Why Choose the Pricing Tables Templates Offered by Thrive Architect?

Learn why to choose pricing tables templates which Thrive Architect offers!

Why Choose the Pricing Tables Templates Offered by Thrive Architect

For any online enterprise the bottom line at the end of each day hugely depends on the ease with which clients can pay for the products or services being offered. If you own an e-commerce website, you can benefit a lot by making the process of making purchases easier customers. This is where the pricing tables plugins offered by Thrive Architect come in.

Thrive Architect offers e-commerce website owners the opportunity to create personalized pricing tables quickly with just a few clicks of a button.

Top Features of Pricing Tables by Thrive Architect


Each e-commerce website has a unique theme and color. By choosing to use the pricing table plugin by Theme Architect, you can get pricing tables that match your website landing page. This essentially means that your website pricing tables will have the same font and color scheme as your landing page. With this plugin, you can give your entire site the same vibe making it more attractive to your customers.

Ease of Use

Creating a pricing table from scratch is not a mean feat. This plugin however allows you to simply drag your desired template and deposit it to the desired payment area in your website without hassle. Once your pricing table is in place, you can customize it with desired colors that will be attractive to the eyes of prospective customers.


In your e-commerce website, you can funnel more sales by offering multiple modes of payment to your clients. For example, you can give clients the opportunity to either pay for services weekly, bi-annually or annually.

The Thrive Architect plugin makes this entirely possible. You can customize your pricing table to offer as many options as you like to your clients. What’s more, you can also tweak your pricing tables further to give customers the option to pay with different currencies. This is important for brands that serve customers in different jurisdictions. This diversification is also a great way to increase customer satisfaction, funnel more sales and improve profits. With this pricing table plugin, the limit lies on your business model and imagination.

Works Perfectly for Different Websites

The thrive architect pricing table plugin easily integrates into all e-commerce websites. This means that you do not have any excuse as to why you are not making the purchase process easier and more friendly for clients.

Easy to Personalize

The pricing tables plugin from Thrive Architect gives you the opportunity to tweak your tables to suit your tastes, brand and needs of your clients. This flexibility is important since you can simply switch your pricing tables with a few clicks to match market needs, consumer patterns and emerging trends in your industry.

User Friendly

Given that many customers rely on smartphones and tablets, it is important to have pricing tables that fit well in both desktops, laptops and mobile phones. The Thrive Architect pricing tables are designed for maximum maneuverability and user friendliness regardless of the device that is being used.

Offers Maximum Value to Website Owner and Users

The Thrive Architect plugin allows website owners to edit the front-end display in real time so that the overall effects are displayed instantly to users. The many templates for pricing tables are creatively designed with a view of blending appeal to customers and enhancing conversion to website owners.

Why Are Thrive Architect Plugins Extremely Beneficial?

When choosing to make a purchase online, clients consider a lot of things key among them being pricing tools and features. With this plugin, you can make your pricing tables more user friendly and attractive to improve your online sales all at an affordable rate.

The Downside?

Well, e-commerce enterprises have different needs. Though the pricing tables plugin by Thrive Architect has all that almost all e-commerce websites need, they are yet to provide a detailed tutorial on how to create your own pricing tables from scratch to interested entrepreneurs.