Why are Shopify themes so expensive?

Why Are Shopify Themes So Expensive?

Why are Shopify themes so expensive? Is there any other option?


Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company based in Canada and is headquartered in Ottawa.  The company has over 1,000,000 businesses in about 175 countries. Themes increase not only the aesthetics of your store site but also your sales.

If you already have an e-com site on Shopify, then you might be aware of the high prices the themes come for. Why are Shopify themes so expensive? Let us read on and find out the reason Shopify themes cost you more.

Why are Shopify themes so expensive?

Shopify is an online retailing store that allows you to create your platform. You can use various themes and customize your store site according to your personal preference without using a single coding through the Shopify Admin interface.

If you have the technical know-how and you can even customize the themes via coding. Shopify also has its distinctive computing language called ‘Liquid’ that it uses to create its templates. This language is a unique blend of all the primary coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and all these functions simultaneously for the efficient working of your e-commerce site.

Since all the themes use coding language, therefore, even a slight change can create a severe impact on the functioning of your store. Also, if a single character is replaced or deleted accidentally, your site can even stop working.

You can actually read my comprehensive guide on the Top Converting Shopify Themes here.

Should You Tinker Around with Shopify Themes?

It is thus advocated that you should only amend the code only if you have the necessary know-how about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other languages. The technical expertise isn’t the case with the majority of the population, and hence purchasing your desired theme store comes into play.

Completely changing the outlook of your theme requires immense knowledge regarding the languages. It requires a lot of proficiency and skill in the field. This type of specialist work demands a high fee for their assistance.

As a result, Premium themes are expensive and costly.

How to get a theme for a reasonable price?

A plethora of themes is available in the market. It can be a tough task to choose your perfect theme. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to choose a theme that needs renewal every month or so. One really good theme I’d suggest for almost anyone would be eCom Turbo.

With numerous themes available in the market, pick up a theme that fits your bill and has no additional add-ons. It cannot be delightful if you need to keep on paying for a theme on a monthly or yearly basis.

Initially, finding your ideal theme for your desired price can be a task for you, but with the passage of time and a little bit of experimenting, you will understand the process and find your perfect theme.

Features for a good theme

The theme selection can be a daunting task for some. If you are just getting started and have no previous experience with themes, Shopify has a default theme for you. You can customize and play around with this default theme to gain an understanding of how themes work. You can try out the default theme before jumping straight into the theme store and not understanding the technicalities of the store.

A theme not only increases the aesthetic and artistic appeal to your store but also helps in increasing the sales to your store. So make sure you choose your theme not only because of its elegant look but also for increasing your sales.

The key elements to look for in any theme for creating a site on any platform are:-

1. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, as it is popularly called, plays a crucial role in increasing your sales and promoting your website. Your theme also plays an essential role in search engine optimization. The themes you choose needs to be search engine friendly, optimized for site speed, and support other SEO-features.

2. Customization options

Choose a theme that has secure customization options. This will not only save the amount of time usually one needs for customization and will also help you present an ideal store site. Using a pre-designed theme is an easy task, but the actual skill is to create a unique and different website using the same theme. There are two ways in which you can customize a theme in Shopify, either with coding or with non-coding. If you have a fair idea with coding, then you can revamp the whole look of your page; if not, then Shopify has easy customization available foe you. A word of caution, though, be attentive to the customization changes you make else your store will not function properly.

3. Page style

Your store will hold all the information regarding your store, so make sure you have a well-thought-out page. This will attract more users to your store and spike up your sales. Go to the theme store page and check the preview of your theme before purchasing the theme. Users sometimes forget considering the ergonomics of the page and choose a theme only to realize it later.

4. Mobile friendly

Make sure you select a theme that looks the same on the mobile as it looks on desktop. Since a majority of the population uses mobile to make any transaction or for any other purpose, targeting this share of the people will only help in increasing your sales. A mobile-friendly theme is a convenient choice for all store sites. Although all Shopify themes are designed for mobile, however, some small developers modify the theme and choose to hide some features so that their store becomes compatible with your mobile devices. The user experience should not be compromised only because of the equipment they happen to be using. Do not go overboard with the look of the store instead focus on attracting and capturing the attention of mobile users. 

5. Pictures and video

Your e-commerce site is through which people can have a look at the product, so make sure that you choose allows you to include prominent and clear resolution pictures. Videos can be an exciting way to present your product to the customers. A theme that will enable you to add videos and images both can be a beneficial choice for your store site. Make sure you do not end cluttering your website with the pictorial references. Choose a theme that gives you enough area for inserting pictures and videos.

6. Support and documentation

Running an e-commerce store isn’t all about keeping your customers happy but keeping yourself sane as a retailer. In case of any discrepancy with the theme or if your theme starts acting weird, you need a good support backing network to back you up. Every theme on Shopify has a link to its support and documentation; ensure you check for the same while choosing a theme.

The themes also have a customer review section; you can even read the reviews of various customers before purchasing the theme. Reviews are beneficial as they provide an insight into the support team before pre-installation of the theme.


Choosing a Premium Shopify theme can help boost your store trajectory by leaps and bounds. While the theme is a bit pricier, but they offer a lot in terms of customization, features, and artistic appeal.

On the other hand, you need not always pay a considerable sum to purchase a theme; a one-off payment is what you would want. Instead of monthly and yearly licenses, opt for a one-time payment method. Using this method will save your resources and increase your product ability.  

Also, look out for the theme that encapsulates all your needs in one single item. So you won’t have to purchase a bunch of themes instead of one. Choosing the perfect theme can be a task for you if you are new to Shopify themes and its working. Ensure that you select a theme that suits your store profile and not just is pleasant for your eyes.

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