Wholesale Underground Review: Is It Worth It? (2021)

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Wholesale Underground Review

If a new course is causing a lot of buzz in the market, you can bet that there will be a review for it here! Recently, there has been a lot of talk around the Wholesale Underground course by Marvin Leonard. As usual with these reviews, we will go through everything there is to know about the course to help you decide whether to sign up. Doing this will save you a lot of time and money as you won’t want to spend a whopping $1,000 on a course that isn’t relevant to you. Also, that would mean you’re down $1,000 when you could invest it elsewhere in your business to help you get maximum profits. 

What is Wholesale Underground?

Wholesale Underground is a course where Marvin Leonard will guide you through running a wholesale business with Amazon. More specifically, you will learn about selling brand name products under a wholesale agreement but buying them at a lower price from local distributors. Then, you list your products on Amazon and wait for the magic to happen. 

The business model is simple, but with some products, the margins might be too narrow to mark up the prices, especially if there are many of the same items on the market. Nevertheless, Marvin will teach you how to navigate around your new business and go from $0 to $10,000 in sales.

Who is Marvin Leonard?

Marvin Leonard is another YouTuber that focuses on Amazon FBA, online marketing, and other entrepreneurial topics. His channel has around 5 thousand subscribers and counting, but most of them only have several hundred views. His YouTube videos are informative and fun, so you can look forward to the same tone of delivery for his course.

Who is Wholesale Underground for?

Wholesale Underground is for anyone who is thinking of starting a wholesale business on Amazon and is looking for more information to help them kickstart their business.

What is included in Wholesale Underground?

Wholesale Underground is made up of over 70 videos segmented into six chapters. Let’s see what each chapter teaches you: 

Chapter 1

As usual, this first module is all about getting started, and it involves the initial setup stage of your business. You will learn things like what you need to do business in the US. For example, if you are from outside of the US, most local companies will not work with you unless you have a reseller ID. However, Marvin should’ve put this as a disclaimer BEFORE you purchase the course, not in Chapter 1. I’m saying this because if I was an international seller, there is no point in continuing the course if I don’t have a reseller ID.

After that, you will get a general introduction to Amazon FBA and learn how to operate administrative tasks.

Chapter 2

Now that you have the basics of your store set up, the next step is to build your foundation. Marvin stresses the importance of having a strong foundation so that your business is secure. He will teach you about using the buy box, product pricing, getting to know your competition, and things you need to look out for when listing your products. Then, Marvin also talks about using tools to analyze and interpret data on your dashboard. He suggests tools like RevSeller and the AMZ Scout Pro. These tools do not come for free; however, therefore purchasing it will come to your own cost. Other than that, this chapter will also teach you about managing your inventory and estimating your profits. You will also get two real-life examples of product research that you can use as a reference.

Chapter 3

This next chapter is the longest with 21 videos about dealing with authorized suppliers and resellers. Learning what to say and some negotiation strategies will be useful in creating strong business relationships so that your business will tun smoothly moving forward. You will learn about Helium, a tool used by most Amazon sellers, as well as using Google to do your research.

Chapter 4

Here, Marvin stresses again the importance of building effective business relationships through networking and strong negotiation skills to make someone turn their “no” into a “yes.”

Chapter 5

Finally, you will learn how to place an order and pay for your first order. Besides this, you will also get a guide on creating and using SPD shipments. Some tips that you will learn in this chapter will come in handy such as using a less than truckload shipment. Third party prep companies are also great if you want to outsource your stock storage and management, which Marvin will also touch briefly on. 

Chapter 6

This last module is a little odd, as it consists of a bunch of unrelated topics. As it’s the last module, it seems like Marvin just crammed a bunch of stuff. These topics range from dealing with multi-channel fulfillment to creating a website in under 6 minutes. You can also learn about hiring your first assistant and also how you can get this course for free by joining his affiliate program. 


  1. The Master of Money
  2. The Golden Snitch Method
  3. How to Ungate Yourself in Toys
  4. How to Ungate in Grocery and Gourmet


Beginners can really benefit from Wholesale Underground because it teaches you all the ins and outs of starting an Amazon business. While the Amazon business model is simple, navigating, and succeeding in the game requires some knowledge and skill. Having said that, the course is relatively pricey, and I would expect that not every beginner will have the budget for it. If this course is too far out of your budget, don’t worry as you can find better courses that are well within your price range.

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