Wix VS Squarespace (Detailed Review and Comparison)

Find out which is better for you? Wix or Squarespace!

Wix VS SquareSpace

The internet has become an immense part of our lives and plays a significant role in developing our society.  For businesses, having an online identity helps them in several ways. And to bring the business online, it is essential to create a website that introduces your brand and attracts them. Yet only a small ratio of businesses have their stores online.

For customers, it is easier to check out products anytime and anywhere. The vast outreach of the web makes customers more aware about the current business happenings. The website helps you to reach potential customers, no matter which is your industry.

To help you create your website, various website builders available in the market like Wix, Spacesquare, and WordPress. They help you create a professional-looking and stylish website without any issues. All of these website builders are unique in their ways. They help you in the growth and survival of your business in the market.

Wix and Spacesquare are two famous website builders that help you create your website without requiring technical skills.



Wix is a leading website development platform that provides its services to millions of people in the world. It helps individuals and small businesses to set up their websites faster. It is free to use at first, and if you want to improve its services, you can upgrade to its premium plans.

You have control over the look of your site. It has tools from which you can select the layout, color, format, font, and style of your choice. It is ideal for you if you are new to coding or lack the tech skills for it. Also, you can make website updates whenever you have access to the browser. You will only have to log in to your id.

Another feature is that it incorporates pre-designed templates for best business practices. They provide you the templates with unique designs. Moreover, it makes sure that your website looks good on smartphones, too, as many people use phones instead of desktops to surf the web. It lets you add maps, images, and videos to your site. Likewise, there are numerous features you can explore with Wix.


Squarespace is a website builder that’s objective is to help you with web designing. It helps you to make your website and edit it with the content management system. It offers a wide variety of apps to its customers that help to simplify their work. It provides various premium plans to its customers. You can select one according to your needs.

It offers you around 110 templates that are all attractive and stylish. It also provides you mobile-optimized for attract customers. It has its own in-built gallery from which you can select the images you want.

It has many useful features like designing your logo, video backgrounds, parallax scrolling effect, and many content management features. You can explore them by making an account on it.

Ease of Use

Both Wix and Squarespace have the drag and drop editors, a unifying feature that makes them simple to use. All you have to do is opt the element you want on your site and drag to wherever you want to position it. You can place text boxes, social sharing widgets, and more with this.


It is incredibly straightforward to create your website with the help of Wix. Not only does its drag and drop editors work effectively, but it is also user-friendly for beginners. Everything presented on Wix is very clear, and it gives its users visual experience.

You can simply start with a unique artificial intelligence option, Wix ADI. It is a virtual subordinate that asks you several questions and finally presents your website. If you find ADI inappropriate for your use, then you can switch to regular editor anytime.


Beginners can undoubtedly consider Squarespace to make their website. It is comparatively more technical than Wix. Unlike Wix, Squarespace talks a little longer to get used as you can’t drag around elements as freely as you could in Wix.

Even the simple things like managing and structuring your system will require you some knowledge of Squarespace’s basics. It can be quite confusing at times.

It does not offer you backup support and restore function. It will suggest you copy-paste your content in Google docs, which is not that simple.


Wix is a clear winner here because of its smooth functionality. If you know your way around, then it’s okay. Otherwise, Squarespace’s design can be a little challenging.

Design and Flexibility

Anybody would want to create super-stylish website to attract more customers. You can easily create a website with magnificent designs and numerous template options. Before choosing the one, you have to consider a few things like it should attract the customer’s attention, and you could quickly move from one theme to another.


There are a variety of Wix templates with superior quality of design and vibrant colors. You are not just bound to a few templates with unique tags. Instead, you can choose from over 500 attractive pieces categorized in various industries. There are a few things you should consider:

  • Not only are Wix templates attractive, but they are mobile-optimized and come with a mobile editor. It’s just that you have to make some arrangements on your own. It means you can customize it from your desktop as well as mobile.
  • The templates Wix offers are professional-looking and stylish.
  • You can only edit things like color, and font, etc. on your already existing website, but you can’t make significant changes, or you will have to rebuild it again.
  • Another thing which is also a plus point is that if you know CSS or HTML, you won’t be able to put it as you won’t need to do so.


Square is a big name when it comes to design though it does not offer you as many templates as Wix did. But it is beneficial if you want to switch your website template. You can make other changes without any inconvenience too.

Squarespace offers over 60 professional templates, so you have many options. All of its templates are mobile-optimized and fully responsive.  


When it comes to navigation, Wix, and Squarespace are both flat. So you can choose any and it will perform the same function as the other. The winner here is Wix as it is flexible and provides more options, but Squarespace is no less as it well-designed and switchable.

Customer support

You would not want to get stuck in a situation where you can’t get back to your domain name. Therefore, while choosing the best of the two website builders, it is essential to look at each one for customer support and ease of communication. Your website builder should have the correct information for solving your problems in no time.


Wix has a robust support system for its customers in need. It offers you help through email, social media, phone, forum, guide, support centers, and blogs.

It offers you help with something you don’t know. You only have to click the question mark icon on your screen when you face a problem.


Squarespace has a help center to sort the queries of its customers. It also offers help via forums, webinars, live chat, and ‘how-to guides.’ They have an individual policy of answering the customer emails within an hour.

Though it does not offer phone support to its customers, it surely provides high-quality service.


 Wix has better help and support in comparison to Squarespace. Though both have specialties in rendering assistance but Wix goes the extra mile by taking the calls and providing quick response.

Pricing options

Both of the websites offer excellent services to its customers but when it comes to pricing, it is no less. They have famous premium packages for different audiences. Their packages target audiences of various types, be it for small-scale businesses, big businesses or individuals.


Wix has total of a seven premium plans for its customers:

The Combo Plan of Wix costs around $11. It is the cheapest plan for Wix that offers fundamental features. You can try it if you are just starting with the website, or your website doesn’t receive colossal traffic

The Unlimited Plan ranges around $14. It is excellent for freelancers and bloggers. It offers you features like domain name, unlimited bandwidth, storage, vouchers, and premium apps.

The Pro Plan amounts to $19. It offers you the services provided in unlimited plan plus elongated video hours, professional logo.

The VIP Plan is the VIP at a cost too. It costs $29 per month. It will get you all the features of the above packages plus priority support, which is worth paying for.

The Business Basic Plan is $20. It is just like the Combo plan but for ecommerce. It includes features like the free domain name for a year, booster apps, Google Analytics, and more.

The Business Unlimited plan costs $25. It provides additional features like long hour videos, professional logos, apps, and more.

Business VIP Plan is the priciest plan of all plans. It amounts to $35 per month.  With this plan, you can access to impressive features like priority response, VIP support, and many apps.


Squarespace has four premium plans for its customers:

The Personal Plan amounts $16 billed annually. It is ideal for beginners that want beautiful websites. This plan offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, mobile-optimization, free domain, and more.

The Business Plan costs $26 per month. It includes all features of Personal plan plus professional mails from Google, promotional pop-ups, and more.

The Basic Plan is $30 per month. It is suitable for you if you have a new ecommerce store. It has features like Label printing, accounting via Xero, robust commerce metrics, and more.

The Advanced Plan will cost you $46 per month. It provides you exceptional features like cart auto-recovery, decent discounts, gift cards, and so on. It is a good option if you have to flourish your already established business.


Wix is the winner, as Squarespace is more expensive in comparison to Wix. Wix provides you better extras than Squarespace. Moreover, it has more number of the plan from which you can choose the one best suited for your type of business.


The best platforms will ultimately depend on the need of your business. But if we see overall, then Wix is a clear winner in this. It gives you the right value for a business with valuable features and attractive templates. It has a customer support system that ensures its proper functioning. However, Spacesquare is not much behind in the race.

So if you want to attain greater heights in your business, get started with Wix.