Which One is Better – GrooveFunnels Or Kartra?

In my experience, working on the internet requires you to provide for certain things in order to guarantee smooth sailing. There are websites to be built, email marketing to be strategized and performed, along with things such as creating marketing funnels and webinar hosting. This means that you willbe requiring the best tools at the the most affordable prices. I am pretty sure that your internet searches must have yielded the fact that trustworthy all-in-one marketing solutions are hard to come by at this time. It is something akin to a difficult situation to get out of.

This comparative article that looksat both GrooveFunnels and Kartra is so that you can broaden your horizons about the details of these two products. In this space, I will be going over the pricing of the plans, features included with the products, and other such things.You can make your decision after you are done reading this piece. 

GrooveFunnels – A Brief Introduction

Created by Mike Filsaime, the co-founder of Kartra, GrooveFunnels is a powerhouse all-in-one internet marketing platform. With its multiple capabilities, GrooveFunnels gives you the ability to sell products online, host live webinars, conduct email marketing campaigns, and so much more. 

A subsidiary of GrooveDigital, that not only caters to all software related issues but also has a keen eye on the marketing aspects of the game as well, GrooveFunnels is truly competent to compete at the highest level. 

Kartra – A Brief Introduction

This product also has had Mark Filsaime at its helm. Karta is yet another reliable all-in-one online marketing platform that provides you with the space to perform mostly similar activities. You can build websites here, manage your marketing leads, keep a check on customer transactions, selling proucts as well as completing marketing funnels. Apart from this, there is a lot more that you can choose to do with Kartra when it comes to the online marketing space. 

Part of the Genesis Digital company, Kartra has been involved in this business space for more than 4 years and has helped amass over 40,000 clients as well as have more than 100 people employed. Genesis Digital also own the software WebinarJame. It is a different product solution venture that is known for its easibility with conducting webinars. Interestingly enough, this platform has been used to organize over 500,000 webinars t this moment.  

Overall Features

Both Kartra and GrooveFunnels have similar things to offer to their clientele when it comes to the online market place. These all-in-one online marketing platforms make it a point to provide a plethora of services to their clients so that they do not have to look around when it comes to complete marketing solution. Part of this overlapping can be attributed to the fact that the same person was involved in the creation of both these items.   

To be honest, it is easier to make the differences apparent when it comes to choosing which one is better amongst the two platforms. However, for the sake of an in-depth comparison I will be going through the features individually. This is with the hope that you can see for yourself which shoe fits the best. 

The Features Of GrooveFunnels 

GrooveFunnels provides you with access to the following tools, take a look at them –

  • GroovePages – This is the flagship tool of GrooveFunnels. It provides you with the werewithal to create complete marketing funnels, proper web pages as well as websites. GroovePages relies on a new age Javascript framework that adds on to your pages, slick and new gen look. The loading time is also exceptionally fast.
  • GrooveAffiliate – This is both the affiliate marketplace as well as the affiliate tool of GrooveFunnels. This particular tool allows you to promote all products that are both high quality and fashion a high-conversion rate. As an affiliate marketer, you have all the tools within your reach to maximise user participation, product development, and fashion new-age marketing strategies.
  • GrooveMember – This is a specific tool that can aid and assist you in building membership sites. These sites have the werewithl to host training programs, course modules, and content driven towards the goal. You have the option to include videos as well as create lock-able content for your customers. 
  • GrooveSell – This particular tool is made for you to be able to run your own training program and course. All your products can be esily integrated to the checkout pages that you’d have created using GroovePages. This particular tool also allows you to create affiliate programs and tune commission stuctures accordingly.     
  • GrooveVideo – This is no different from the paid version of something like Wistia, a major video hosting tool. GrooveVideo will not only let you brand and upload videos, but also provides over-arching control over the media players to help you strategize and market your products better.
  • GrooveMail – GrooveFunnels’ in-house email autoresponder is known as GrooveMail. This allows you to make good use of behavioral strategies in your email marketing strategies. In its basic nature, it is nothing very different from ActiveCampaign and Aweber.
  • GrooveCalendar – The GrooveFunnels platform provides all its customers with the capability to schedule meetings and events. It is a digital calender that ties in with potential clients and customers and allows you to follow-up at the snap of your fingers.
  • GrooveDesk –  This particular tool is to help you provide all sorts of customer related issues. This can range from generating tickets, keeping a tab on complaints, all of it which can be found within the dashboard. You will have the option of integrating and connecting with other tools in the platform.
  • GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz –  These are two tools directed towards maximizing user particiption with your product, marketing strategies, as well as your website. You can create surveys as well as interesting quizzes which will apper on your page created using GroovePages and websites.
  • GrooveBlog –  To sustain yourself as an affiliate marketer on the internet, it is at times essential to have a blog. Regularly updating it with interesting content about the product or service you are marketing truly deepens reach within internet communities. GrooveBlog helps you do exactly that. Along with GroovePages, you will not feel the need to use WordPress again.
  •  GrooveWebinar – This will be an useful addition for all those who wish to host webinars on their websites. You will be provided with the option of hosting automated and live webinars. Interaction with the client is of utmost importance when it comes to building a brand name.

The Features of Kartra

Kartra is not very different from GrooveFunnels in the tools that they provide. Let us take a look –

  • Kartra Checkouts – This particular tool is directed towards selling products and services in the online marketplace. You can integrate and update your checkout options, tweak your order forms, and manage payment methods such as credit cards and Paypal.
  • Kartra Pages –  If you are looking for page builder par excellence, this tool will be one of the top 3 options available to you. It has a plethora of pre-designed templates for you to choose from, and it is truly optimized to give you the best results on mobile.
  • Kartra Leads –  Kartra Leads is a tool that houses automated lead scoring facilities. Along with this, you can track your lead to see the trends accordingly. At the same time, you can choose specific actions for treatment of these leads. Set different actions for opened emails and link clicks.
  • Kartra Funnels And Campaigns – This tools are directed to ease and organize complete marketing cmpaigns. You are free to include and tweak things such as tags, triggers, and automation buttons. One single click will have you import complete campaigns on to your dashboard. If you wish to, you can seek campaigns that have been created by other members and import on to your dashboard.
  • Kartra Mail – This is Kartra’s in-house email autoresponder. It will take complete care of your emails that you send out in order to engage with the market and thus with customers. One of the best things about Kartra Mail is the fact that you can now use behaviour as a stepping stone to optimize your marketing.
  • Kartra Membership –  A membership site builder, this tools allows you make and design you training modules and material. It will also help you integrate content as well as help sustain the environment. Think about all the things that you can acheive with this membership portal.
  • Kartra Affiliate Management –  Much like what the name suggests, this is an affiliate management tool. It helps you recruit affiliates, manage their products, and track developments within your own marketplace. You can keep an eye out for all minute growth related details such as conversions and commissions as well as refunds that are queued.   
  • Kartra Marketplace – This is the Kartra marketplace, a space to address all your buying and selling needs. You can literally sell all your products and services here. You can also put up your marketing funnels for sale. You will also be able to see the other products being marketed in the market. If you choose to, you can also become an affiliate marketer as well.
  • Kartra Videos – This is Kartra’s online video management application. It provides you with the opportunity to not only publish but edit your videos according to your tastes. These videos can be directly feeded in to the pages that you have created with Kartra.
  • Kartra Helpdesks – This tool is to help you with customer related issues. It handles all ticket generating programs and organizes customer support via your team. Simultaneously it helps you create and maintain live chat on your websites.
  • Kartra Calendars – The Kartra Calender lets you schedule and mark your events so that you never fall behind your work. Use this to organize meeting with different clients, colleagues, and other competitors. The best part about it is the fact that it directly integrates with every other tool in your Kartra arsenal.
  • Kartra Agency – This particular tool lets you have complete control over all client management fetures from a centralized dashboard. You are free to view accounts calculate and manage revenues, measure metrics and access multiple client related information. Most importantly, you are free to buy as well sell Kartra accounts. You can even issue them out on retainers.

What Are The Main Differences Between Them?

Let us use this section to chart out the differences between GrooveFunnels and Kartra. We will be focusing on the main differences so that you cn get a holistic view of which product performes well in areas where it really matters. 

  • The Webinar Hosting Platform –  This is something that GrooveFunnels sports in its main repertoire, but is completely missing in Kartra. A webinar hosting platform is bound to be expensive; it is something that helps you directly get in touch with clients and maintain a helthy relationship to maximize potential gains. This is something to seriously consider given that your affilite member career depends on functions such as this.
  • Technology – Going by the functions performed, I would rate both applications similarly in this particular category. However, Kartra works on an older software, thus feeding into a more retro look and feel. GrooveFunnels relies on recent technology that aids their sleek look and speeds up page loading time to a maximum. I feel that GrooveFunnels has a clear edge.
  • Valuability – Kartra is something that has already established a footprint in the online marketing space. It’s customer base is very wide, broad, and well distributed over the globe. This means that people will be willing to trust this product over others simply because of its brand name and presence. However, GrooveFunnels is starting out and is currently in the beta phase. One can automatically assume the fact that it will take time before it has a solid reputation. There is a minimum of one year before you can actually see it reap benefits.   
  • Campaigns –  As far as I know, there are no complete campaign annexes present within the GrooveFunnels setup. It does not sport a simple integration feature that can quickly make your campaigns trackable and you can optimize your makreting services. Karta on the other end has an import feature par excellence that makes up for all the time lost elsewhere. This has to be an integral feature for all those who desire to multitask within the ambit.
  •  Affiliate Program – Kartra’s affiliate program provides a 40 percent commission to all its ffiliate. GrooveFunnels however fashions a two tiered affiliate commission generting technique. For those who are free affiliates, commissions are capped at 20 percent. However for all those who have a subscription enjoy a 40 percent commission cap. The difference in numbers with respect to the kind of money you have to pay will be the most significant and decisive metric.
    Another importnt thing to keep in mind while considering the affliate part of both these products is the fact Kartra only allows qualified individuals to market products. There is no such entry barrier present with GrooveFunnels.


Let us now compare the fee structure of both the platforms. This will give us a way to differentiate between both of them by simply calculating the costs. 


GrooveFunnels provides you with 4 different pricing plans to choose from.

  • Base
  • Silver 
  • Gold 
  • Platinum 

The base plan is available for a minimum of $99 per month, whereas the platinum plan is available for $299 per month. The difference present in the pricing plans is one of access and tools. As the tiers keep progressing, each plan provides you access to better tools as well as features. There is also a significant difference between the two levels of affiliate commissions. While the first one gives you a 20 percent commission, the other one provides you with a 40 percent commission cap. Most importantly, all the plans at GrooveFunnels provide you with 25,000 contacts that you are free to utilise at will. There is also an unlimited number of custom domains that you can personally use here. 


Much like GrooveFunnels, Kartra too sports 4 different pricing plans –

  •  Starter
  •  Silver
  •  Gold 
  •  Platinum 

The starter plan is priced at $99 per month. The platinum plan is priced at $499 per month. The basic difference between these plans is the number of leads you will be able to access, as well as the number of emails you will be able to send every month. Additionally, the plans also affect the number of custom domains as well as the bandwith that you enjoy.
If you decide to take a yearly subscription to any of their plans, then you get to enjoy a robust 25 percent off on the prices. 

What About Free Plans Or Trials?


There is no free trial available withGrooveFunnels at this time. However one might come up when the company is done with their beta testing. The idea is to have the entire platform functioning properly before any such trials can be made.
Howeer, GrooeFunnels provides a free Base account to all its users. The value of this is far beyond normal calculations. Not only do you get unlimited access to something like marketing funnels and the page building tools (GroovePges Lite is an example), but you are also privy to the GrooveAffiliate dashboard and the GrooveSell platform. Unlike Kartra, you do not have to worry about qualifications before starting out. Directly become an affiliate with GrooveAffiliate. 


Kartra has a little bit more to offer in the aren of free trials than GrooveFunnels. There is  time restriction on this. While penning down this article, Karta was offering a trial period of 14 days, available for a single dollar. The fact that you can experience all features and tools of this program for such a cheap rate is exceptional. This allows you to discover and explore the different tools beforehand so that your decision to go with them is predicated on concrete knowledge and experience. 


After all that has been said and done, it is important to remember that decision completely lies in your hand. The factors and the tools that have been earmarked for you coupled with the pricing plan should be enough to help you out.
If you want to take my opinion qbout this debate, then it has to be GrooveFunnels. This is simply predicated on the fact that it exceeds Kartra in its functionalities, features, and speed.

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