Why Is No One Buying From My Shopify Store

Why Is No One Buying From My Shopify Store

Why Is No One Buying From My Shopify Store? (How to fix it!)

Find out why no one is buying from your Shopify store!


One of the significant goals that most of the dropshipping store owners and ecommerce retailers want to achieve is the increase in-store sales. There are many things to keep in mind while completing this goal. Both experience or inexperienced owners can make mistakes that impact the sale negatively.

Increasing competition in Shopify is the leading reason for low sales. The number of stores increased from 400,000 to 120,000 the previous year. It means that each year more and more stores are joining hands with Shopify. The customers may withdraw their interest from one store and reach out to the other in search of more options.

The problem can be your part too. There are chances that you may be following faulty marketing practices to promote your store. Likewise, there are a lot of reasons why no one is buying from your Shopify store. Some of them are detailed below:

Lack of enough Research 

It is essential to do market research in-depth business analysis of the industry before stepping into it. As Shopify is a huge platform and you have a lot of competition already existing, you have to be careful about customer preferences. If you conduct an in-depth business analysis, it may help you better understand your chosen niche.

Market research helps you to generate a Unique Selling Point (USP), marketing strategy, and product lineup. All this combined can make your store different from the rest.

If you have launched a Shopify Store before doing adequate market research, you will have a hard time getting customers to buy from you as you won’t have insights into the situation. Though it is essential not to spend your whole time in market research, it will surely help you choose a profitable niche.

Lack of knowledge about potential customers

You should know who your customers are before introducing your product to them. You may have noticed other businesses crafting buyer’s personas to help them. The characteristics of fictional characters like background, demographics, personal life, etc. depending on the features of the target audience. By conducting thorough market research, you can get to know your audience better.

Many Shopify store owners fail to gather appropriate information and understand their customer’s challenges. Therefore, if you will find a solution to their problems, then you will win the heart of your customers. Plus, you will have the opportunity to attract other customers too.

You are difficult to find in search engines 

Did you find your online store in Google search? If you are unable to find your store without any hassle, how can you expect customers to find it too? You should see your store by searching its name if you are working for a better ranking using search engine optimization. You can check the optimization of your online store by searching the keyword that relates to your store.

Shopify is a space of heavy competition. Therefore, you need to optimize your store, or the competitors will take you over. Almost all online businesses of Shopify use SEO basics to make their store setting configured adequately.

You can take steps like sign up for Google Console, submit your sitemap, and use a webmaster tool to work on the spaces where you can make improvements. You have to remember to optimize your product pages for suitable keywords.

You have a competitive niche 

There are numerous stores on Shopify operating under the same niche, and there is nothing wrong with it. But the stores that have professional and strategic marketing are the ones that show up with excellent sales. In contrast, others with comparatively week promoting practices are unable to get high search or recognition in their category.

Having a common niche can result in dilution of customer attention. Your customer may find the same product that they find in your store in a much better quality or rates in some other store. The point here is not to deny any common niche but to choose wisely the one that will benefit you.

Other than concentrating on a standard term like footwear, aim to go for a specific term like sneakers, wedges, silhouettes, and others. It will make it easy for the customers to look for their products.

Your store does not have a Unique Selling Point (USP)

A unique selling point is a thing that makes your store different from the others. USP is a sentence that explains why your store is better than the others. Thousands of searches daily for ‘buy jeans online,’ how you present your store to make it more fascinating to the potential customers.

Anything about your store that adds to its value can work as its USP. Like if your store sells the most comfortable or stylish jeans, it is long-lasting. Advertise your product using the unique traits it exhibits. You can also promote your product by highlighting your services as if you have the best customer policy.

Every store that you will find on Shopify has its USP. But this doesn’t mean that you will leave everything up to it. Your product should stand up to its USP for your store to become successful.

You are not available on Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. have billion of daily users. They allow you to reach large masses regularly. If you have thoroughly done the market research, then you will know which of the social media platform has your target audience.

One big reason for the failure of your store can be your absence on social media. Through social media, you can form a community where customers can address their problems or demand. It can help you build your connection. Most of the Shopify Stores are active on their social media.

The sales through social networks drove from $35 to $65 on Shopify. Social media make a great marketing platform, so you should join it now.

Poor user experience

Once you have traffic to your store, the next step is to convert them from visitors to customers. Even if the quality of your product is excellent, there are chances of losing customers.

It is another big problem faced by most of the Shopify users. They can bring traffic but could not convert them. You can do it only if you have an exceptional user experience.

You can sort to Google Analytics to help you overcome this issue. Analyze the pages that get the most traffic and figure out why customers leave. Problems can be a slow-loading image or any other thing.

Too short product description 

Product is the primary source of the customer’s attention. Shopify has seen that a successful store has put all its product details in its description. They don’t make it look too long or short. They just put the precise information, including all-important technical words, yet keeping it simple enough for the general public to understand.

Your aim should not be to copy and paste their material but to offer similar information through the product description. If your store does not have the complete product information, then you will be losing customers.

Your store is not trustworthy

Trust is the laying foundation of a buyer-seller relationship, especially at the time making a purchase. If your customers trust your store, they won’t be afraid to give away their credit card information when they buy something. Your store should guarantee them the after-purchase services as well

Many online stores on Shopify do wonders with their robust customer services and by winning their trust. It will help in developing the goodwill of your store, which will eventually help you in the long run.

You can gain their trust by using a custom domain, a well-designed logo, obtaining trust badges and sit seals, an attractive landing page, and adding about us page and customer reviews.

Your store is not mobile optimized 

Your customer may not be seeing your store on the same website as you. Most of the Shopify stores get their traffic from mobile devices. The look of your store changes on the desktop and mobile.

Load the homepage of your store on your mobile and other devices to ensure that it looks good and functions well. Just in case you don’t have access to an iPhone or Android, you can go to the ‘Inspect’ tool on your browser and see how your website will look on other devices.


Every business faces trouble at the time of its establishment, but what makes it successful is the approach used to display it uniquely. Marketing is vital to any business. If you have all the top-notch features in your store functioning well, you still might not get enough sales. Whereas, if your marketing is impressive and your store has blunt features, then you may face fewer sales issues. So, you have to be particular about a few things. Once you get marketing and display synchronized, you will observe an increase in sales.

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