Which would be better for you – WordPress or GrooveFunnels?

If you are an entrepreneur, blogger, or just someone who wants to start a website, then you would have been looking into what options are available for you to build one right away.

Anyone who gets on this space will immediately be directed towards WordPress – one of the biggest names online for website management. Most reviews you read and all the articles will point you to this software and for good reason. WordPress has been used by over 30% of the websites currently active on the internet. 

However, what they don’t tell you is how much of the work goes into developing and managing a WordPress website. Yes, you may be able to create one and run it on a daily basis, but to get the full potential of the software and to make your website truly shine, you need to have some technical knowledge and you will need to delve into how WordPress works.

In this article, I am going to be talking about another up and coming software that can be used for content/website management. It is called GrooveFunnels and you might have heard about it as well because it has become quite popular. I will be going through the features of each of these systems as well as all the other details that you will need to know before you make a purchase.  

GrooveFunnels – What is it?

Unlike WordPress, which is built to only be that one software that you need to create and run your website, GrooveFunnels is a digital marketing tool that is made up of everything you will need to run a business online. 

This software is not coming from some unknown entity that created it. It is made by one of the previous founders of the software Kartra, Mike Filsaime. GrooveFunnels is part of the team called GrooveDigital which launched back in 2019. It aims to be that central platform that your business needs to handle everything to do with marketing and websites. You will have an arsenal of tools at your disposal and you won’t have to keep switching between different tools to get these jobs done. 

Using their tools, you are able to build full websites or landing pages from scratch, create membership websites, host webinars, do email campaigns, create sales funnels, and more. When you first log on to the site or you see some reviews, it is mostly lauded as a website builder and the other tools are ignored.

This is because when it first launched, it only launched as a website builder called GroovePages. Once the GrooveDigital team saw the response that they were getting for the tool, they decided to continue making more tools like that and ended up creating this whole solution. 

GrooveFunnels is made up of 26 tools that have been combined together to create this one platform. This means that you would need to pay for these 26 tools separately if you were to use other software to get their tasks done. 

WordPress – What is it?

A content management system is a platform where you are able to manage all of your data and content before it is released to the public. So this would mean having a place to store all of your images, text, and video while also being able to upload, edit and post your content at a scheduled time. This is basically what WordPress is – a content management system.

There is a reason why WordPress is so popular. You can do so much with this website builder when compared to most others. They give you a lot of freedom and options that you can use to create the best website you can imagine. Even for newbies, the basics are quite easy to digest and learn and it is quite user-friendly to use. 

When WordPress first started out, it was only meant for those who wanted to start a blog. Since then it has grown into a huge platform that can support the creation of almost any website and offers the most customization than any other website builder. This is done through their open-source code which other developers use to create new “themes” or “plugins” that you can then use on your website for various functions. 

One other thing to note is that WordPress is not created to be a software that will help your website convert or sell products. It is meant more as a means for you to manage your website and its content, no matter what your website holds. This is unlike GrooveFunnels, which is built towards getting more conversions and sales. 

WordPress can be used in two formats – ‘Wordpress.com’ and ‘Wordpress.org’. The only difference between these two is to do with hosting. If you get the “.org” version, then you will need to find your own website hosting service, but if you choose the “.com” version then you will get it from WordPress themselves. 

Overall, the gist of WordPress is that it is a system through which you are able to do anything to a website and customize it in any way. However, there is a bit of a steep learning curve that newbies may find difficult.

GrooveFunnels – What are the features?

GrooveFunnels is made up of a bunch of subsections that they have broken down their tools into. They make up a total of 12, each of them with their own function towards marketing. Here are a few of the popular ones:

  • GroovePages – This is the one that started it all for GrooveFunnels. This is the tool that is used for website and landing page creation. This is done via the drag and drop method which is common across most website builders because of how easy it is to learn and master. You can either create your website from scratch or use one of their premium templates as a base to create your site. It is quite a simple software to use and even newbies will find it easy to use after a bit of practice. 
  • GrooveSell – Is your business going to be one where you are selling digital products/services? Well, this tool is built specifically for you. This will give you the necessary methods to upload all of your products on to the system and then create a funnel/sales pipeline through which you can sell these products. You can do stuff like adding discounts, creating upsell offers, customize your cart and checkout pages, and more.
  • GrooveMember – There are certain types of businesses that can thrive with a member-only website or if you want to create another website that has membership privileges. For services that require subscriptions or initial payments, this is a good method of gating your content so that only the selected few can view them. With this tool, you can easily do all of that plus manage all your members, do scheduled posts weekly, and more.
  • GrooveMail – Any successful business would tell you that one of their marketing tactics involved email marketing. Usually, you would have to pay for additional email marketing software to do these campaigns on a monthly basis. However, with this tool, you can make it your auto-responder to any emails coming in, build opt-in forms, build your mailing lists, and more.
  • GrooveAffiliate – If your business is the type that can benefit from an affiliate program, then this tool is for you. Using this, you can create your own affiliate program and manage it all from the GrooveFunnels dashboard. You can easily manage all your members, set the commission rates, see all of your analytics, and so on.

I have only mentioned a few of their tools here. On top of these features, they also have tools for running webinars, managing blogs, hosting your videos, using your website as a helpdesk, and more.

WordPress – What are the features?

In terms of features in general, WordPress has a lot to offer just based on their customization options alone:

  • The use of plug-ins – Everyone who uses WordPress knows about plug-ins and what they can do. They are basically smaller pieces of software that you can install on to WordPress which will then provide you with a particular service. There are so many available and you can view them all by visiting their plug-in store which houses all of them. They come either paid or free (usually the paid ones are the best) depending on what use the plug-in provides. 

You can use these plug-ins to do so many things on your website such as:

  • Creating well-designed forms
  • Pop-ups for your website based on user interaction
  • Reducing page load times
  • Keep your bounce rate down by engagement
  • See more analytics 
  • Have lossless image compression

This is just scratching the surface of the ice. There are so many plug-ins available that you will be able to find one for just about anything with a simple search.

  • Theme templates – You can also find a ton of themes that you can use for your website and landing pages on their theme finder. Again you have a selection of both free and paid themes. However, there are still so many free templates that you will have a wide selection to choose from. 

It doesn’t matter what colors you want to use or what industry you operate in, there will surely be something available for you, even if you don’t want to pay for it. These days, you can even find these themes with other recommended details such as plug-ins to use on them or even some with free landing pages built into the theme already. You won’t need to do much to them to brand it according to your business and it will look professional from the get-go.

  • Act as a membership website – If you want your website to be exclusive and only open to a select crowd, then you can do this with the help of a plug-in too. You can change your website into a monetization site using this method. Just like with GrooveFunnels, you will have all the tools necessary to run a membership-based website. As I said, the plug-ins can be used in just about any way.
  • Make it an E-commerce store – Using a few plug-ins that you find, you can even convert your website into a fully operational E-commerce store. There are quite a few plug-ins that are geared only for this reason. WooCommerce is a plug-in that is known for this and is very popular amongst the WordPress crowd. All you need to do is install the WooCommerce plug-in and just like that you will have an E-com store. 

Everything that you need will now be available on the website –  Uploading products, setting prices and discounts, setting upsells, and even customizing your own checkout page. All this can be done with a simple install of a plug-in.

  • Create a blog site – Like I mentioned earlier, WordPress first started off as a blogging site. If you ask most bloggers out there, you would find that most of them are on WordPress because of how intuitive and simple it is to use. You will have all the features of a good blog site such as being able to upload your content early as drafts, placing all your images in storage, and even being able to create categories and breadcrumbs for your blogs. 

The best part is that from the start, WordPress is helping you SEO optimize your content. With the help of another plug-in (Yoast SEO), you can be up and running with a few clicks of a button. To start off with and manage a simple website, WordPress is one of the easiest to do. 

GrooveFunnels – What about pricing?

With GrooveFunnels, they offer you three different price points and they all provide compounding services.

When you are first logging on to their website, they will give you an offer for a free account. You don’t need to enter any of your credit card details or even many details at all. With a few of your basic details out of the way, you will be given limited access to some of their tools for you to try out. 

Based on my experience, I haven’t found another software that provides as much value on the free account as GrooveFunnels. Here is what you will get:

  • A free SSL certificate for your website
  • Custom domain integrations on to their Amazon servers for fast loading speeds
  • GroovePages Lite – Their website builder tools but with limited options and no premium templates
  • GrooveSell – You have full access to this tool to sell any digital products
  • GrooveAffiliate – You can become an affiliate or create an affiliate program and earn some money doing this as well.

All of this comes before you have even spent a dime on their site. For their paid packages, they go as follows:

  • GrooveFunnels Silver ($99 per month) – Your account will get access to the full version of GroovePages, GrooveVideo (to host your videos), GrooveMember (to create membership sites), and GrooveMail (to manage your email responding).
  • GrooveFunnels Gold ($199 per month) – With this you will get all of the above plus GrooveBlog (the tool to help all bloggers), GrooveDesk (change your website into a support website), and GrooveCalendar (manages your calendar scheduling for you).
  • GrooveFunnels Platinum ($299 per month) – This is their most premium package and will make up all of their tools. You will get GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz (to create any surveys or quizzes you want to put out for marketing purposes), GroovePages for Shopify (this will allow you to install the GroovePages tool on Shopify), and GrooveWebinar (allows you to host or automate webinar recordings).

WordPress – What about pricing?


You can create and build your site for free on WordPress. However, this comes with a few restrictions such as not being able to have a custom domain, having the WordPress branding on the site and not being able to install premium themes/plug-ins. 


Again you can build your website for free but you will have to pay for your site’s hosting and domain name. You can’t buy these through WordPress so you will have to go elsewhere to get them. However, you can now integrate them on to the site. Your domain can cost you anywhere between $5 – $30/year and the hosting will cost around $10 – $15/month.

Are you able to incorporate GrooveFunnels into WordPress?

During my research and just looking around online, I noticed that there were a lot of people who were curious about whether or not you could integrate the GrooveFunnels system into a WordPress environment. 

In short, no you cannot do that for the time being. We don’t know what will happen in the future or if there will be a collaboration between the two softwares, but for now this is not possible.

You will have to make a choice between the two, even if you like both of them. What you can hope for is something similar to what GrooveFunnels has done with Shopify. They have built the GroovePages software to be downloaded onto Shopify, which can then be used on the Shopify platform. 

However, you also have to keep in mind that GrooveFunnels can be considered a competitor for WordPress with their GrooveBlog tool. There has been some talk recently about making it a stand-alone tool which would make it a direct competitor to WordPress. Therefore, the possibility of a collaboration between the two seems unlikely but not impossible. Only time will tell.

In conclusion – Which one should you choose?

Both of these software have their pros and cons. They are very effective and powerful platforms and they both can help you manage your website .

You should get GrooveFunnels if you want a more modern platform which is less complex than a WordPress site. They use newer technologies and standards as they are a new software and you also have a lot of help with sales and marketing with their sales funnels and marketing tools. 

You should get WordPress if you want reliable software that has been around for a long time. It is also much cheaper than GrooveFunnels so it is good for newbies and those who are just getting into the online business side of things. You have a lot more customization options as well.

In the end, it will depend on what business you are trying to run, how much experience you have and how much money you are able to spend. They are both good platforms and I would recommend them both in a heartbeat.