Where Can I Buy Solo Ads? Solo Ad Marketplaces

Solo ads can be an arrow with several heads if you can project it right. You can boost your engagement, drive sales, increase your revenue, and get access to a much larger customer base all with one effective solo ad.

Finding the right solo ad marketplace and solo ad provider is where you start your work at. With the digital platform full of crooks and thieves, you would need to know where to look for.

You can buy solo ads from hundreds of solo ad directories online. You can also buy solo ads from social media groups and forums. To narrow it down for you, I have listed down solo ad marketplaces that would give you more than just authentic traffic.

How Solo Ads Work?

As you might already be aware, solo ads are a form of email marketing. The email list that your ad copy is sent to is your target audience.

The way you get this email list is by contacting a solo ad provider. Solo ad providers can be found all over the internet, but you find most of the real ones in real marketplaces.

For an agreed fee, you would send them a copy of your solo ad, which they will send out to the email list of subscribers that they have.

As these targets receive the email marketing on your behalf, some of them will click on the link.

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Solo Ads

Before buying Solo Ads, you need to take the following factors into consideration:

The reputation of the solo ad provider

Whether you want to buy from a Facebook group or a marketplace website on the internet, you would get your ad copy sent to the email list of the provider. The provider must have a good track record and reputation that favors him in the market.

The legitimacy of the marketplace

There are hundreds of solo ad markets on the web. Don’t just click on any of the pop up screens or sites that you “think” might be legit. I have provided a list of 20 such marketplaces which, more or less, provide secure sellers that you can do business with. Marketplaces that promise too much at prices that are too low are most possibly fake.

Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t take testimonials on these websites for granted. Instead, look for reviews of a vendor, or marketplace on neutral forums and discussions. Having words of more people who have used that particular market or source would put you in a more secure place.

Price and Quality of Traffic

Understand those solo ad providers should not cost too much, nor too less. More importantly, you would only want to invest when you are guaranteed quality traffic. You could be getting hundreds of clicks per day, but the quality, relevance, and criteria of the target matter more.

Screening Filtering and Protection

If you are choosing a marketplace, make sure they offer screening and filtering of the available vendors, like Udimi. You could also look for websites that offer extra protection for their sellers.

Where Can I Buy Solo Ads?

The internet is full of solo ads. You would only have to peek to find a source or a seller with popping ads and lucrative deals. But, be careful!

It’s easy to get scammed with fake buyers in the world of solo ads. You can buy solo ads on Facebook groups, chats, forums, individual provider websites, and solo ad marketplaces. All of these mentioned comprises legit, as well as extracting vendors.

You can always start with the hub of solo ads: the marketplaces. The following section covers a few solo ad platforms to look into for buying your ad copy:

Best Places To Buy Solo Ads


Udimi Homepage

Udimi solo ads are the largest solo ad marketplace, where you might find the best solo ad providers. If you want to check a few Udimi solo ads reviews, you will for sure conclude that their reputation precedes them. There’s a good reason for it as well.

One of the biggest worries that you might have regarding buying solo ads from these marketplaces is that you might end up dealing with scammers. Udimi does well to take care of that by verifying that all sellers on the platform are indeed legitimate and only the ones with a proven track record are present.

Plus, Udimi’s advanced filtering options help you navigate the marketplace with much more efficiency and speed. You could use the sellers’ ratings, price specifics, niche, and delivery details to get the right provider.

Other than their advanced metrics tracking system, Udimi’s best feature is the buyer protection that they offer, along with refunds on subsequent failed orders from a particular seller.

You can read my Udimi Review to see all the things it offers which puts it much higher than any of it’s competitors.

  • TrafficForMe:

TrafficForMe Homepage

TrafficForMe is known for the satisfaction guarantee that they provide. While they claim that they would replace traffic that proceeds to disappoint what you had expected the returns to be, they do.

Solo ads in this marketplace may be a little more expensive but their customer service is top-notch. It’s also one of the most reliable sources for traffic on solo ads. The solo ads on this marketplace always prove to have high-quality traffic. You can see my comparison between TrafficForMe Vs Udimi here.

  • Solo AdsX

SoloAdsX Homepage

SoloAdX has a reputation in the market for being one of the solo ad platforms where clients are prioritized. Whether it’s their weekly top vendor update or an active chat provision, you can rest assured that SoloAdX is as legit as it gets. 

They have a wide range of pricing tiers, the lowest starts from $80 while the highest is $1900 for its premium presell traffic solo ads.

  •  Traffic Blade

Traffic Blade Homepage

Traffic blade is one platform for solo ads where you will find one of the most inquisitive traffic. Most people who have bought solo ads on Traffic Blade were more impressed with their extra bonuses on orders and post order follow-ups.

You can expect email ads from Traffic Blade providers that would have better conversion rates. However, you would want to remember that they are quite in demand. So you might have to wait long for the line to clear up before they can serve you.

  • Traffic Authority:

Traffic Authority Homepage

If you’re worried about your provider’s reliability, Traffic Authority is one such marketplace that has decades of proven track record and provides 100% legitimate solo ads as well as vendors.

You can expect the Cost per click (CPC) on Traffic Authority to be a little higher than its competitors but it’s all worth it when you are in the market. One of the best features of Traffic Authority is how they let you pause your campaign if and when you need to! 

  • BuySellAds

BuySellAds Homepage

BuySellAds is another solo ads marketplace where you can have access to other types of advertisements as well. The specialty of this marketplace remains in how they enable you to customize your promotions. 

The cost of a subscription on BuySellAds is initially null. You can, however, have two ways in which you would be able to pay for the services rendered: self-service ads and legacy ads, the latter being paid and automated.

  • Solo Ad Marketplace

Solo Ad Marketplace Homepage

SoloAdmarketplace.com sells solo ads of top quality, ads that increase your click through rate (CTR). Although there is no doubt about the quality and authenticity of solo ads that you can buy from this platform, you may remember that this marketplace does not have social media, and is not adept at customer service either.

  • WarriorForum:

Warrior Forum Solo Ads Tag Page

This is a digital marketing forum turned into a solo ads marketplace. With a high customer rating, you can rest assured that this forum marketplace can be efficient. The platform is diverse with solo ad buyers and sellers who have been in the market for several years. However, there are possible mods and scammers that you’d need to be aware of.

  • TrafficSwarm

Traffic Swarm Homepage

More like a traffic exchange place, this platform has been around for 10 years with thousands of vendors and buyers looking for solo ads to increase their return on investments ROI).

TrafficSwarm has also been popular among affiliate marketers. However, the catch to using TrafficSwam is that you would have to be patient and somewhat lucky with conversions. They promise you more visits because the ones visiting are mostly marketers themselves.

  •  Superiorsolos

SuperiorSolos Homepage

Superiorsolos is offering PLR products that cost up to $300. With such discounts and offers, Superiorsolos also gives your analytics and data regarding your solo ads traffic.

Superiorsolos have a loyal customer base and a promise that their traffic is free of bots. I appreciate their honesty in their terms and conditions where they don’t promise conversions and sales because that would depend on your targeted solo ads and call to action (CTA).

  • Advertyze

Advertyze Homepage

This solo ads marketplace has been in work since 1999, ensuring their work ethics and legitimacy more strongly. This marketplace is specialized in solo ads and focuses on customer satisfaction. If you order a solo ad campaign in Advertyse, all you would need to do is copy and paste the promotion into their system. It can be a struggle to immediately cancel your membership, nonetheless.

  • 10dollarSoloAds:

10DollarSoloAds Homepage

10dollarSoloAds.com may surprise you with its quick response and patient customer service. Not only would you be able to buy solo ads there, but you can also ask them to make your solo ads for you. According to many customers, you too could get lucky to get leads in less than 72 hours. You can read my 10DollarSoloAds Review here!

Final Thoughts

Getting on the right marketplace can make it easier for you to achieve better success with solo ads.

As a marketplace that you can trust blindly, I suggest Udimi. Not only do you find one of the biggest networks of buyers and sellers on that platform, but it is also a relief to know the degree of buyer protection they provide from the website. Their screening of providers proves that it is not a place for fakes to hover around.

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