Best Affiliate Marketing Courses – Buyers Guide

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Affiliate marketing is easily one of the best ways to make money online. Not only does it offer unlimited scaling potential, but it requires very little upfront cost. However, to master affiliate marketing, you might find yourself spending a lot of money-making mistake after mistake.

If you are a professional, you already know, you have to continually invest time to explore, and learn new tactics, and implementable strategies to outrank your existing and upcoming competitors. Newbies, however, have absolutely no understanding of how competitive this field can be. If you plan on marching this diverse field as a lone ranger without any guidance from someone who has already faced the heat will only set you up for failure.

Luckily, taking a course from a proven affiliate marketing professional can help you escape the struggle and can prove to be a great shortcut to success (The course is still just information not a get rich quick scheme). That being said, not every course is equal. Below, we will be going over some of the top affiliate marketing courses you might want to choose from.

Now, before you scroll down, choose a course, be advised that gaining knowledge that you cannot or do not want to implement will not accomplish anything.

  1. Remember, affiliate marketing is not an overnight money-making concept.
  2. You must be vigilant and open-minded.
  3. Automation is possible to a certain degree, but you still have to do most of the hard work.
  4. It is not recommended to rely on a brand or technique. Diversification is the key to success!

Here is a list of courses I have reviewed:

What’s the Best Affiliate Marketing Program today?

Wondering which is the best affiliate marketing course for you to take today? Read on.

Savage Affiliates 2.0

Savage Affiliates Review

This particular course was created by a very successful affiliate marketer and content creator Franklin Hatchett. His YouTube channel has over 252,000 subscribers, and the course he offers is massive.


Not only does the course grant you access to over 150 dedicated videos on affiliate marketing, but it even includes various general information that could help you on your journey, including the process of setting up niche websites. Therefore, throughout the course, you will get all of the information needed on settling on a niche, setting up the site itself, building content, and more.

Added Benefits

Along with the actual course itself, you will get access to a member portal that is packed full of content that is constantly being updated. Given the dynamic nature of affiliate marketing, this is a major advantage. After all, you don’t want to be using outdated affiliate marketing strategies as they are likely to be ineffective. Along with this, you get access to the exclusive mastermind group on Facebook, which is a great community where you can ask questions, discuss business, and more. The Facebook group provides a great resource that you can leverage to get the answers that you need and to get the information that you might require to make better decisions.

Is It Worth It?

When you purchase the Savage Affiliates course, you don’t get granted one to one access to Franklin himself. However, he does respond to questions within the Facebook group. Along with this, you can get a lot of questions answered by the many members. Because of the affordable cost associated with the course, it is one of the easier affiliate marketing courses to recommend because the course itself is packed with value, and it can really provide a solid stepping stone to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.


  • Over 150 detailed, step-by-step videos on affiliate marketing.
  • Brings to you over 8+ hours of implementable knowledge in total.
  • A video course from a professional and respected Internet marketer and drop shipping expert Franklin Hatchett.
  • Gets you access to some unique strategies to help you rank better and faster on Google.
  • A dedicated module on website promotion and search engine optimization.
  • Access to a thriving private Facebook community with hundreds of active members and thousands of discussions.
  • The course is continually updated with new strategies and webinars.


  • It can be overwhelming however, he definitely did streamline Savage Affiliates whenever he did the huge update called Savage Affiliates 2.0 (Everyone who had 1.0 got an upgrade for free!)
  • Sometimes Franklin is busy and might not respond to questions in the Facebook group.

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System 3.0

This particular affiliate marketing program was created by one of the more famous and influential people within the affiliate marketing industry, John Crestani. While he has produced and distributed free content for years and years on the subject, you are getting specially curated content with the Super Affiliate System and a dedicated guide on how to go about building a successful affiliate site.


This particular course is a course that is dedicated to building affiliate sites through paid traffic sources. The content and approach rely heavily on using paid advertising to drive traffic and affiliate marketing commissions. However, throughout the course, you will also get a dedicated section on how to effectively optimize your site to improve organic rankings. However, the large majority of it will be focused on helping you master the art of creating high converting paid ads, and there are plenty of different ad copies that you can use on your own ads. There is also a lot of extra content related to affiliate marketing, including pieces on copywriting and how to identify a new niche.

Is It Worth It?

This particular affiliate marketing course is rather expensive. However, it does focus on a much more reliable way to build affiliate marketing sites through paid advertising, and the advice and strategies used throughout the course are highly effective and, when implemented properly, can save you a lot of money by avoiding crucial mistakes.


  • An affiliate marketing course from a super affiliate John Crestani.
  • Super affiliate brings you 7+ hours of helpful and in-depth content.
  • You get access to downloadable ad swipes.
  • Many modules are dedicated to a range of topics, including organic SEO, paid ads, etc.
  • Dozens of downloadable sales page templates and conversion-optimized email scripts.


  • $997 can be a bit pricey for many interested students.
  • Content is not regularly updated.
  • The course is quite popular, meaning saturated with techniques and strategies.

Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Site System

This is another highly regarded course within the affiliate marketing space. The course was created and is run by Mark Webster and Gael Breton. The entire course was created and designed to show a completed process of how to set up a successful authority website and how to leverage affiliate marketing to monetize it.


This particular course offers a free to view webinar where you will be able to see what you get for the total price. The course itself includes countless hours of valuable content on how to create content for your site, how to choose an authority site, how to leverage social media to drive traffic and engagement, and more. Along with all of the valuable information on how to create an authority site, you will get access to a dedicated Facebook mastermind group full of highly successful community members. This alone might be worth the price of admission, considering the amount of valuable information that is already packed into the group and having the ability to ask questions or bounce ideas off of successful affiliate marketers. You will also get a lot of extra content, including content on how to implement link building for your site, templates that you can use, and more.

Is It Worth It?

Authority Hacker Pro is one of the more expensive affiliate marketing courses, but it does have a lot of valuable content and a complete ‘step by step’ approach that many will like. Along with this, it has an inherent focus on building authority sites that some might be interested in. The Facebook mastermind group is top-notch, and they continue to update the course on a regular basis making it a very good value.


  • Contents focused mainly on authority site-building.
  • 8+ hours of high-quality, in-depth videos, presentations, and webinars.
  • Thriving Facebook community with thousands of active members.
  • The intuitive dashboard makes learning fun and easy.
  • Contents are regularly updated, and existing users get access to them for free.


  • For newbies, a $ 997 price tag can be quite expensive.
  • An additional subscription is required to get access to the entire course material.
  • Authority sites take years to build their reputation; thus, patience is the key.

Savage Affiliates Vs. Authority Hacker Pro Vs. Super Affiliate System?

Savage affiliates

If it’s your first step into the vast world of affiliate marketing, then I don’t know of any course that can beat Savage Affiliates in terms of content quality, techniques, and implementable strategies.

Starting a review website is among the best ways to start making money employing affiliate marketing, and following this guide, you can get some solid ideas on how to create established brandable and profitable review style sites.

The course does have some quality content that even professionals with years of experience under their belt can benefit from.

Authority Hacker Pro

This course is primarily designed to help students create an authority website. It is crucial to realize that creating an authority website is not easy and that the key to success is patience. In this course, you will gain access to hundreds of data-oriented, implementable videos that will guide, inspire, and help you create your own authority website.

Super Affiliate System

It’s a great course, but some of its modules, especially in SEO and website promotion, are outdated and haven’t been updated for a long time. The price is definitely high, not only for beginners but also for established marketers; however, it does give you access to conversion-optimized templates and scripts that, if used properly, can definitely help you make money online.

Final Verdict

While you can choose any of the ones from above, I personally like all three however, I’d recommend Savage Affiliates to anyone who’s a beginner to intermediate. If you’re advanced go for either the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani (Paid Advertising) or Authority Hacker Pro (Authority Website). The comprehensive courses include all that you need to know, and with experienced founders, you’re sure to get pretty much the bang for your buck.


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