns, and one custom domain.
  • Profit- It is the best value plan pricing at $149 per month. They will provide six months of data retention, unlimited active campaigns, and three custom domains.
  • Grow- It stands at $449/month. And they offer 12 months of data retention, unlimited active campaigns with five custom domains.
  • Agency- Opt for this plan when you run an agency. It starts at $999/month. And you have to contact their team to sign up. You can get unlimited traffic tracking with fully customizable features.


With Voluum, you can upgrade the plans whenever you need higher features and requirements. Also, the automatic campaign migration lets you migrate from any tracker. Increase traffic and enjoy better performance with the best solutions to most experienced tracking issues.