Wix VS WordPress (Which Is The Better Website Builder)

Find out which is better for you? Wix or WordPress!

Wix VS WordPress

Having an online presence of your business is an essential thing today. People want to shop online at the ease of a click at their homes. Going to malls and window shopping isn’t the trend anymore. It is partly because of their busy schedule and mostly because of the convenience of online services.

Having an online presence is suitable for your business as you have a global outreach to your customers. But for this, we will have to bring your store online – which is pretty straightforward, given the right resources.

As daunting as it may sounds, building a website is not that difficult as it was previously, where you would have to pay a web developer to do that. But now you have website builders to make your work easy.

There are hundreds of website builders present in the market. You can choose any that fits perfectly for your needs. Some of them are quite popular among online business stores like Wix and WordPress.

Wix has grown to a big name recently with actors like Karlie Kloss supporting it, and WordPress is currently ruling the marketplace. Both of these platforms are unique in their ways. Let’s see which one is the best:



Wix is a cloud-based website builder that has come to prominence in recent times due to its rigorous marketing practice supported by big names like Gal Gadot, Heidi Klum, and more. Now, it has emerged as one of the most prominent players in building websites serving more than a hundred million people globally.

It offers brilliant features to its customers. It provides hundreds of free templates and free and paid domain name with extraordinary visuals, and layouts designs are the best for small businesses, online stores, and restaurants. Mobile optimization is one of its features. It attracts many customers as most of the people use mobile phones to search for commodities than desktops.

Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of Wix.


  • It is probably the best-looking interface to use that you will find. You can access multiple tools with just a single click. It helps you to use it by giving you set guidelines for its functioning.
  • Without investing loads of money, you can start your personal or commercial website. Though for some of its templates are only accessible if you have the premium plan, but otherwise, it gives you excellent user experience.
  •  Wix comes with the security of the Wix server, so your website will run on this server. Anytime you can switch from free to premium or cancel your subscription. Also, it has a whole team to help you if you bump into any problem.


  • Constant advertisements popping at the corner of your site can be disturbing. If you are paying at entry level on Wix, you can face Wix-based advertisements on your website. But you can remove these by going for a different plan.
  • Wix does not allow you unlimited bandwidth or storage in any of its premium plans. That’s why it is ideal for small businesses and online stores.


WordPress is a robust website building platform that previously only ventured in blogging but now has expanded its horizons. Many people around the globe use it, making it the most extensive Content Management System.

It is an open-source platform preferred by many bloggers. It is present in the market for a long time now. Its exceptional features are what makes it different from its competitors.  It has a user-friendly interface that is free for everyone to use. It allows you to create a high-quality and modern-looking website.


  • One of its vital advantages is that it has about 45,000 plugins. You can find plugins for everything. It can be for enhancing SEO or running an analysis. It has different plugins for different functionality.
  • You can use, create, or study codes without creating it from scratch. It is open-source software so you can share the codes with other developers online.
  • It is SEO-friendly. It helps you create Meta descriptions and tags easily. It also tells you the most used word or phrase. It helps you to create better content.


  • Using WordPress can be challenging if you are new to it. Unlike most flexible tools, it works best only if you have appropriate technical skills or will have to hire a web developer to use it.
  • It is critical to use correct plugins and themes for your site as it is an open-source platform. It can get your site prone to potential hackers. So, you have to be careful about the vulnerabilities.
  • It requires different plugins for different functions, so you have to install these plugins and themes separately. Moreover, if you update your site frequently, the plugins could have a hard time to work.

Ease of Use


You can easily make your website on Wix without installing any software. It is beneficial if you are a beginner, as its editor is super intuitive. If you want to add more features to it, then you can simply use its app market. It is much easier to work on Wix than to work on WordPress.

 All you have to do is sign up in it, choose the type of website you want to build. Then it will show you its collection of templates so you can choose one. You can edit the template according to your need with the help of drag and drop editor. You also have a drop-down menu to create new pages without leaving the editor.


WordPress offers many articles and tutorials for almost every step of the process. Using WordPress can be a bit challenging if you don’t have a technical hand. Even if you want to make small adjustments in it, you have to be technically equipped.

 Whereas if you have coding knowledge, then it can be great for you. They are continually trying to make it more user-friendly, but you have gone some extra mile to initiate your work for now.

Another thing that should not sound like a big issue is when you add content into the editor. You have to click again to see how it will appear when put together. Moreover, you have to buy hosting and domain name separately for WordPress but not for Wix.


Wix is a clear winner in ease of use. It comes with drag and drop editor, which makes it more convenient for you. It is free of complexities and user-friendly. While WordPress will take more of your time in learning to use it. One way is for you to hire a web developer for it, but it will only add to your overall cost.

Design Customization


Wix comes with more than 500 free templates and more if pay for them. Any template that you choose has the relevant features for the industry under which it is. It saves a lot of time.  All of these templates are slick, modern, fully responsive, segmented into various categories, and come with the editor to get a personal touch.

The implementation of advanced features is also easy. Wix has eighty apps from pricing tables to form builders that you can add to your site.

Wix ADI is there to help you if you don’t have the time for design and customization. It is a design assisted tool that asks you a few questions before making your website. It asks questions mostly related to the purpose of your website.

Wix also has a mobile version that is suitable for, Google but it will require you to adjust some elements.


If you are ready to work with CSS and HTML, then WordPress can be of great help. But this will take up a lot of your time. WordPress is famous for its number of responsive themes, but all these are from $30 to $60. There are many paid as well as unpaid themes available on it. It offers you to make changes to your themes, like adding your stamp.

It is also famous for its unmatched design and customization, but again you will require technical skills. You can purchase these themes on various sources but try to get them from their platform.

WordPress has a premium option for themes that costs $25 to $299. It is not cheap, but it opens the door for numerous customizable and professionally designed themes that are free of bugs.


It is a draw for this one. Wix is a safe and secure option for you to work with, whereas WordPress is a little complicated, but WordPress gives you the freedom to edit almost everything according to your choice. It gives you room for customization to the next level.

Extras: Apps and Plugins


Wix tools make it different from others. Wix has its app market, well-equipped with numerous third-party devices. These apps integrate into the website builder and have fewer bugs to make your site function properly.

There are some tools that Wix does not offer in its core services. So to provide you with other services, it gives you tools made by external service providers. Just as plugins are to WordPress, apps are to Wix.

The installation rate of Wix apps by its users is around 45,000 apps a day. Many of these Wix tools are free of cost, while some of these will require small monthly premium fees. App store includes apps of different categories like shopping carts, marketing tools, and live chat widgets. Wix also provides a description of apps, customer reviews about it, and demos to use it. So the app market is a complete package.


Anybody that codes can create a theme or plugin. And WordPress is a large platform with the websites reaching up to 75 million. More people keep on adding each day building new sites and so building new plugins. Therefore, it exposes its users to a considerable risk.

WordPress has such an extensive community that it has more than 55,000 plugins with total of 1.2 billion downloads. There are so many plugins in WordPress that no one can guarantee their outcomes. That means some of them can be helpful, but some can be of no use too. To get the best plugin for your site, you will have to examine each one that you pick carefully.


Wix is a much safer option than WordPress for apps and plugins. Wix has a unique team behind each app development to ensure good quality, service, and customer satisfaction. WordPress can have tools made by fake web developers, or they might not function properly. Plus, it will take a lot of time for you to select the best one.



Wix has many built-in SEO tools that help your site rank highly on Google. It lets you modify titles and customize meta descriptions and URLs. If you go to the app market, you will find a whole set of SEO apps available. You can get SEO apps like Site Booster for free if you have Wix’s Unlimited Plan or some other higher plan.

All the websites affiliated to Wix have built-in SSL (Secure Socket Layers) security certificate. It gives the visitors of your site the confidence that your website is secure. It also has an autosave feature that saves you from restoring your previous sites.

Wix has Ascend to assist you in marketing.  It lets you connect with customers, customize your workplace, and overall advertise your business.  


You will have to install the Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress. Over 5 million websites use the Yoast SEO plugin. It has many features for its customers, some of which are free while most are available on premium.

You can avail the Yoast SEO for $69. It lets you access to features like Editing Metadata that enables you to change the text that will display on search result pages. Redirects will automatically send your visitors to the new URL if you change your site’s address and Internal Linking Suggestions that guide link pages when you are creating a new web page.


It’s a tie between Wix and WordPress for this. Both of these have SEO tools that have exceptional functioning. SEO tools of Wix are free in some of its premium plans, while Yoast SEO serves its purpose when you for it. The functionality of both of their SEO tools is almost the same.

Customer Support


Wix has got the best customer support in the market. If something goes wrong with your website on Wix, then it has a dedicated help team to solve your problem. The knowledgeable team rectifies and fixes the issue. Even the editor gives you some suggestions for effects that may occur in advance.

It has many articles, videos, blogs, and forums to help you build the website. The support system of Wix is so robust that they even provide you phone and email support. They also help you with technicalities and other related stuff. It will help you fix the bugs and save your time. You can reach out to their support team anytime you face a problem. They are available to help you 24/7.


As you already know, WordPress has a big community of users. Each day thousands of people would need help to solve the problems they face, especially when WordPress is more technical to use. But to solve the customer’s problem, it has many tutorials for their help.

One way to use WordPress without any hassle is to hire a WordPress developer. They will help you set up and configure your website, but it will cost you more money.  You can also learn to use WordPress on your own with the help of its online guides.

You can take the help of much-experienced WordPress users by interacting and discussing your problems with them on forums. It also has a support team, but a vast community can make it difficult for them to reach out to customers at any given time.


Wix provides a better support system for its users. It even has VIP support for the users of some premium plans. They try to solve your problem in every possible way on various platforms. WordPress also has the support system, but it does not guarantee you the solution.

Pricing Options


Wix offers many plans to its customers. Each plan has something new to offer. You can try out their free plan before putting your money at stake. Its various plans include:

  • Combo Plan

You can avail the Combo plan at just $13 per month. It offers you versatility and better features than the free plan. It has features like 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage, free domain, and 30 video minutes. It is suitable for new websites

  • Unlimited Plan

This plan costs $17 per month. It will allow you unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB storage, and premium apps like Site Booster, making it perfect for small sites and bidding entrepreneurs.

  • Pro Plan

This pack provides the best value for your money costing $22 per month. It provides you all the features in the previous plan and Ascend, a marketing tool. It is best for businesses that are trying to build their brand.

  • VIP Plan

VIP Plan is $39 per month. It offers you all the features offered in previous plans plus priority response and VIP support. It is ideal if you need a lot of help and support.

  • Business Basic

It costs you $23 and is best for you if you are starting to set up an online store. It offers you 20GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, Google Analytics, premium apps, and $300 add vouchers.

  • Business Unlimited

It costs $27 per month. It will offer you all features in Business Basic Plan, 10 video hours, and 35GB storage. This plan can help you increase your business.

  • Business VIP

It is the priciest plan with a cost of $49 per month. It includes features like the plans mentioned above, 30 video hours, VIP support, priority response, and more.


You will have to get your hosting service for WordPress. Additionally, you have to buy a theme too. The theme can cost anywhere between $25 to $299 based on the type of theme developer used.

Similarly, to make your theme function well, you will have to insert plugins that can cost between $15 to $70 each.  With it, you will have to buy a domain name that ranges between $10 to $12 per year

That means overall; you will have to invest around about $150 to $200 or more.


Wix is an all-rounder in website building. It has all you need from the ease of use to reasonable pricing and robust customer support and flexible working. WordPress is a more prominent name, but the more costly are its services too.

Wix did exceptionally well as an emerging platform, and now even after becoming famous, it serves all the purposes of its customers. So get your subscription for it now.