The Best Internet Marketing Tools

What are some of the best online marketing tools?

Strategy and skill can only take you so far. The reason for this is because a lot of the times if you have you use the wrong tools it’ll cost you a lot more time, money and headaches rather then just using the right tool which was a couple of dollars more. That’s not all, sometimes your just way better of with the tool to get you results faster.

Fun Fact: Internet Marketing Tools change quite a lot so, make sure you bookmark it as I will constantly update it!

I highly recommend you guys only get the tools which you intend to use or else its a waste of your hard earned money. Not all of these are paid tools, quite a bit of them are free digital marketing tools!

Make sure you bookmark this page because I will keep on updating this page with tons of awesome and useful internet marketing tools!

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Hosting is definately needed if you want to start a website and rent servers to host your website in. It’s a must have for any internet marketer. My recommends aren’t the cheapest however, they are the best value for the money.

Blue Host

The #1 Web Hosting I recommend when starting out!



This is one of the most popular hosting companies you might have heard of. This is one of the cheapest and reliable shared hosting. If you’re on a budget go with Bluehost because they have great customer service and it’s quite affordable.

Starts at 3.95$


The #1 Web Hosting for when your website has A TON of traffic


Kinsta is not for new internet marketers. If you have a website which has a ton of visitors and you want a managed wp service which can handle A LOT of traffic then, you definately want to use Kinsta. They are quite fast and reliable. This is only for those who already have a ton of traffic on their website.

Starts at 30$


Even if your new to internet marketing, chances are your going to need to get a logo. While you can certainly make a logo for yourself however, sometimes you’d want a proffesional to make you it. Here are some of my favourite marketplaces to get your content writing, graphics, outreach, website creation and much more outsourced.


One of the Most Popular Marketplace

Snag Success Fiverr

Fiverr is probably the most popular market place out there for freelancers to sell their services and buyers to come and buy them. I definately use fiverr however, the name sort of is misleading because if you definately pay more than 5$ and most of the things nowadays are more than 5$. However, it’s still a great platform to buy logos, and services from.

Free to Use


Another great marketplace to buy web 2.0s and Pbns from


Konkor is another good marketplace which Alex Becker made. I use Konkor to buy web 2.0's from nicheexposure so, if you ever want high quality handmade pbns you can check out this gig here. There is also great pbn services here like Hatred's PBN's.

Free to Use


Another great marketplace to get a ton of different services


Legiit is the newest marketplace out of all three. There are quite a bit of great services in legiit. I buy some of my writing services, profile links, domain authority stack from here.

Free to Use

Onlinejobs PH

Best place to outsource and hire cheap VAs from the phillipines

Onlinejobs PH

Onlinejobs PH is a great place to hire VA’s and get some cheap writers. Everyone at Onlinejobs PH is from the phillipines so, the costs for services and VA’s is super cheap.

Free to Use

Landing Page Tools

If you don’t want to have your own wordpress website and want just a few landing pages where you want to get leads or just create squeeze pages. Here are a few great landing page builders.


One of the best and most popular landing page builders with a ton of features


If you ever wanted to quickly make full out funnels quickly and without knowing or doing many technical things I’d highly recommend clickfunnels.

They have many high converting funnels already premade which you can pick and it’s super user friendly. It is kind of expensive if your just starting out.

Starts at 97$

Thrive Architect

A great and affordable alternative for Clickfunnels

Thrive Architect Logo


Thrive Architect is a cheaper alternative to Clickfunnels. You can create landing pages with ease however, it’s not as user-friendly as Clickfunnels because your going to require a wordpress website.

So, use this if you want a cheaper alternative and have some time to play around with the tool.

Starts at 67$

Email Autoresponders

I highly recommend most people starting out internet marketing to build up an email list since, you technically own your traffic when you have an email list. Here are some of the best email autoresponders.


One of the best and most affordable email marketing software


Getresponse is my favourite autoresponder and one of the most affordable email responders out there. This is perfect tool for ANYONE starting out, it has more than enough features for any marketer who is just starting out.

Starts at 15$

WordPress Themes

When starting out it’s pretty confusing to find a good theme to use, a lot of themes just slow your website down. But, here are the two wordpress themes I use for all my websites which are built for speed.


This theme is being used on this website right now!


Generatepress is the theme I use on and is one of the fastest themes out there. They have a free version which is great and they also offer premium theme which is what I use. With the premium theme you can customize a TON and it has sections so you could create like seperate sections for articles.

Starts at $49.95

Acabado Theme

This theme is one of the worldest fastest themes made by Income School!

Acabado Theme Logo

Acabado Theme is one of the fastest wordpress themes in the world. It is built by 2 internet marketers who specialise in niche sites. They have a fairly large youtube channel called Income School where they teach about blogging and creating niche sites. This theme actually has few things built in like plugins and what not which makes it so, that you need less plugins.

Starts at $50/year


Another great wordpress theme built for speed!


Generatepress and WP Astra are both wordpress themes I use for all my niche websites. They are both good FREE themes but, the premium verions take it to a whole another level.

WP Astra has way more customization than Generatepress and is built for speed. (Generatepress is also built for speed.)Pick one based on your personal preference or get both.

Starts at 59$

Best Keyword Research Tools

You don’t always need a keyword tool however, if your serious about internet marketing then using them is a must especially since some of them are free. Here’s a list of the best keyword research tool.

Keyword Search Co

One of the most affordable and amazing keyword search tools out there

Keyword Search Co

Keyword Search Co is litterally one of the CHEAPEST keyword tools out there. Honestly, it’s one of the best tools I have used. Not everyone has money for Ahrefs and this is honestly the best tool out there when your starting out.

Starts at 17$


One of the best all in one keyword search tool


Semrush is definately one of the best keyword tool out there which has a ton of different features. They litterally have everything including keyword research, backlink information, competitor data and much more. However, it’s pretty expensive so, I always recommend starting out with keyword search co. If you can afford semrush then get it over keyword search co.

Starts at 99$



Semi Affordable Tool For Intermediate Marketers

KWFinder Logo

Kwfinder is the best semi affordable tool out there. It isn’t as cheap as keysearch however, if you can afford it, it definately has great features. They have great features like finding hidden long tail keywords, competitor keywords, search volume, keyword metrics, SERP analysis and SEO metrics and much more.

Starts at 29.90$


One of the best FREE keyword tools out there


Ubersuggest is one of the best FREE keyword tools out there. It’s honestly a great tool for something which doesn’t cost a penny to use.

I personally like keyword search co over this however, if you litterally don’t have any money to invest use this.


LSI Keywords

One of the best FREE LSI keyword tools out there

LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords is a great tool for finding LSI keywords. These are essentially similar keywords which you sprinkle in your articles instead of over stuffing keywords in your article to improve rankings.


Social Signal Boosters

Social Signal Booster is essentially software which gets you likes and shares on your social media/youtube, so you can improve your engagement and improve your search rankings.


My favourite FREE tool to get more social signals for pinterest and twitter


Addmefast is my go-to tool to get more social signals for social media. Social signals are essentially like facebook likes, twitter retweets, and pinterest repins. They help with rankings on Google as well as they help grow your social media and get more traffic.

Best part is it’s completely FREE however, you can pay for more points.


Image Tools

These are just a few tools I use to edit my pictures and graphics quickly and compress them to decrease page load times.


One of the most user friendly and feature packed FREE Image Editor

Canva Logo

Canva is a great software to create visually stunning images for social media, youtube, banners ANYTHING in matter of minutes. It’s one of the best softwares out there which is completely free. There are some features you do have to pay for however, for like 99% of people they won’t need it.


Tiny Image

Great tool to compress your images

Tiny Png

Tiny Image is an image compression website. I know a lot of people don’t know this but, whenever your uploading any type of images whether it’s on your website or your shopify you want to compress because it will increase your page load speed and reduce the image size and it’s completely FREE to use so, make sure you compress all your images!


Best Online Marketing Courses

I know people always recommend you garbage courses which you don’t really need however, these are courses which are affordable and truly helpful with jam packed content. They are meant to learn from, they don’t magically make you money.

If you want to learn internet marketing properly and get ahead of your competition I highly suggest these.

Savage Affiliates (Affiliate Marketing)

One of the best Affiliate Marketing Courses out there!

Savage Affiliates Bonus

Savage Affiliates is one the best affiliate marketing courses out there. I have litterally taking so many affiliate marketing courses out there and NONE of them even compete with what Franklin offers. And unlike all the other affiliate marketing courses it’s actually super affordable. Franklin also updates his courses so, all the information in it is relevant.

Starts at 197$

eCom Elites (DropShipping)

One of the best dropshipping courses out there!

eCom Elites Bonus

eCom Elites is one of the best dropshipping courses out there. Again I have also taken a ton of dropshipping courses out there, a lot of them are overpriced courses with generic information and some of the super expensive ones have less information then a single module in eCom Elites. Franklin Hatchett definately makes amazing courses which are super affordable.

Starts at 197$

Best Video Creation Tools

These are the video creation and youtube tools I recommend every internet marketer who wants to leverage videos in their business.

Content Samurai

One of the Best Video Creation Softwares

Content Samurai

Content Samurai is litterally one of the BEST softwares out there for creating highly engaging youtube videos without showing your face or talking within a couple of minutes. My favourite feature is the text to speech where if you adjust the speed the voices sound very natural. 

Starts at 97$

Text To Speech

Completely FREE Text to Speech Tool

Text To Speech

Text to Speech is a website where you can get text to speech for free. This is a great tool for those planning on making youtube videos and don’t want to talk on the microphone. However, keep in mind most of the voices don’t sound that natural however, the tool is FREE so, you can’t really complain.



One of the best youtube analytic tools


Tubebuddy is a great tool for looking at youtube competition and search volume. I’d say it’s one of the best youtube analytics tools out there.

Starts at 97$


Another great alternative youtube analytic tool to Tubebuddy


VidIQ is a great tool for youtube analytics, you can definately use this to get more insight on youtube. I personally like TubeBuddy more but, you can definately use this.

Starts at 97$

Best Affiliate Tools

These are just some great affiliate marketing tools you can use to help you get better results and make life easier.

Similar Web

One of the best FREE tools out there to view website traffic and analytics


Similar Web is a must-use tool. Basically, all you have to do is the copy and paste in the landing page of the affiliate offer to see if it has a high bounce rate or not. You can also view other important stats of a website for absolutely FREE!



The best place to find almost all affiliate offers out there


Offervault is another must use website for ANY affiliate marketer out there. If you already have a following in anything and want to find all the offers out there and which ones to join, this is for you. Use Offervault to help find a couple of offers and compare which one pays the most as well as find which affiliate networks to find them at.


Miscellaneous Tools

These are tools which are useful but, don’t quite fit in other categories!


One of the best tools out there to automate and grow your Pinterest

Tail wind


Tailwind is a must-use tool for anyone wanting to grow their Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most recent platforms I learned about and it’s a great place to get a TON of traffic from. It has a ton of automation features to grow your Pinterest and a bunch of other tools.

Best part is they actually offer a FREE trial so, you can try it out and see if you like it not!

Starts at $9.99

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