Wish Inspector Review

Wish Inspector Review

Wish Inspector Review: Is Wish Inspector The Best Tool To Research Wish? (2021)

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Finding products is a challenge; there’s no way around it. It’s not just for beginners, either. Even intermediates and veterans can fall short when looking for inspiration, and that’s why researching is so important.

With that in mind, Wish is currently a favorite among dropshippers who want new ideas for their store. However, it’s not the most intuitive platforms, and sorting through its huge catalog can be a real pain – even worse when it comes ti actually researching them.

That’s why we’re taking a look at Wish Inspector today. After all, any help is greatly appreciated.

Wish Inspector comes as a desktop tool for both Mac and PC. It focuses on eCommerce and dropshipping – specifically, helping them find good products for their own businesses. It then lets you import your findings with a single click into your store: both Shopify and WooCommerce are supported.

One of the best features of Wish Inspector is how intuitive it is to use. You can filter and analyze over 20 data fields as you look through potential products for your eCommerce. All fields can be imported to your store as well, and these include images and descriptions to variations and even reviews.

A lot of people have troubles researching Wish, and others have tried different tools that fail to make a real difference. If you land in either of those two categories – or you simply want to add another research approach to your business – Wish Inspector might be what you need.

It’s also quite cheap, given the price of similar solutions. Couple that with good customer support and good refund policies, and you get a very nice – and beginner-friendly – product.

About Wish Inspector

I’ve had no troubles running this software on either of the supported OS, and its license lets you install the program on several devices. As for its intuitiveness, you can compare it to its fellow Ali Inspector, which comes from the same author.

If you haven’t, don’t worry. It’s a very intuitive tool, and you only need a few minutes before learning its in’s and out’s.

I actually find it quite odd how so many gurus stick to Amazon and AliExpress while completely neglecting Wish. Don’t get me wrong, those two are excellent inspiration sources, but Wish can offer as many good products; some are even cheaper than AliEpress.

Research functionality

You just need to enter a keyphrase and the amount of pages you want to display on each page. Wish Inspector does everything else and looks for the best offers for your query.

Wish Inspector defaults to 15 extractions for each attempt, but you can view thousands of listings if your internet connection is strong enough. It all takes just minutes. The info available is huge: titles, prices, delivery dates, ratings, keywords, supplier details, shipping cost, and more.

You can check out all the data from your program as well as opening an HTML file with hyperlinks. CSV downloads are also an option for downloading your reports.

Single click imports

This is another great feature, and it lets you add any product you want to your store on either Shopify or WooCommerce. The only real steps are connecting your store data to Wish Inspector and finding the products.

You then need nothing but one click to import them. It defaults to the product images and descriptions as well as its reviews, but there’s more fields to add if you need them.

Price generation can be automated as well by marking a percentage you want to increase over its manufacture price. This also means you don’t need to update prices yourself, and rounding prices is also a possibility.

Who’s behind this program?

Dave Guidon is the developer of Wish Inspector and other different tools focused on the same industry. He’s quite famous around the eCommerce landscape thanks to how many people use his tools.

As stated, he’s also the mind behind Ali Inspector: another excellent research tool.


It’s actually a very inexpensive product given how useful it is. You can get a single license for $77, but if you need more, then I have great news for you.

You only need $10 more to get 10 times that single license, so you’d be paying only $8.7 for every license. It gets even better, though. You can also get an unlimited license, and it’s just an extra $10.

The best part about the pricing plans is that you don’t have to worry about recurrent subscriptions.

Is it a scam?

You should know it’s not by now, and even if you’re still worried, then the money-back guarantee lasts for a full month. That means you don’t have to worry if you find out that this really isn’t the product for you.

You just need to contact customer support and send your payment info as proof for your refund.

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