Top 10 Youtube Cash Cow Gigs on Fiverr For Monetization

You know what they say: money never sleeps. And neither do Youtube cash cow videos. These videos generate views and revenue on autopilot. 

But creating cash cow videos can be hard and time-consuming. You need skills and resources to produce quality content. That’s why many people use Fiverr to find freelancers to do the job for them.

In this article, I’ll show you the top 10 best Fiverr gigs for cash cow videos. These gigs will practically make the entire video for you, even down to the titles.

Is Fiverr A Good Place To Outsource Your YouTube Cash Cow Project?

Fiverr has several advantages when it comes to outsourcing your cash cow project. Here are some of them:

  • You can save time and energy by letting someone else handle the tedious and technical aspects of creating cash cow videos.
  • You can access a large pool of talented and experienced freelancers who can deliver high-quality work at affordable prices.
  • You can choose from a variety of gigs and customize your order according to your preferences and requirements.
  • You can communicate with the sellers directly and request revisions if needed.
  • You can use Fiverr’s secure payment system and customer support to ensure a smooth and safe transaction.

Of course, Fiverr also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Here are some of them:

  • You might encounter some scammers or low-quality sellers who may not deliver what they promise or meet your expectations.
  • You may have to spend some time and effort to find the best gigs and sellers for your project.
  • You may have to deal with some communication or delivery issues that may cause delays or misunderstandings.

Services Offered By Freelancers on Fiverr For YouTube Cash Cow

There are many services that you can get from freelancers on Fiverr for your cash cow project. Here are some of the most common ones.

Video Editing

Youtube Cash Cow Video Editting Fiverr Gig

A good video editor on Fiverr can make your videos look professional, engaging, and optimized for YouTube. They can add transitions, effects, music, subtitles, logos, and more to enhance your video quality and performance.

Most editors make use of top-of-the-line editing software such as Adobe Premiere or After Effects to provide content that truly stands out.

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Thumbnail Design

Thumbnail Editting Fiverr Page

Most gigs will offer thumbnail designs. A good thumbnail can attract more clicks and views to your videos. A good thumbnail designer can create eye-catching, relevant, and appealing thumbnails that match your video content and niche.

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VoiceOver Fiverr Page For Youtube

Most gigs come with voiceovers to add value and credibility to your cash cow videos. A good voice-over artist can narrate your script in a clear, confident, and convincing manner. They can also adjust their tone, accent, and style to suit your target audience and niche. 

A quick thing to note here – good voiceover artists are quite rare (though there are some gigs in this list that have them). That’s primarily because most providers aren’t native English speakers, though they do have outstanding editing skills. 

If you want to go for a gig that doesn’t look like it has a good VO, you should order that separately from someone else. You can then integrate what you get into the order of the cash cow gig.

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Youtube Script Creation Fiverr Gig

Some gigs offer to write engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly scripts that match your video topic and niche. They can also research keywords, facts, and sources to make your script more relevant and accurate.

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Keyword research

Youtube Keyword Research Fiverr Gig

Some gigs can help you find the best keywords for your video title, description, tags, and hashtags. They can also analyze the competition and suggest strategies to rank higher on YouTube.

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Reviewing Top YouTube Cash Cow Gigs on Fiverr 

Now, let’s talk about the best Cash Cow service providers on Fiverr.

Hamza Ahmad

Hamza Ahmad Fiverr Gig

Let me start the list with one of the best gigs that can turn your ideas into reality.

Hamza Ahmed, with his 5 year long YouTube editing experience, offers an all-in-one deal which ticks off all the essentials for making a great cash cow video. 

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • Full HD Resolution Royalty-Free Videos
  • Royalty-Free Background Music
  • Animated Text And Titles
  • Aesthetic And Flowy Transitions
  • Color Grading 
  • Quality Voiceovers (Optional)
  • Script Production

Why Is Hamza’s Gig Good?

He’s a great editor, overall. You might not take my word for it- but I’m not the only one who finds his services good. 97% of his gig reviews are 5 star reviews. 

However, keep in mind that scriptwriting isn’t his forte. His English isn’t very fluent, so you may want to handle that yourself or find another person to help. 

SEO is not included in his services either, but that’s not a big concern. As long as you can get the SEO done by someone else or already have a good number of subscribers, all the heavy lifting he can do for you will definitely pay off in the long run.

His other optional offering – voiceovers – does make up for that. Our survey shows he can provide professional voice overs that have an understandable accent and personality. 

Pros Of This Gig

  • Incredibly fast response rate.
  • Produced videos are cohesive and engaging.
  • Great voiceovers. 
  • Flexible orders with unlimited revisions.
  • Also works well for Shorts.

Cons Of This Gig

  • You might have to deal with potential language barriers.
  • No SEO services included.

Mehmood A

Mehmood A Fiverr Gig

Mehmood A is another service you can go to if you want to fully outsource your cash cow content. Mehmood, the person running this gig, is popular amongst his clients for providing top-tier content. He’s been video editing and animating for three years.

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

Here’s what Mehmood brings to the table:

  • Well-written Scripts
  • Premium Stock Footages and Images
  • Non-copyrighted Music
  • Motion Graphic Titles
  • Catchy Thumbnails
  • Good Voiceover (Optional)

Why Is Mehmood’s Gig Good?

You can practically get your entire video done with this gig. According to the data I collected from his clients, he seems to occasionally provide slightly late deliveries. However, even such clients agree that he’s done a great job on the end result. 

Like Hamza, he has a 4.9 out of 5 stars overall rating from 545 ratings. The timing issues are the biggest downside to his gig, however, he’s willing to provide an extra video as compensation whenever he takes too long.

If that’s not enough to show why he’s on this list, here’s another extra fact for you; he picks his stock videos from across 3 platforms. 

So the produced content will not only come with unique footage instead of generic ones, but you can also put in more orders and get original content with no repeated visuals.

Pros Of This Gig

  • Great quality.
  • Decent scriptwriting.
  • Provides unique stock visuals.
  • Great for multiple orders.

Cons  Of This Gig

  • Deliveries might be slightly delayed.
  • Not ideal for shorts.
  • Basic option isn’t as cheap as other gig offers.


Khan Youtube Cash Cow Fiverr Gig

Khan might not seem as popular compared to the gigs picked earlier, but he’s still worth putting on this list. 

Need a reliable gig that’ll get what you want at a decent value? Then Khan’s exactly what you’re looking for, especially with 3 years of experience and an entire team backing him up. You can get entire videos done from A-Z by having him handle all the work. 

Although, there’s one thing that you should get done from somewhere else, which I’ll get to in a second.

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • Channel Setups Including Uploads
  • Topic Selection
  • Quality Video Scripts
  • Voiceovers
  • Copyright-free Visuals
  • Up to 4K Video Quality
  • Copyright-checks
  • Standout Thumbnails

Why Is Khan’s Gig Good?

His products are simple, yet effective.

The channel management and the extra high resolution videos are also some of Khan’s notable offerings. However, his gig does have one significant downside – voiceovers.

Since a voice is one of the most important parts of a successful video, I’d definitely recommend getting something pre-recorded from somewhere else. The voiceover he offers sounds a bit monotone and even robotic at some points.

Still, considering how the rest of his content is so good, this can easily be overlooked.

Pros Of This Gig

  • 4k videos.
  • Great scriptwriting.
  • Fast production times.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Copyright checks.
  • Channel management.

Cons  Of This Gig

  • Voiceover needs some work.
  • Not ideal for shorts.


Shahzad Youtube Cash Cow Fiverr Gig

Shahzad is your go-to person if you’re looking for a gig that requires minimal investment and still delivers outstanding quality results. 

Even though his most expensive package only costs $30, he can still craft engaging and captivating content that will grab your viewer’s attention. He offers a full-package deal – and if you like the deal, you can even get a discount by ordering content in bulk.

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • Scriptwriting.
  • Human or Artificial Intelligence Voiceover Narration.
  • Eye-catching Thumbnails.
  • HD Video Quality (1080P or 4K).
  • Royalty-free Stock Footage And Images.
  • Motion Graphics And Effects.
  • Copyright-free Music And Sound.
  • Text Animations And Transitions.
  • Organic Views And SEO optimization.
  • Intro And Outro Integration (If provided).
  • Logo Adjustment (if provided).

Why Is Shahzad’s Gig Good?

Unlike most of the options on this list, Shahzad is notable for actively providing SEO services, along with a lot of other extra editing you won’t find in other cash cow gigs, such as logo adjustment.

You can go for his services – they don’t come with many drawbacks at all. Even his voiceover quality is above average. That’s not something you see often with such gigs.

My only concern with him is his script quality. His English isn’t great, so you should get the script done by someone else or have him turn in the draft for proofreading before proceeding with a project.

Pros Of This Gig

  • Good voiceover quality.
  • Best low budget cash cow YouTube gig.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Plagiarism-free content.
  • Clean and aesthetic looking thumbnails.

Cons  Of This Gig

  • His scripts have issues with grammar.
  • Not the best option for shorts.

Malik Abbas

Malik Abbas Youtube Cash Cow Fiverr Gig

Malik Abbas’ gig is another choice that can help you churn out viral cash cow videos and earn passive revenue that builds up over time. 

He can make good content for any video type. Top 10 videos are his specialty, though. 

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • Channel Setup.
  • Grammar-error Free Script With Grammarly Premium Checks.
  • American Accent Voiceover.
  • Full HD Video.
  • Copyright Checks.
  • Interesting High Quality Thumbnails.

Why Is Malik’s Gig Good?

Malik can get Top 10 videos done in as little as 24 hours – that’s quite the feat, especially when many of his customers praise the amount of effort he puts in even when it comes to tougher niches.

He’s mostly great for less competitive niches. While his general content quality is excellent, his SEO could use some work. However, if you get the SEO done by someone else, you can combine his overall quality to stay in the top results.

His “Top 10 Golf Courses in Minnesota” video is a good example. 

Don’t let the number of views fool you. If you watch the video, you can easily see his level of quality, and if that’s not enough to assure you, then you can also consider his ratings. Over 90% of his 275 customer ratings are 5 star reviews.

Pros Of This Gig

  • Proofread and grammatical error free video script.
  • Offers copyright checks.
  • Helps set up channel.
  • Great voiceovers.

Cons  Of This Gig

  • SEO could be better.

Asim Khan

Asim Khan Youtube Cash Cow Fiverr Gig

Asim’s gig comes with all the things you’d want for a truly good cash cow video. His editing and script writing is truly beyond average. 

However, what made me consider putting him in this list is his voiceover quality. 

While the AI option he offers is nothing noteworthy, he does have some excellent human narrators on his team. The intro video of his gig shows a voice that sounds professional, with just the right amount of personality to hook viewers.

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • 1080p FHD Videos.
  • Engaging Stock Footage and Images.
  • Professionally Written Scripts.
  • AI And Human Voiceovers.
  • Royalty-Free And Catchy Music
  • Animated Titles/Captions/Lower thirds
  • Free Thumbnail.

Why Is Asim’s Gig Good?

Because of the general quality and insignificant downsides.

Asim definitely deserves to be on this list. Some of his clients have even liked his work enough to order more from him. If he manages to up his SEO game further, I’d say he’s even worthy of being higher up on this list. 

He’s not known for causing any notable issues, either. My only gripe with his service is that he offers a low quality AI voice with his base packages, while having the better human voices cost extra.

So he’s a great pick if you want someone reliable.

Pros Of This Gig

  • Reliable delivery times.
  • Ideal gig for lower budget.
  • Quality scriptwriting.
  • Great selection of stock videos and images.

Cons  Of This Gig

  • AI voice is mediocre.


Ushan Youtube Cash Cow Fiverr Gig

Ushan’s services can easily compete with the higher up options on this list. 

His package pricing may not seem very tempting, but he’s one of your best bets if you want cash cow videos that can rank. Many of his clients have positive feedback regarding his SEO services. That’s not all, though. 

You’re still getting a good amount of value out of his packages, as he’s more than good enough in terms of production quality. Let me tell you about everything he provides.

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • Professional Scripts.
  • American Accent VOs.
  • Clean Thumbnails
  • SEO Descriptions.
  • Royalty-free Background Music.
  • 1080P or 4K Quality.
  • Text Animations.
  • Clean Intros And Smooth Transitions.

Why Is Ushan’s Gig Good?

You’ll still be getting everything you’re paying for, if not more. His 5 years of expertise in video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects alone is enough to do the job. 

And to top that off, he knows how to work with Photoshop and Illustrator, too.

Pros Of This Gig

  • Great SEO.
  • Top-tier editing.
  • Usable for clip sharing in other social media.
  • Catchy thumbnails.
  • Above average script quality.

Cons  Of This Gig

  • Occasionally delayed, though chances are low.
  • Comparatively expensive.


Hishak Youtube Cash Cow Fiverr Gig

This Gig from Hishak only has 77 reviews. That’s a relatively low number of reviews compared to my earlier picks. So you might be asking, why him?

Well, it’s simply because cash cow videos are just one of his newer gigs. He has been working on other video gigs on Fiverr for a long time, with high review counts across them. 

He’s particularly popular for his motivation video gig – the skills from which carry over to this one. So, what does he provide?

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • All The Manual Work, Including Channel Setup.
  • High Quality Stock Footages.
  • Licensed Audio Including Music.
  • Subtitles.
  • Color Correction And Grading
  • Use Of Researched High-Ranking Keywords.

Why Is Hishak’s Gig Good?

Hishak has a full content production team. You can simply make an order and leave all the video creation to him. 

He’ll even do proper SEO for you. In fact, you can even get him to do the Niche Selection and channel management, from setup all the way to logo and banner creation.

All that makes his gig perfect if you want a Cash Cow Channel that can truly be a passive source of revenue. And quality is no big deal – with 10 years of experience, you can be sure that he’ll go beyond your expectations. The amount of repeat buyers he has is a good proof of that.

Pros Of This Gig

  • More likely to provide content that ranks higher.
  • Great overall quality.
  • Better than average AI voice narration.
  • Well-researched content.
  • SEO optimization.

Cons Of This Gig

  • No low tier packages, only expensive options.

Muhammad Hamza

Muhammad Hamza Youtube Cash Cow Fiverr Gig

This gig is a solid choice if you want to make good passive income. It’s not as good as the other options on this list, but it’s still far better than most of the other options you’ll find on Fiverr.

The ProCreation9 team, headed by Muhammad Hamza, is excellent at presenting engaging videos that increase viewer retention. 

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • Professional Script Creation
  • Thumbnail Design
  • Catchy Intros And Transitions.
  • Non-Copyrighted Audio.
  • SEO Optimized Descriptions.
  • Resolutions of 1080P or 4K
  • 24/7 Customer Service.

Why Is Muhammad Hamza’s Gig Good?

You’ll get premium cash cow channel content at a fair price. 

That alone isn’t why I like the gig, though. After researching some of the videos made by this team, I’ve noticed that they’re great at creating a cohesive mix of audio and visuals.

A lot of cash cow producers tend to be hit or miss when it comes to properly syncing audio context to their visuals. This one’s one of the few that I’ve seen do it right.

However, the voiceover quality is very inconsistent. To make sure you’re not wasting time, you should get the voiceover done separately and provide it to the team so they can make a good video for you.

Pros Of This Gig

  • Unlimited revisions.
  • On time deliveries.
  • Engaging visuals and audio selection.
  • Good for SEO.
  • Decent pricing.

Cons Of This Gig

  • Voiceover quality is choppy or too monotone sometimes.


Flexygy Youtube Cash Cow Fiverr Gig

Now, I’ll end this list with my “Diamond In The Rough” pick. Flexygy provides quality content similar to all the more expensive options on the marketplace. He has only 53 reviews, but all of these are 5 star reviews except for 2. Let’s talk about some of his offerings.

What This Cash Cow Gig Offers

  • 1080p HQ Videos.
  • Royalty-Free BG Music.
  • Animated Text & Titles.
  • Attractive Transitions.
  • Niche And Keyword Selections.
  • Channel Setup, Growth And Management.

Why Is Flexygy ’s Gig Good?

Flexygy is one of the few service providers that provide actually good narration voices. And that alone makes it worthy of being here, as the voiceover is the backbone of any YouTube video, cash cow or otherwise.

He’s somewhat expensive, but he’s still a good pick for both channel launches and cash cow video creations. No matter what video you want to make, be it about gaming, cooking, or gardening, he can help you attract more viewers and subscribers.

There’s no real caveat to his gig – he’s not the best in communication, so you only have to look at his produced content a little closer and fine tune things. He’s fairly flexible, so you can easily work with him to achieve that.

Pros Of This Gig

  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Specific package for channel setup.
  • Great voiceover quality.
  • Decent SEO optimization.
  • Good thumbnail quality.

Cons Of This Gig

  • His produced content might need slight fine tuning.


Q: What is the requirement for a YouTube cash cow? 

A: A cash cow channel needs a specific niche, content strategy, monetization plan, along with a consistent upload schedule.

Q: Is YouTube cash cow worth it? 

A: Yes. It can be worth it with a profitable niche, high-quality content, loyal audience, and diversified income stream.

Q: Do cash cow YouTube channels make enough money for a living? 

A: It depends on niche, views, CPM (cost per thousand impressions), expenses, taxes, etc. Some can make enough money. Most don’t, however. Such channels are primarily good as a secondary source of income.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr is a great place to find freelancers who can help you with your cash cow videos. 

By outsourcing some or all of the tasks involved in creating your videos, you can get much more than two birds with one stone. But you should also be careful and do your homework before hiring. Check the reviews, ratings and portfolios. Be clear about your expectations and requirements, and ask for revisions if needed.

You can have a lucrative source of passive income if you do things right. Don’t worry about issues, you won’t run into many issues as long as you’re observant – the worst you have to deal with is language barriers.

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