WP Rocket Review: Fastest WordPress Cache Plugin? (2021)

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WP Rocket Review

Though WordPress is very fast, there is a number of reasons why it sometimes may not be as fast as it should be. Themes, plugins, CSS, and other customizations can make your site very slow. There are a few different types of caching plugins to assist but often their CPU and memory usages impacts site’s performance negatively. This comprehensive review will help you decide which caching plugin to use for your WordPress website. In fact in this post we will review only one cache plugin. WP Rocket is the only fully premium caching plugin for WordPress meant to enable you to boost the speed of your WordPress site.

Why Use Cache Plugins?

If you run a WordPress website, you are familiar with various WordPress plugins that make it all easy to create a site, improve SEO, display ads, etc. As your site grows and attracts more visitors you will start to notice that the longer load times and slower performance of your site become a huge problem. It can also get pretty frustrating. Many efficient methods already exists to make your site faster. Some of these methods are explained below.

Caching Plugin

WordPress ‘Caches’ the css, js and html files for faster loading of the site and therefore boosts the performance of your site. Though this is to be noted that WordPress caches different type of things. It caches the database queries, blocks of PHP code that are the same across the pages, and also the HTML files.

I am using a cache plugin on this site since a long time. For a long time, the caching plugin that I was using was WP Super Cache which was installed with the WordPress I installed. Then I found W3 Total Cache which was slightly faster. Then I switched to Memcache My Site to improve the speed of the site. I also tried Cloudflare. Then the WP Rocket plugin came into my life. It’s the most efficient WordPress Cache Plugin I’ve ever used.

CSS & HTML compression

CSS and HTML code is what makes your site pleasing to the eyes. But these two elements can also introduce a lot of unwanted load time on your website. WP Rocket compression reduces these unnecessary load times by minifying code and combining files. This compression also degrades the quality of the code but it is pretty insignificant for human eyes. You don’t notice any change (obviously) in the code. You might notice some alignment issue in your site’s editor but this will be fixed right after saving it and should not be a major concern.

Javascript compression and delivery optimizer

You can alter the way Javascript and CSS is delivered through the file system. As a result your page will be much faster. This is what the delivery optimizer does. It makes sure that Javascript files and CSS files have their mime types changed to text/css . This makes web browsers consider these files as CSS (or Javascript) files and they don’t have to make additional calls for files. This also lowers the load time of your pages.

Separate cache files for mobile devices

WP Rocket plugin lets you set different cache file rules for mobile devices. Usually a light form of HTML and CSS elements are enough for a mobile device to show your site correctly. A lot of web developers believe that mobile devices don’t need Javascript files to show the site correctly so WP Rocket caches these files separately for mobile devices.

File optimization

WP Rocket plugin has a tool which can optimize the size of your images, Javascript files, CSS files, and HTML files. Basically you will have to upload all your files through it and then this tool will process them and make them smaller in size. As a result you will get a smaller download file size.

Ability to combine CSS, HTML, and Javascript respectively

WP Rocket lets you combine CSS and Javascript files. There are a lot of options and they allow you to combine files accordingly. For example, if you have two CSS files and 3 Javascript files and you combine them together then the result is one CSS file and 2 Javascript files. The files will be combined according to certain rules that you set. This further results in faster load time for the page where these files are used.

Ability to remove query strings

Query strings help you to modify the elements. But most of the times these are not required. For example, if you are using CSS files as background images then you don’t need the query strings. Query strings have to load with CSS files even though they do nothing for the page. You can set an option to remove query strings from your CSS files because they are not being used at all.

Safe mode for jQuery

WP Rocket supports safe mode for jQuery plugin. Safe mode has fast and better compatibility with other plugins which might be using jQuery. It tries to make your site fast even with this plugin on. If there is a conflict with jQuery then safely removes it from the code and then provides a patch for it. This way you don’t have to worry if your website works with this plugin or not. That is a big relief because a lot of plugins have conflicting ways with jQuery and make your site slower.

Lazy load for images and Iframes

“Lazy loading” means showing images after everything else is loaded on the page. This further reduces your page load time and this is exactly why lazy loading is useful. It loads the images after the rest of content is loaded on the page and makes your site faster. This can be accomplished with this plugin.

Sitemap based cache preloading

There is a sitemap in WP Rocket plugin. This lets you preload a sitemap and generate cache files before you even publish your content. So now you don’t have to worry too much about publishing your content on regular interval. You can set it to publish once per month and still reduce your load time. This lets you publish only once a month but visitors will still see your site’s fresh content.

Bot-based cache preload

If you have a lot of content and want users to see your recent blogs then bot will help you with that. You can define how often you want the bot to visit your site and on what part of the site. Everything else would be preloaded and cached. So the bot can easily load your site and show it without any hassles. The bot works smartly and avoids visiting your site when you don’t need to process the cache.

Advanced cache rules

WP Rocket plugin lets you set aside cache rules for different users. You can cache stuff for regular users while cache rules could be different for admins. This lets you make advanced rules based on user roles so that you don’t need to do any kind of configuration to achieve this.

GZIP compression

GZIP compression is a must these days. It makes your download files smaller on the fly. Files are compressed and users don’t have to wait as much for their download to complete. GZIP compression is supported by a lot of hosting providers today so you don’t have to worry about it too much. But if you found yourself on a hosting provider which doesn’t support GZIP then you can enable it here.

What Makes WP Rocket Unique?

What makes WP Rocket unique from the rest of the caching plugins is that it is a fully premium plugin. For a mere $3.85 for a single site and $8.25 per site for 3 sites, you get a super fast WordPress website that ads new features. Let’s see what those are.

Features of WP Rocket Cache Plugin

  1. Page Caching

The page caching feature is the most important feature of WP Rocket. During the caching stage, WP Rocket will store the entire page, including the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files is a static file comprised of all these elements. When your site visitor comes back to view the same page, WP Rocket will serve the static cached file instead of loading it from a database and the server. This makes your site blazingly fast.

  1. Browser Caching

The Browser caching feature is new to WP Rocket. WP Rocket allows you to set a cookie (from your control panel) which prevents the browsers of your traffic from re-downloading the content again unless and until, your cookie expires. This feature allows you to save bandwidth and loading times, since your frequently visited pages will be stored in a visitor’s computer for a long time. This again means site visitor stays for a longer time and leaves a lesser bounce rate.

  1. Continued Development: Automatic Updates and New Features

WP Rocket is continuously being developed and new features are being added to it regularly. This is the reason why I am using it. I need a faster, better caching plugin for my site. WP Rocket pays a lot attention to the development of the plugin. Another great thing about WP Rocket Support Team. You can register your site with them after you buy the plugin. If you have any problem, they will help you.

  1. Integrated Support For Cloudflare: Automatic Content Delivery

In addition to this, it has the integration with Cloudflare. It’s integrated with Cloudflare for free forever. Cloudflare’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) stores your pages and serves them from a server closer to your visitor. This is a great feature for websites that want to have faster loading times and those that attract a huge amount of traffic.

  1. Smooth and Efficient: CPU, Memory

WP Rocket is highly efficient and minimal on resource utilization. WP Rocket does a lot of things in the background and your user never gets to notice that anything is going on. It is background processes that make it faster. WP Rocket minimizes CPU usage, memory usage. This makes it a good plugin to use on sites with all verticals of website traffic.

  1. Smart Caching: By Posts, Tags and Expiry

In addition to the Features mentioned above, WP Rocket allows the user to both automatically and manually set automatic cache times for Posts, Pages, Tags and Categories. Also WP Rocket automatically expires cache time for the content. It also allows the user to select cache types for different sections of the site. This means the user can choose to cache all the Category pages in the site and therefore can make the site super fast.

Pros and Cons of WP Rocket

Before You decide to buy a WordPress plugin, make sure you know both Pros and Cons of any plugin. Let’s see the pros and cons of WP Rocket.


  • Fastest WordPress Cache Plugin
  • Highly affordable cache plugin
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal resource usage on host
  • Continuous development, new features and plugins
  • Free Cloudflare Integration
  • Fully transparent on what it does


  • We have had some bad experience with WP Rocket Support Team. Sometimes we have to wait for longer time to get our questions answered. The Support Team is not super fast.
  • Sometime WP Rocket can’t cache everything that you expect from it. However, in my experience WP Rocket has never failed to cache.


Importance of website speed cannot be emphasized enough. Speed of your website determines how much time your visitors spend in it and how they perceive your site. This means that this is what decides how much return business your site gets. If you want your visitors to invest in your website then you don’t want them to spend too much time in it.

WP Rocket plugin has a great way to improve your site’s performance with a lot of customization options. You can customize the way images and CSS are served so people can make the most of it. It is also easier to use if you find yourself overwhelmed with other plugins that are too complex in their use. WP Rocket is fast, lightweight, and secure. You will definitely see a lot of gain if you decide to upgrade to this plugin.

So, if you are looking for the most efficient WordPress Caching plugin available in the market, I have to recommend you WP Rocket. You can’t go wrong with a plugin that will make your site fast and get you free Cloudflare CDN which will store your files at many different CDN servers across the world and cache them for you.

WP Rocket is highly affordable, with pricing options for 1-3 sites. If you are looking for a WordPress Caching Plugin, this is almost the perfect solution both on quality and pricing.

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