What Can ClickFunnels Do?

(ClickFunnels Works For More Than You May Think!)

What Can Clickfunnels Do

Starting an online business might seem trickier than ever.

Having a functional and well-established store in the town can seem a great idea, but if you’re not having an online presence, you’re missing out to your competitors.

ClickFunnels started in 2014 to help marketers and entrepreneurs create and manage sales funnels in a successful way. For many online businesses, it has become a vital tool because of its versatility and how easy it is to use it.

ClickFunnels: What is it?

Before you learn about ClickFunnels, you need to know what a sales funnel is. It is a metaphor used to explain the process of how to attract people’s attention and convert them into customers.

It is not easy to get customers and is very frustrating when before you close the sale, the potential customer decides to stop and leave the funnel. You can avoid that using handy tools that will keep the interest of the buyers till the end.

A great tool to achieve this is ClickFunnels. It is a marketing platform that will help you create attractive leading pages and improve the promoting of your services.

You won’t need to be an expert in web programming to use it, and you will start getting more customers before you know it.

What can you do with ClickFunnels?

This platform has many exciting features for their users. All of these features are focused on making your online store to stand out from the others and attracting more potential customers.

Sales funnels: Creating and managing sales funnels can be a tedious job. You can find many different platforms that offer a few tools that help you in developing some aspects of the funnel, like creating leading pages. But they certainly can’t provide all of them.

It means that you will still need to figure out how to solve other issues by yourself. Or you will need to pay more for other tools.

ClickFunnels makes that without so many troubles. This platform has the tools you need to complete each step of the process. Its interface is friendly for beginners and very intuitive. It also has pre-made templates that you can use for your store and start converting quickly. All you have to do is adapt the information, and you are ready.

Affiliate Program: It is an exciting feature that will bust your store and increase your gain by sharing your success with others. By affiliating your online store with ClickFunnel, you’ll start taking 40% commissions from each time there is a sale of ClickFunnels or one of its related products.

ClickFunnel will also reward you with a chance to earn $500 once you manage to pull more than 100 signups. To resume it, the more you convince your customers and other online stores to start using ClickFunnels, the more commissions you can gain. It is a great way to obtain benefits while at the same time, you use ClickFunnel to improve your online store.

ClickFunnels also provides a couple of programs like “sticky cookie” and “share funnels”, which allow you to earn more commission whenever you share your success.

BackPack (your own affiliates): When you are starting your business, it can be costly to hire the services of a sales company. With the BackPack program that ClickFunnel offers, you’ll be able to manage your affiliate and get more potential clients interested in your services.

It makes easier the work that usually the sales executives do, like managing database, tracking your sales rate and many more. You also won’t have to worry about making payments to a sales company before you have successfully made a sell of the product you are promoting.

You will be able to do everything by yourself the way you want it to be done, instead of depending on the work of others. It gives you more independence, and you can use the money to invest in other ways to improve your online store.

Drag and Drop interface: ClickFunnels interface is intuitive and easy to manage. Making landing pages is as simple as selecting the items you want to include in the design, then dragging and dropping them on the place you want them to be.

You won’t need to start from the beginning if there is something you want to change from your finished project. It also allows you to customize already made templates to adapt them in the way you need them. ClickFunnel has an exciting library of elements such as widgets, bars, and buttons to add to your page.

You can use the colour-coded elements to guide you through the building and designing of your pages. It will take minutes to start working with this interface, even if you have never worked with a similar platform.

Optimized templates: Once you include ClickFunnels as your marketing platform, you immediately gain access to 22 ready-to-go templates. You can customize them as you like, or use them directly as they are. These templates are organized into four categories: Events funnels, Lead Capture funnels, Sales Page funnels, and Membership sites. Select the category you want to use, and there you will find free and paid templates to start using in the moment.

ClickFunnels also links the different landing pages, which will save you a lot of time and effort. Each template is incredible, and you can be sure that they will help to attract potential customers to your stores. Select the one that goes with the design you want for your online store and the colours that convince you more

Actionetics (omnichannel marketing): Actionetics is a ClickFunnel tool that allows you to fuse your sales funnel with the marketing channels you already use. Instead of managing each channel in its own, such as catalogues and physical shopping on your store, you can integrate them all in one, reducing the expenses of paying additional services.

It gives more options to your clients to reach for the products and service you offer. It will also attract more potential customers that may prefer to purchase by a specific method.

Actionetics allows you to keep in touch with your customers through different communication platforms like Facebook chat, emails, SMS, and others. You can send notifications directly to their computers or relaunch your ads. That way, your customers will always be updated on what you have on stock, and the different promotions you will offer.

Webinars: Using webinars is an excellent strategy to get more clients into your sales funnel. It allows the potential clients to get information about the product directly from the host, that promotes the features and benefits of the product and service that you provide.

You can find different platforms that offer this service, but you can save the money you would have to invest in them with ClickFunnels. It already provides this exciting feature and allows you to promote your store through webinar funnels.

You click on the “Build funnel” or “Add new” on the menu of your ClickFunnels interface, and you are ready to make the connection with your potential clients.

Follow-ups: This feature comes integrated on your ClickFunnels Actionetics feature, and it is intended to keep track with your usual customers. It is a way to maintain a close connection with them that is always appreciated for the clients.

At the same time, it helps to obtain more customers if you show them that you care for their needs. It allows them to interact with you to give feedback about your products or services.

You must create a follow-up funnel, and from there, you can start sending messages to your customers using the communication platforms mentioned in the Actionetics feature.

Final Verdict

ClickFunnels is an excellent marketing platform for every store that wishes to increase the numbers of their customers and sales. It allows you to create and manage your sales funnels without the need of a third-party platform. All the tools that you could need are already there, with other exciting features that you won’t find in other marketing platforms.

It has a friendly interface that is also very intuitive. It offers different templates that are ready to use, and that you can customize to your needs. You can create a stronger bond with your customers and potential clients, connecting with them and offering different services to make their purchases simple and fun.

Try out ClickFunnels for Free and watch your sales go up and wide.

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