Work At Home Gigs And Side Hustles (Huge List)  (2021)

Find out a ton of different work from home gigs and side hustles Below!

Work At Home Gigs And Side Hustles

Alright, strap up; today, we’re going through a huge list of job ideas, and from stable income to side cash to add to your job, we have something for everybody. We have home and outside jobs, employers and independent approaches, and everything in between.

We’re not listing how much you’ll make with each option because of two reasons: it’s too much information to keep this article easy to read, and it varies a lot depending on your location, performance, and more. You also want to write down the most interesting suggestions and research them individually.

We’re going to give you a lot of ideas: from writing and teaching to businesses you can start yourself. Not all of them will make the same income as a full-time job, but they’re all chances to make money nonetheless.

Freelancing marketplaces

We’re going to group a bunch of platforms here since they all work in the same way. Freelance marketplaces work by linking freelancers with people requiring their services.

Different marketplaces approach this goal in different ways. Some let you post your offers and wait for clients to hire you; others let clients post their offers, and freelancers can apply to these.

Regardless of how they do it, they all link customers and freelancers from all areas. You can find job as a writer, editor, video creator, marketer, designer, and more. Even if you just take good photos, you can find work with freelance marketplaces.

The main platforms in this industry are Upwork, Fiverr, Frelancer, and People Per Hour. You can also sign up to others like Shiftgig, Guru, Konsus, and FreeeUp. They work like a social media site; you create a profile, list your services, and set your rates.

Virtual assistant

Contemporary Virtual Assistance

CVA works with different types of projects, and they hire virtual assistants with related skills. If you’re good at multi-tasking and administration, you can make good money as a VA.

Virtual Gurus

This is a Canadian company, and it connects VA’s with clients requiring different types of work: data entry, assistance, and even creative tasks like graphic design.

Voice work


Backstage posts job offers every day for various media: TV shows, movies, documentaries, audiobooks, commercials, video games, and all types of media. While it can be competitive, you can definitely make money if you’re talented.


It focuses on the same industries as Backstage, but it adds a few more areas for freelancers like editing and cinematography.

Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings let you apply for a wider spectrum of projects, and you can find work recording for announcements, voice prompts and even phone systems.


This option offers similar offers as Snap Recordings. The difference is that they combine that with the entertainment gigs from Backstage and Firmless.


Blog Mutt

Blog Mutt is different to other writing sites in that it’s only available for US residents. However, if you live there, they’re usually looking for more writers as long as they have good research skills, perfect grammar, and writing talent. You can usually find new jobs every day.

Constant Content

This one is actually a marketplace, and you can set your rates. Sure, their claims of making around 90,000 every year can sound wild, but with the right clients and skills, you can make great money from it.


They offer general web solutions to their clients, but content writing is included as well, so that’s an opportunity for you.


A content mill is a constant job source for writers, and Hirewriters is a content mill. The difference is that you can also work as a researcher, proofreader, and even re-writer.

I Need Articles

You might not find a page where you can apply, but head over to the FAQ section, and you can find the link to their contact page where you can do so.


This is another marketplace, and it focuses on speed for freelancers to succeed. You have to bid for the tasks, but if you’re good and fast, you can even build your own customer base for a stable income source.

Love to Know

This website focuses on niches, and it approves writers only for writing about subjects and industries they’re specialized in.

Online Writing Jobs

This is a similar option to Love To Know. You won’t find job writing general blog entries; your work will mostly be writing for specific industries while keeping solid SEO.

Pure Content

You can work as either a writer or editor regardless of your country. You’re able to pick projects that adapt to your knowledge.


Here, you pitch your offers to different customers, and it offers both messaging and live calls within the app. It’s great for building relationships.


Skyword focuses around marketing through storytelling in general. You can find work as a writer, photographer, video creator, designer, and social media marketer. You team up with both the editors and the brands directly.

Tempesta Media

This is another social media-focused platform with job for both influencers and content writers.


This is a very popular provider, and it processes over 100,000 different orders monthly. You’re free to take as much work as you want, and you’ll make money depending on how much (and good) content you write.


TextMaster hires either semi-professional and professional writers and translators. You can also connect directly with your clients and choose which projects to work with.

The Content Authority

They’re not always hiring new writers since they only do so to adapt to current demand. The plus side is that you can still send your application if you have any specialization. You can still work for different brokers while you wait for approval.


They cover different subjects: from blog posts and sales copy to full guides and tutorials. WebpageFX works with a wide range of areas, including technology, business, and even lifestyle.

Word Agents

The only quirk about Word Agents is that you need to check in now and then since they only hire writers they currently need.

Words of Worth

Here, you’ll be working with projects based on contracts. You can take 10 monthly at the start, and they cover many subjects.

Writer Access

This is a great way to introduce yourself to the industry. It doesn’t just provide job, but they also have dozens of resources to help you become a better writer. The jobs include writing, editing, and influencer marketing.


Cactus Communications

It’s basically an academic-based company hiring experienced editors and writers.


You need at least 3 years’ worth of experience in either editing, writing, producing documents, and teaching languages. University degrees are also favored.


Writers, designers, and even indexers can also find work with WordFirm. It’s a great place to work while you write with one of our previous suggestions.

Words R U

You’ll need a PhD, Master’s degree, or an equivalent degree in any academic field if you want to work with them.

Transcribing for beginners


You can apply if you’re accurate and can write around 75 words per minute. You also need good research and referencing skills.


This is another US-only firm, but you can work in any jobs and schedules that you can fit comfortably into your day.


Here, you’ll work daily and receive your payment every week. All assignments can be taken before 4pm (eastern), and they must be delivered by the same time the next day.

Casting Words

This is a less strict alternative to Babbletype. The jobs are smaller, and you’re not required to work at any specific pace or workload.

Daily Transcription

This one basically hires writers as they need, so there’s no guarantee for the amount of work you’ll get. It’s a nice way to grab extra work if you always have free time on your daily schedule.

GMR Transcription

GMR covers a bunch of specialized topics like academic and business subjects. You can also set your own working hours and amount of work; there’s also no experience requirements.


This is another great option for beginners. It basically focuses on providing job for newer transcribers while keeping requirements low.


It focuses on transcribing task lists, reports, insurance notes, voicemail, and legal notes.


If you pass the transcription and grammar test on your application, you’ll receive a notification within 48 hours. Other than that, it’s basically the same at the rest.


Scribie is another excellent place to start your transcriber experience while developing your skills.


This is an interesting site since they use the Mechanical Turk platform from Amazon as their job marketplace. You’ll need an account on said platform if you want to find job and get paid.


This is a bit less strict platform since it requires 40 words per minute speeds, but you still need perfect accuracy.

Take Note Typing

There are only 2 main requirements with this platform; you need great English understanding and a speed of 65 words per minute while maintaining accuracy.


This is another platform where you can work whenever you like. They don’t require any experience, and their assignments are mostly 2 minutes or less instead of entire interviews. After you’re done, just submit the result and receive the next one.


This is a Canadian company, but you can apply from any location, so don’t worry.

Transcribing with experience

AccuTran Global

Experience is preferred by this company, but it’s not strictly a requirement. You get paid depending on either the amount of words or minutes of audio depending on every project. Accuracy and speed are the key requirements here, and you can schedule your week as you prefer, but you need to commit to that.


It’s basically just a transcription company for medical and legal subjects.

Cambridge Transcriptions

You can work part-time with them and even choose whether or not you want to work from home. They do look for legal and corporate transcription experience, though.


You won’t work here as a freelancer, and they’re not constantly hiring remote employees. However, you can still land a home job with them by checking regularly.


This isn’t so much a strictly data entry position. They actually look for transcribers who can also interpret and edit.


They keep periodical listings for interview transcribers on different industries. The only catch is that you need to work during office hours in the UK.


Pioneer look for transcribers with experience who can also add trade references to their job.

Production Transcripts

This one only hires transcribers experienced in transcribing digital files. They even state they hire sporadically on their site.


This company looks for people with experience and either a college or university degree related to the field they want to work. They also demand a 70-word per minute minimum.


If you type at 60 words per minute, nearly perfect accuracy, and live either in Canada or the US, then you can become a transcriber at Speakwrite.

Terra Nova

You can apply as a medical transcriber if you have at least 5 years of experience. Other than that, it’s a full-time position.

Way With Words

All you need to apply for this company is being able to dedicate an hour or so for online assessments and then an offline one.



They focus on translating as well as interpreting cultural intentions. The documents themselves span pharmacy, medicine, and psychology. Accuracy is – obviously – a virtue when working as a translator.

Language Line

They don’t have position for all countries, but they do have a large list of locations you can apply from. Check out their website if you’re interested.


You connect directly with clients submitting their own translation work. You can find many projects every day, and there’s always something that matches your interests.

Translators Town

It’s just a job board but focused solely on translation services.


You basically join a translating community, and clients can upload their jobs for you to apply.

Court research

IT Boss Research

It’s another freelance marketplace but focused on court research. The best thing about this company is that you interact with your clients, and the main goal is to build long-lasting relationships.

JBS Court Research Jobs

They offer some of the most flexible schedules for home workers.


There’s quite a lot of variation in the positions you can get here. You could work for a few hours per month or several each week.

Wolfgang Research

This is the smallest company in this list, but it’s worth a try if you live in the US.

Medical code


Some of the home positions from here include both outpatient and inpatient auditing as well as improving clinical documents.

R1 Medical Coding

You can apply for positions both from your home and in a specific location as long as you have experience with medical coding.

Phone jobs from home

Arise Work From Home

You can apply for customer support positions if you live either in the UK, US or Canada.

Contract World/Xchange

You can apply for one of the two depending on whether you live on the US or Canada.

Enterprise Holdings

They’re the parent company behind different car rentals like National and Alamo, and they have customer support positions for remote workers as well.

Expert Business Development

This is another employer that also hires remote workers, this time on business development. Still, it’s for UK, US, and Canada residents.


This is a company centered around generating leads, and it offers telemarketing solutions for B2B approaches.

Hilton Hotel Work From Home

They offer customer support positions as well as selling reservations depending on your skills.


They’re actually the main company behind Quickbooks and Turbo Max, and they hire remote tax advisors periodically.


They focus on hiring call center agents remotely for different opportunities. They’re one of the best places to start if you’re just beginning to work from home.


They’re actually a virtual company, but they hire sales agents just like others. They generate leads from a chat window, and once potential customers engage, they can be followed up with upsells and calls.


They offer work teams for clients requiring either tech support or sales agents working remotely. These agents communicate with their customers via emails and both outbound and inbound calls.

Restaurant Revolution Technologies

It’s another great option for beginners, and your job would be taking food orders as part of the sales staff. The company is partnered with different restaurant chains.


It’s basically an employer for either tech support positions or inbound sales.


This is another inbound calling position, so it’s great for those who don’t like telemarketing. However, you need to keep in mind they require landline from their employees, so not everyone can apply.


They employ different approaches like social media and chat besides traditional phone communications. Their remote agents handle customer and technical support.


They offer different positions for remote workers, but they aren’t always hiring. You need to monitor their listings now and then to spot any chances.


This company also hires only in North America, but if you live there, you can enjoy some pretty flexible schedules.

Working Solutions

This is another virtual company that offers call center services to different clients from remote agents.

Yardi Matrix

They offer seasonal jobs remotely, but that also means they’re not available for the whole year. You’d provide rent surveys, which basically means calling property agents and owners to gather updated information about the rental market.

Mystery Shopping

About Face

This company hires people to monitor retail employees and transactions from their clients to ensure they’re up to standards. Different clients have different objectives, work, and payment. You could even receive products from certain clients as part of your payment.

ARC Consulting

This mystery shopping job works through telephone, so no need to drive around. What’s interesting here is that you’ll also call your clients’ competitors to find out about customer care trends. It’s only for US residents.


You’ll visit a wide range of locales: restaurants, stores, casinos, and even hotels to evaluate their installations and customer service. They allegedly offer thousands of assignments every month.

BMA Mystery Shopping

They simply offer individual assignments for their contractors from different clients. You complete one and get another.

Call Center QA

This one’s similar to ARC in that it’s only for the US. They also hire phone shoppers, so it’s worth checking out if you don’t have a vehicle or simply don’t want to drive.

Campus Consulting

You can sign up through a minimalist website, and from their somewhat “vintage” design, they seem to have lots of experience.


You can choose your own assignments with Confero, so it’s a nice way to introduce yourself to the job.

In Touch Insight Systems

This one isn’t particularly different than the others, but they do have more uptight standards, so the pay must be good.


This one is just mystery shopping accessible from a nice mobile app. Other than that, they’re just like the rest.

Mystery Shopping Inc

This is only for Canadian residents. However, the payment isn’t too bad, as you can make up to $15 for about 30 minutes, which is what most assignments last.


PerformaLogics is also Canadian, but this one has the nice advantage of offering work for those who aren’t Canadians. For example, they have thousands of contractors in the US as well, and you can apply from Europe and South America.

Second to None

You can employ your own shopping skills and eye for detail to make some money, and they let you communicate via phone and the internet if you can’t get to their location.

Secret Shopper

This is one of the main references when it comes to mystery shopping, and they – interestingly – have a noticeable presence in Africa and America. However, they exist basically everywhere: Asia, Oceania, and Europe also make up their market.

Shopper’s Confidential

Beginner mystery shoppers might appreciate the quick sign up and low requirements from Shopper’s Confidential. After a few minutes, you’re all ready to go out and start working.

Online teaching


You can teach English with Cambly whenever you have the time, and you can schedule as much or as little work as you desire. You get paid on Mondays via PayPal.

Dada ABC

This is another ESL platform, and it targets children from 4 to 16 years old.


This is an interesting departure from the children-centered teaching platforms. You’ll be teaching to business audiences, and you might want to have a college degree.

Golden Voice

The platform targets children from China, and it works through video conferences.


They’re among the largest teaching marketplaces. Thousands of tutors make up their roaster, and they teach around 100 languages to over a million students.

Learner Lane

You can also set your hours at your leisure, and you’re free to teach from almost any location.


Their focus is language courses and specific professional skills: communication and solving problems, mainly. They also offer intercultural classes.

Panda Tree

This teaching platform is just like the others, but it’s only for either Mandarin or Spanish teachers.


This ESL provider also targets children between 5 and 12 years old from China. It’s a great way to meet a different culture as long as you meet their requirements,

Teachers Pay Teachers

It’s an online marketplace like the freelancing ones we covered earlier. It’s quite unique in that it focuses on selling classroom resources to other educators, so it’s a great way to monetize your creativity.


This one is another popular platform to teach English to Chinese students between 4 and 12 years old.

Online tutoring

Aim4A Tutoring

You need at least a bachelor’s degree on the subject you want to teach. Students vary a lot as well; they can be from any country and any education level.


This platform is quite traditional: you need to submit a standard resume to apply. Their focus is around developing skills and help with homework or preparing for tests.

Café Talk

If you lived in a country from East Asia – or are fluent in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean – you can apply to this platform.


This is a nice place to start if you’ve never taught online before. You can do it anywhere, and payments go out every week.

Course Hero

Course Hero is among the most varied platforms for tutors. You can teach dozens of subjects from finances, statistics, accounting, math, and even chemistry.

Home Work Tutoring

They aren’t always hiring, but some subjects have higher demands than others. They higher tutors for biology, chemistry, engineering, math, economics, history, language, and more.


As the name suggests, this one focuses on math subjects. You can apply either as an online or a local tutor.

Person SmartThinking

If you prefer to teach college subjects, this platform is your go-to.


You’ve probably seen them sponsoring YouTube channels. They let tutors sell different courses and skills through an online marketplace.


This isn’t exactly tutoring, but you can make money from taking notes and selling your study guides to others.


If you live in the US, then you can teach individually through high school courses. You also need 2 years’ experience tutoring at least.


Tutorvista targets the US, UK, Southeast Asia, China, India, and Australia, and it has over 2,000 teachers around these regions. Once you pre-schedule your hours, you need to commit to them.


Wyzant is another unique platform; it’s a marketplace that connects tutors with students. You can enjoy better flexibility, and you can schedule both online and personal classes.

Micro tasks


You can complete small tasks to make a bit of money on the side. Jobs include text correction, surveys, and data organization. You can work as much as you want, but you won’t make a full-time income.

Field Agent

This app lets people post assignments like taking specific pictures or finding out about certain products. Once you accept and complete these tasks, you get paid. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s almost always easy.


It’s a similar app to Field Agent. While some people report less amount of work available, they have a better reputation when it comes to quick payments.

Testing websites


This is a pretty unique income stream. You basically just need to browse through website, test them, and provide your experience feedback.


Appen basically pays you for using and evaluating search engines and social media, collecting data, and annotating images. Projects are usually smaller, so they’re easy to schedule.


You can provide opinions and recommendations on products you test, take surveys, and even some mystery shopping.


Leapforce lets you comment on search engine results to improve user experience and results relevancy. You just need to invoice your working hours since you’re an independent contractor.


It’s quite similar to our previous suggestion. You basically evaluate results from search engines to help them improve their relevancy and overall quality. Lionbridge even offers map analysis positions if you know about geography.


You just need to surf through a website and test the different sections and functions. It lets developers assess their user experience since you can share your opinion while being recorded.


You can work from your smartphone, which is a nice addition. Other than that, you just have to record your experience in different websites, and tests usually take no longer than 20 minutes.


This platform includes all of the tasks from previous platforms, but it also includes mobile apps, adverts, and different interfaces into their tests. Other than that, it’s similar to the rest: just record your feedback on your evaluations.

Completing surveys

The amount of survey websites is so large that it’s nearly impossible to cover in a single article. However, you can find tons with a simple Google search as long as you research the company before signing up. There are many scams around the internet.

They’re far from a sustainable income stream – or at least a significant one. That’s another reason why we’ll just mention the option. However, they’re still a nice way to make a bit of money quickly, and they’re the best way to get your first taste of online income.

Other independent work ideas

Affiliate marketing

Passive income refers to making money even while you’re not working. Affiliate marketing is one of the best and most popular forms of passive income.

You basically promote other people’s products through different channels with an affiliate link you receive after registering. You can do this with websites, blogs, YouTube channels, paid ads, and more.

Different offers might pay for generating leads, traffic, or straight-up making sales for them. You usually earn a commission from each sale, as it’s the most popular approach used by most companies.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert, and you can learn everything on the internet. There are countless free resources, but you need to sort them out to find those with valuable knowledge. Getting an affordable-yet-valuable course like Savage Affiliates is a great way to speed up the process.

Home business

There are many different businesses you can build independently without a big budget – sometimes even with no budget at all.

You can work from home as a babysitter, bookkeeper, cleaning service, daycare, dog walker, trainer, photographer, or music teacher. There are many other options you can go for, but you get the point; you can basically turn any necessity into a business if you’re motivated enough.

Think about your hobbies and what you’re good at. Chances are you can make money from it. You might be surprised at what a brainstorming session can do for your income levels, and most businesses in this category can turn into your full-time job if you put enough effort into them.

Course creation

If you’re knowledgeable on any subject – even better if you can prove it – you can monetize that knowledge with platforms like Kartra, Teachables, or Udemy.

You might want to invest in recording equipment if you don’t have a good camera and lightning already. The same goes for video editing software, although you don’t really need to be an expert as long as you can cut the boring parts and pauses from your videos to make cohesive lessons.

Virtually any subject you know can make money for you, and you can make the course as long or as brief as you want. You can divide it into different modules with their own lessons to make them as intuitive as possible. You’re also the sole owner of your course, and you can market it however you want.

This is another great passive income stream as well. People can buy your course as long as it’s available, so you could be making money for a good while after you’ve stopped working on it.


With dropshipping, you’re basically selling other people products on your own online store. That might sound like affiliate marketing, but you’re actually running a store, and it gets a bit more complex.

You don’t have to keep an inventory. You just list the products from the manufacturer, and once someone purchases something, you buy the product from your supplier and provide them with your customer’s address so that they can take care of the rest. You then get to keep the difference between the product’s cost and your own price.

You need to invest more in this model than affiliate marketing, but it’s not as much as you’d think. The only investment necessary includes your website, integrations to add functionality to it, the products’ cost every time someone buys (but you’ll make your money back almost immediately), refunds, and marketing.

Your budget basically depends on how much you want to do. The most important part of dropshipping is knowing how to research your markets and suppliers to provide nothing but quality. There are many great courses on this model, but my recommendation is eCom Elites due to their sheer amount of knowledge and value coupled with one of the cheaper price tags available.

However, if you bought Savage Affiliates, you can still apply that knowledge here. The only difference would be the type of website and that you’ll actually need to communicate constantly with your supplier. The same goes for eCom Elites for affiliate marketing.


You just need to sign up, submit the required documentation, and download the app. You don’t even need to have a car or use your own. You can simply rent one from the company and pay the fees with your own income from them.

The job itself is really easy. You just open the app and go online whenever you want to work. You receive notifications from clients asking for a ride from point A to point B. Once you’ve taken them, you can accept other orders, and the money gets added to your account.

Once you’re done working, you just turn off the app and call it a day.


This basically lets you rent your car to other people instead of driving it yourself like you’d do with Uber. The only problem here is that you’re trusting your vehicle to a stranger. On the other hand, if you just want to make money without sacrificing your free time, this could be a nice approach for you.

Ranking websites

You need quite a bit of knowledge to take on this business model, but the returns can be really good.

The concept is simple. You either create a website from scratch or buy an unused site. Then, you optimize it so that it ranks better on search engines – around the first results, in fact. Once you achieve that, the website’s value skyrockets. You can then rent or sell it to a company in the same industry as your site and repeat the process.

It’s not as simple as it looks. Ranking takes quite a while, and you need to learn a lot to know how to actually do it. You might also need to invest quite a significant amount on advertisement to get your website noticed by its target audience.

You can find all the resources you need on the internet, but be prepared to spend some time learning. The good thing is that you can make serious money with this approach, so it’s worth the effort.

Food delivery

There’s not much to say about this one since you probably already understand the concept. What’s interesting here is that you can tackle it in two ways.

First, you can simply work with a local business. I’d advise you to apply to a reputable store instead of a cheap one since you can make quite a bit of money from tips alone.

The other option is to register with apps like Uber Eats. They work very similarly to Uber itself; you receive orders through the app, drive to the pick-up spot and then to the destination. The only difference is that you need to verify the order is correct, and you won’t be driving people around.

A nice benefit from these apps is that you can drive with someone else, so it’s safer if you work in a riskier neighborhood.

Social media management

If you know a lot about social media, you could make good money by managing accounts for smaller businesses and individuals like lawyers or doctors. Most people don’t really understand how these platforms work, so if you do, you have a service to offer.

You can also take it a step further and learn how to use paid ads efficiently (the two courses I recommended can also teach you all you need to know about it). This skill can actually elevate your potential income significantly.


This is another project for people with their sights on the long run. It takes just about as much time as ranking websites – you’re doing the same thing but for yourself in the end. The returns can be just as good as well.

Once you’ve built a lot of traffic, you can make money from selling space for ads on your site with different networks or contacting companies directly. However, you can also monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, but we already explained how that works.

Web design and optimization

Finally, this is another business idea that’s very similar to ranking websites or blogging. It basically requires the same knowledge, but the approach is quite different.

You already know the skills you need to design and optimize a website if you read through the previous entries. You also have these skills if you already took the courses I recommended. The only difference here is that you’ll sell your design and optimization services to other people running websites already.

Ranking first among search results is an advantage that most entrepreneurs will pay top money for. Therefore, if you can do it, you can make a significant income from it.

Network marketing

Also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), this definitely isn’t a business for most people. You need strong sales expertise and social skills to make money from it, and very few people actually build a sustainable business from it.

On the other hand, if you’re the right person for this business, the the money can be really good.

You basically partner with a company and sell their products for a commission. That’s the basic approach a lot of people take. The real money comes from the fact that every vendor that joins the platform thanks to you earns you a commission from their own sales. Every vendor joining from the vendors you added usually make you a commission as well.

Essentially, the more people you add to the sales chain, the more money you’ll make. It could even turn into a form of passive income when done properly.

However, you need to keep a sharp eye to spot scammers, as pyramid and Ponzi schemes are fairly common with this business model. Always make sure to read reviews and learn as much as you can about a company before joining them.

Tips to start your own home business

Offline marketing

This approach works better for local businesses like babysitting or music lessons. If you want to advertise your service successfully, you need to understand that everywhere you go, there’s someone who could use your service.

The main task is spotting where it’s more likely to find your target audience. If you’re teaching music, then schools are the best bet. If you’re walking dogs, pet shops are the place to go.

After you identified the best areas to find clients, you want to print business cards and a few flyers. In the end, you just need to let people know about your business where you know you’ll find the largest amount of potential clients.

Online marketing

Online marketing is a much broader spectrum. You have both free and paid methods on dozens of platforms, and not all websites work the same way for all businesses. The first advice here is to check out the courses we recommended (Savage Affiliates or eCom Elites), that’s where you can learn all the skills to use every platform.

Knowledge aside, here are a few tips for different platforms:

  • Facebook and Instagram are better for reaching as many consumers as possible. They work better for stores, courses, and designers.
  • LinkedIn is where you want to go if you’re more of a professional. Bookkeepers, marketers, bloggers, and programmers might prefer this site.
  • Search engines are for targeting people looking for your business. Both paid ads and SEO are excellent, and they benefit any industry since you target people who look specifically for your service.
  • If you’re selling your own crafts, you definitely want to try Pinterest as well as Instagram.

There are countless websites and platforms, but these are the main ones you should consider. Another side note: paid ads tend to cost more, but they’re a lot more accurate and effective thanks to their advanced functionality.

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