Work From Home Jobs In Canada – Huge List Of Ideas! (2021)

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Work From Home Jobs In Canada

There are many reasons to love Canada: beautiful landscapes, nice people, and even the climate, depending on your preferences. I think everyone living in Canada can agree with that, yet I also think they can agree with one disadvantage.

Finding a good job to live in one of those amazing locations can be really difficult.

The good news – and a consequence of that very fact – is that remote jobs are becoming a more common concept for a lot of people. Thanks to this ability to work from your home makes it possible to live a pretty good lifestyle.

There’s a lot of variety as well. Some jobs work just like you would expect a traditional one: applications, interviews, and even benefits; they’re just remote. Others are closer to self-employment like driving for platforms like Uber or Lyft.

While not strictly jobs, we’ve also included sites that you can use to make a bit on the side quickly like completing surveys and tasks. Also outside of the “job” category is the last section on how to build an entire business for yourself, which requires more effort for larger rewards.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the different ways you can make money without tying yourself to an office or post.

Home employment

3D Power

This one’s an animation firm that services state authorities and private contractors by creating virtual designs and walkthroughs for different buildings and projects. Its workforce comes from remotely-hired designers and animators to collaborate on projects.


This is a customer service provider hiring remote employees. You can sort their job offers depending on the country as well. Another benefit is that they offer benefits and training.

Canadian Mortgages

Canadian Mortgages offers jobs as a broker now and then. It’s a remote job, and anyone with knowledge in finance can take advantage of it.


Concentrix has a lot of opportunities for home workers thanks to a vast range of industries covered. As an added bonus, it also has US listings, but it also means you might need to search a bit deeper to find what you want.


It’s similar to Alorica in that it connects different companies with customer support agents working remotely.


This is a nice platform since you can also find a few part-time positions besides remote jobs. You can find simple jobs like writing resumes, but people with specialized education such as engineering can find better offers.

Global Mentoring Solutions

Their website advertises up to six figure salaries with added benefits like health and dental care. Just keep in mind they do demand IT skills, so not everyone is eligible for such earnings. They also have the Canadian positions mixed with US options, so you need to sort them out.


This is another home employment solution for people who can work for customer service. You need at least a high school diploma or a similar title, and you make minimum wage.

Inspire Fundraising Solutions

Remote employees for this firm work by making calls to supporters of their fundraiser, both new, past, and current. Their compensation also includes the benefits.


Jobspresso focuses on linking working opportunities with potential candidates. There are several positions here, including customer support, marketing, content generation, and tech engineering.


This is a recruitment agency based in Canada, and most of their remote positions are made up by B2B sales representative and executive roles.

Pizza Hut

Pizza order taking from your home hasn’t properly developed as a trend in many ways, and many companies have failed to implement it properly. Luckily, Pizza Hut manages to employ home workers, so that’s an opportunity for you.

Pizza Orders at Home

This is another exception to the home pizza orders job position. They only have Pizza Pizza as a client right now, but it still boasts all of the benefits of working from your home.


This is one of the largest companies right now, with 46,000 workers around the globe. Its Canadian branch has several customer support work for home workers, and they also benefit from health care.


Yet another customer service company hiring agents remotely, they aren’t always needing people. Luckily, that’s offset by the amount of similar companies we’ve listed. You should bookmark them – along with the others – and keep them handy for periodical checks.


This one is an interesting suggestion. UHaul has more than enough centers spread around Canada, and you’d probably think it’s one of the last companies to take an interest in hiring remote workers. However, they have an entire section dedicated to remote offers, and while you’d make minimum wage, they seem to offer benefits and bonuses.


There’s not much to say here; it’s another call center hiring remote workers and based on Vancouver.

Weed Man Turf Ops

This landscaping firm from Canada use virtual agents for its sales. This is a worthwhile opportunity if you don’t have a problem with outbound calls

Jobs for freelancers

You can find various types of work when you’re a freelancer. Some works are specific to certain companies, meaning you need to apply and get paid as a contractor. They offer the stability of an employer with the flexibility of working as independent.

Accutran Global

Transcriptions are some of the most common works you’ll find on the internet. You’ll mostly get paid either per minute of audio or per word. That means that the more you work, the more money you can make in the end. Efficient transcribers can turn it into a stable income, and you can place your application from their main website.


This teachers association offers a yearly income around $65,000. The catch is that you have to apply with a bachelors degree before proving you can work as a teacher.


This is one of the most unique options on the list, but it’s not strictly a job. It basically lets you make money by trying out websites and commenting on how your experience went. It’s not a full income, but it’s a good way to make some extra cash on the side,


This is another company that pays for transcriptions and pays you through PayPal. It’s quite similar to our previous suggestion: you apply to qualify and then work just as a regular freelancer. You also need to be a native speaker for your transcription language.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

This is a return to our cold call services. Blue Zebra pays workers depending on their experience, and it can range between $15 and $25.


ClicknWork links different remotes positions with potential workers. You can find different positions: writing, researching, analyzing markets, and spotting trends.

Dada ABC and Golden Voice English

These two companies make up another opportunity that lets you work as an English teacher, but this time is for children between the ages of 4 and 15. It hires online tutors. Golden Voice English in particular focuses on teaching children from China via video conferences.

Uber and Lyft

These two are very similar companies. Uber has now established as a standard solution for people in Canada. It’s not really a position you can keep within your home, but it’s another option since you’re basically working from it anyways. You can simply turn your application on and off anytime you want and anywhere you want.

Lyft is a similar company, yet it’s currently available in Toronto. While it’s quite new on the Canadian market, it has all it needs to compete with Uber directly.

Mystery Shopping

This job can be really fun and quite lucrative complement to your main income stream if you have a vehicle. You can make from $10 to $15 for every store, and you can expect about 15 minutes for every store, the same time with paperwork, and investments like gas and maintenance.

Panda Tree

This is another website to teach languages online. However, this one’s focus isn’t on English; it hires teachers skilled in both Spanish and Mandarin.


This is another option for teachers to add on their lists, and it’s quite similar to the others we’ve listed earlier. The age range is a bit tighter than the previous ones, with children’s ages ranging between 5 and 12. However, it has its own requirements just like other companies.


This is a great transcriber position for people with less experience on the industry. Their requirements are far less strict than similar companies. Besides, you can pick the jobs you want to do instead of simply waiting for assignments.

Travel Masters

People experienced as travel agents can make some good money from Travel Master. There’s no base salary with this company, and all money comes from commissions. This means low-performing workers won’t make much money from it, but people who know how to sell can make quite the sums.


While it’s another tutoring platform, it’s by far among the most popular options around. You have around 40 covered subjects, and these range from math and business to English and social studies – there’s even test preparation. It’s definitely a stable job for qualified applicants, but you need to submit to a background check and take a test.


This one is a digital publishing firm, and it has several opportunities for home employment, including content writing for social media. Just keep in mind you still have to send an application and writing samples.

Virtual Gurus

Virtual Gurus is a nice alternative for people who don’t want to handle customer support but still have social skills. You can work as a virtual assistant with VG, and the services you’ll provide are quite varied: from technical tasks like data entry or IT to more creative stuff like design.


VIPKid is another very popular platform for teaching and learning English. Unlike the previous ones, it focuses mostly on elementary-age students: from 4 to 12 years old. It’s also a virtual classroom for Chinese students.

Marketplaces for freelancers

The following sites act as a marketplace for freelancers to offer their services for others to buy directly on the platform. You can usually set your own rates and offers and wait for others to reach out to you, and others let you apply for job offers posted by potential clients.


This website focuses on smaller tasks on different areas like writing and translating or researching and processing data. You’ll make more money depending on how efficient you are at these tasks.

Content Mart

This is a great place to start if you’re good at writing and enjoy it. Content writing is a very demanded position, and if you have solid skills, you could make a stable income with it. Content Mart is usually looking for more copywriters and editors to work freelance, and there are different specialty areas depending on your own knowledge: from travel and business to entertainment and lifestyle.


This is like a more fleshed-out Content Mart. It provides content for different clients, but its services also branch into web development and design.

Field Agent and Gigwalk

These two don’t really constitute what you could consider a real job, but it’s still a great idea to make some money on the side. They’re apps that let people post different tasks, like taking a picture on a certain location, and pay the ones who complete it.

Gigwalk is quite similar, but the tasks here are more substantial. Other than that, it works essentially in the same way: download the app on your phone, check the tasks available, and perform them.

These won’t make you a stable or reliable income, but they do let you make a few bucks on the side without a lot of effort.


This website pays writers for each article they write. It takes a bit to establish yourself as a trusted writer, but once you do, you can make up to $20 for every piece. Researching and proofreading are also available jobs.


italki has over 1 and a half million students around the globe, and it offers more than 100 different language given by several thousand teachers. You won’t be working for the platform like with our previous suggestions. Instead, it works as a marketplace where freelance teachers create their profiles and introductions and connect directly with students through the platform.


This is another platform that won’t make you rich, but you can definitely make money from the site. You just need solid writing skills to become one of their top-tier writers, and you can make a stable income from that position depending on your location. The main skill you need here is speed; clients expect their articles to be delivered in hours.


If you follow different YouTube channels, you’ve heard about Skillshare: a varied tutoring marketplace. It basically focuses on teaching virtually any subject: finances, entrepreneurship, design, photography, languages, sciences, music, etc.


Upwork is among the most famous and reputable freelance marketplaces on the internet. It’s one of the primary sites where businesses and companies go to find talent that can fulfill anything they need. It works just like other platforms here: they’re the middlemen between freelancers and clients. There are nearly 90,000 jobs posted right now, dozens of categories, and lots of money to be made.


This is a similar platform to Upwork in terms of size and variety, but it operates a bit different. It has the reputation of a great place to find cheap labor, but there’s no reason why you can’t use this in tandem with other sites, and you set your rates as well. If you become a pro member, you could make great money in any category. Another great thing is that you can offer pretty much any service you can sell.


There’s not much to say about this platform that hasn’t been covered already on the previous entries. It’s not as famous, but it’s been around for quite a while, and it’s another platform you can add to your income channels.

Starting a business from home

This is the entrepreneurial section. Our suggestions here are the “self-employment” kind, and you’ll basically work independently – to certain extent – from any employer. Unlike freelancing, however, the focus here is to put your time and effort into building a scaling business.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing lets you sign up to different programs and act as a broker between a product and its clients. You don’t need to make the product yourself, and you’ll earn commissions from the sales or traffic you generate to the manufacturer. It’s not hard to start, and you can get a course like Savage Affiliates for a great price, learn everything you need, and build a sustainable business in the long-term. 


You’ll also need a vehicle for this one, but if you were considering Mystery Shopping or Uber, you might also take a look at this option. It works more as a small business than a job, so expect to make an investment. Luckily, the rewards can more than make up for that.

Center Holidays

This is another opportunity to create your own business. It’s basically a travel agency you can build for yourself from commissions, somewhat similar to affiliate marketing. However, the start-up investment is almost $1,000, and you need to pay a monthly fee after that. However, if you have experience as a travel agent, you might want to check it out.

Managing social media

Social media is one of the main marketing channels right now, and basically any business who want to remain relevant by today’s industry standards needs to take up an online presence. It took a while before people started to realize the benefits of sites like Facebook for their own businesses, yet it’s a very lucrative opportunity for a lot of people today.

Still, many businesses haven’t realized the importance of social media or lack the knowledge to fully exploit this space for their benefit.

As such, you can make some serious money if you understand how social media marketing works. The knowledge is readily available on the internet, and just by learning the basics, you’ll already be better than most businesses you walk or drive by every day.

Sure, you can find clients by printing flyers and business cards. However, your social media skills will also let you find clients all around the internet. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great for finding and reaching clients.

You’ll probably have to spend some time before you actually find a client. However, once you get the ball rolling, it’s only a matter of time (and effort) until you can make a nice business for yourself. You can also offer these services on platforms like Upwork or MediaJobs.

Designing and optimizing websites

This is a similar approach to social media marketing but taken into a different field. Every business today should run a website to find more clients, and while most people know about its importance, not everyone can build one.

You can make good money if you know how to do that. Even optimizing websites to rank them higher on Google’s search results can make just as much money.

Music lessons

Learning an instrument on the internet is very popular right now, and you can offer your own tutoring on sites like Fiverr (charging per lesson), Skillshare, and similar suggestions above.

Another great way to work from home is simply to contact people yourself, post flyers, and talk to other people. You can leave a flyer near any school, and you’ll always find at least 1 parent looking for music lessons.


If you’re good with finances, you can make a nice business for yourself by offering your bookkeeping services – and accounting in general – to other companies. Many smaller businesses don’t have the money to keep an in-house accountant, so if you can do the same remotely for less money, the money is quite good.

You can also offer these services through freelance marketplaces.

Survey and reward sites

This won’t ever make up for a full-time job and income, but these quick tasks can make you some nice extra cash during your free time.

Especially if you take up a job from this list, like Uber, you’ll find yourself with enough leisure time; this time can make you some money if you don’t mind completing a few tasks during it.

You can find sites like SurveyJunkie or Swag Bucks, where you can make money with either surveys or watching ads and visiting other websites.

There are many other options

Of course, you can still make money if you don’t have specialized skills. Services like babysitting, house cleaning, and landscaping have made money for countless people over the years, and they still do.

You basically need only free time and the will to put your effort into good use.

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