Why You Should Start a Shopify Blog

Why You Should Start a Shopify Blog

Why You Should Start a Shopify Blog

Find out how starting a Shopify blog can benefit you!


Blogging is one of the most powerful ways of communication. Each day as many as 2.8 million blogs are posted on the internet. The blog content posted online keeps on rising more and more.

Blogging plays a significant role in e-commerce marketing. It can act as a useful tool for online businesses to grow the audience. But it can only be successful if your content stands out in the crowd. Content marketing is a precisely necessary process for a large online business. It increases the conversion and long term validity of your business.  With less traffic, it can build decent profitability.

There are various blogging platforms like WordPress for blogging. But these are not developed to go well with Shopify.

Blogging with Shopify is free, quick, and secure. It includes basics like inserting images and videos, a visual editor, SEO for title and description, the ability of posting, commenting, and tagging.

Benefits of Content Marketing

There are numerous benefits of content marketing:

Provide additional information about your product

Sometimes product description is too short to fit every detail of your product. With the help of a blog, you can explain to your customers the functionality and benefits of your product. These informational blogs can be of great use to your customers. If your blog gives value to your customers, then they are likely to trust you and create a positive association with your company.

Gives your product an identity

Do you want to make your brand more recognizable? Everyone out there running a store would want their brand to become recognizable and most talked about topic. A blog can help to give an identity to your online store.

You can do it in many ways, like adding a short funny travel story or any readable incident.

Regular posting keeps the community engaged

 Increasing communication and keeping transparency is an excellent way of gaining your customer’s trust. Engaging your customers through blogs and informing them about your product can be fruitful.

Your blog should address the interest of your customers. A common interest will keep your community united. A store that has customers can do well, but a store with a community will be ideal.

Blogs are transformable

As a store owner, you would want to make most of every marketing opportunity that comes your way. Try to offer your customers something new with each blog. Give the hints of the matter of your blog posts by sharing its snippets as quotes through your social media accounts.

 This way, the more you transform your blog, the more it will seek the attention of your customers.

Shows your command in your industry

If you have a well-written blog, then your customers will get the idea that you are an expert in your industry. It will help you to win their trust.

For instance, if your store deals in clothes, you can post an article on clothing trends of 2020. You can give the idea of trying experimental clothes or wearing planes instead of patterns. This way, your audience will think you have authority over what information you share. Then people will eventually start trusting your store.

Blogs can improve sales

Writing well-mannered blogs is essential, and if these blogs helped the customers in some way, then they will surely appreciate it. They may also consider buying your products.

Blogs help with SEO

Blogs can make your website easier to find. It is a way for you to talk to your customers. The better you will explain, the more will they become interested to hear. And eventually, if more people will be interested in your products, then it will top the search engine.

A few things to be careful about

  • You have to be patient and consistent in promoting your store through content marketing. If you want to build a community via blog, then it will take time. You will have to write an eye-catching content to grab the attention of your visitors. Then, you will have to work on building their trust. So, it is a slow process. But once you win their faith, your blog will get the right amount of traffic.
  • Creating engaging content is not easy, especially when you are running a store. It hardly leaves you with time, and sometimes, it can become hectic too. You can consider hiring a content writer for your convenience.
  • As you are already aware of the popularity of content marketing, your competitors might be following the same practice. Therefore, your content needs to stand up to the market standards. You just have to boost your search and experimentation game for that.
  • You would want to increase your customer base, no matter the number of visitors you already have. You may experiment with different topics for that. But don’t forget your niche. After all, you created your audience because of that.

Some Other Tips

Given below are some tips for marketing your e-commerce store.

Connect with your audience

Whether you post on any platform, generate the content that your audience relate. You don’t have to dwell around the same topic to seek the attention of your audience. All you have to do is create exciting content. Give insights into some real-life experience.

Facilitate interactions

Creating content can help you in unique ways but always try to have as many interactions with your customers as possible. You can have interactions in the form of contests or giveaways. It will help in increasing customer participation.

Your update audience

You can use your blogs to make announcements for offer deals. This way, you make them aware of any upcoming event. It will keep them active on your blog for some news or update.

Share your experience

Take your audience behind the scenes of your blog. Tell them about your experience of the blog or tell them about your future goals. You can develop an emotional connection with your customers like this.

Steps to Activate your Shopify Store Blog                

You can turn on your Shopify Store blog just by following a few steps:

Step 1: Go to Shopify Admin and click ‘Online Store’ in the left menu bar and then click ‘Blog Posts.’

Step 2: At the top, go to ‘Manage Posts and click ‘Add Blog.’

Step 3: Give a name to your blog and add it to the navigation menu of your site.

You can customize the blog design with the help of the Shopify site’s design theme. Also, you can run multiple blogs on one Shopify site. It helps you group the information that you want to convey to your customers. Shopify allows people to share and explore your content. Moreover, it can integrate with Shopify Apps to give you additional benefits.

How does Shopify Help in Content Management?

A blog revolves around its content. Content has a significant effect on your customers. Therefore, content management is essential. Shopify helps with content management effortlessly:

Helps in managing comments

Shopify will ask you about how you want to manage the comments on your blog post

  • Disable Comments – With this, you will not be able to get your customer’s reviews or opinions on your blog. But eventually, it will save you time.
  • Comment with Moderation – With this, you can control the type of feedback that you will get on your blog, but it is time-consuming.
  • Comments Automatically Publish – With this, your community will enjoy the freedom of sharing their views. It will help you to build a strong community, but inappropriate comments can ruin your brand’s name.

Categorizes your post

You can put as many tags on your blogs as you want. These tags help to divide your blog posts into different sections, making it easy for customers to find the part of their choice. When the customer searches for something on your blog, the blog matching the search will appear.

Helps in promoting featured posts

A good blog post can improve the traffic on your site. So when you write a good article, you want more people to read it and appreciate it. One way of doing it is by making it easily accessible to the public. With the help of the Shopify theme, you can feature your blog post on your store’s homepage.

Grows your reach

If you want to grow your audience, then you will need Google to find it easily. Shopify brings the basics of SEO for your site. It allows you to edit SEO content like page title, meta description, and URL for each blog post. There is a word limit for meta description and page title. If you exceed the word limit, then your text will be automatically shortened. You can view it before posting in search engine preview.

Suggests other posts

You can suggest similar articles at the end of your blog that your readers may find interesting. It acts as a boon to your SEO. Also, it will keep the visitors engaged on your site for a little longer. Shopify App Store has numerous apps. You can edit your blog with any of it.

Add apps

Just as you can add apps to your Shopify e-commerce store, you can add apps to make your blog better. One such app is AddThis.

Your visitors may want to share your content if they find it useful. AddThis helps them to share your content on the web by adding icons to your blog. You can choose the appearance of the symbol and customize it too.

Another app that you can use is Diqus. This app will encourage customer engagement on your blog through freedom of discussion. It will offer Shopify users a one-week free trial, and then you can purchase it. It will cost you seven dollars per month. 

Include social media buttons

Some Shopify themes have social media buttons for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more. If the item that you have doesn’t include these buttons, then you can add it through codes. But for this, you should know web design languages like HTML, CSS, or Javascript.


Shopify is not only the ideal platform for online business but also for blogging, especially for beginners. It is easy to use. It provides you with essential tools for blogging. Shopify will create a seamless integration between your blog and e-business.

Though the main thing is getting traffic. It entirely depends on how much you can advertise your content. The more traffic you will drive to your blogs, the more it will promote your brand.

So now that you are aware of all the pros and uses of Shopify, go check it out, and if you find it useful, share it with your friends too.

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